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Whitney Houston’s Death Goes Viral

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If someone famous dies, the whole world knows about it. Last night, Whitney Houston was found dead and within hours, practically everyone online knew about it.

I have nearly 10,000 friends on Twitter and Facebook, and when I turned on my computer, I found out immediately through hundreds of posts on my newsfeeds. The first post was on Facebook that said, “Whitney Houston is dead.”

I scoured down on my newsfeed and found two other people made mention of this incident, but both were vague.

I still couldn’t believe it. So I went right to the source, Twitter, to find my news. And, unfortunately, it was true. By 9:00 p.m. EST, there were thousands of people tweeting, expressing their love and their feelings about her short life and her death.

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston, who died at age 48, was an iconic star of the ’80s. Her first album, which came out in 1985, produced three top Billboard songs, including “How Will I Know,” “The Greatest Love of All,” and “Saving All My Love For You.” You can still hear those songs today on the radio, at weddings and special events. They are certainly songs that get you on your feet to dance.

According to CNN, Houston died in the Beverly Hills Hilton at 6:55 p.m. EST. Although her problems with drug addiction were well known, at this point the official cause of death is unknown.

CNN reported that at the time of her death, she was making a movie called, Sparkle, a remake of a 1976 movie loosely based on the Supremes. It’s a story of three black sisters who live in Harlem in the 1950s who start out singing in the church choir and later become huge successes. As a result, one goes on to a solo career, one becomes a drug addict, and the group disbands.

The Sony picture Sparkle is still scheduled to be released in the theaters in August 2012. There will be no delay in the release of the film due to Houston’s death. Though posthumously, this will be the first time she will appear in a movie since The Preacher’s Wife in 1996.

On Saturday night, the top trending item on Twitter was, “R.I.P. Whitney Houston.” When I looked while writing this piece, there were more than 124,000 retweets. The other trending topics related to Whitney included: #favorite Whitney songs, #greatest love, and #wanna dance with somebody. Many fans online are upset with this tragic announcement, and voicing this with a torrent of tweets and posts, including:

  • “R.I.P. Whitney Houston. [R]etweet for respect.”
  • “We miss Michael Jackson. R.I.P. Whitney Houston, all of the great artists are being taken from us.”
  • “Despite her controver[sial career] she had a voice that will be remembered forever. A true diva and legend.”

It’s a sad day when someone so talented, and who has touched so many people passes away—she sold 170 million records, videos and singles combined in her lifetime. However, her music and memory will live on forever.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

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