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White Stripes to Appear on The Daily Show

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On December 1, 2005, the White Stripes will make history on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Not momentous, earth-shattering history, but history all the same, as they will be the first musical act to play live on the popular faux news program. Fans may remember the notable week in 2003 when the White Stripes appeared for four nights in a row on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

In a press release quoted by MTV, Stewart said, “We’ve never had a musical performance on the show before — not because we haven’t wanted one — but because we were holding out for a reunited Spandau Ballet. This will have to suffice.”

Edited for an incorrect fact; thanks to El Bicho!

The LegendaryMonkey is also Alisha Karabinus, a blogger and writer from Little Rock, Arkansas. Find out more at Sudden Nothing.

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  • El Bicho

    it was actually four nights. Conan airs repeats on Mondays


    A Bigger WS fan than you

  • Well, hell. I knew it was a whole week’s worth of new shows.

    And I saw all but one, and they were awesome.

    I think it maybe qualifies you as a bigger Conan fan, however. 😉

  • El Bicho

    I saw and taped all four, and yes, they were awesome. I think it qualifies me as a bigger WS fan. 😉 And I’m not even counting the two shows I saw in LA in August.

  • I had no way to tape at the time — no VCR. And one of the nights I had to work and had to listen to my then-boyfriend, now husband, rave about how good it was.

    There was a lot of hate that night.

    I drove 16 hours to see them! I’m a big fan, really! And only White Stripes CDs live in my car; no other music allowed. 🙂

  • mary

    amazing! now maybe my tasteless friends will understand why jack white is my god. are the conan shows anywhere on the internet for download?

  • phantomreddeath777

    They will be great on the Daily show!! just as they were both nights in Oregon this last summer!!!!! Love them soo much and I am glad they are starting to really get the praise they deserve for beging so unique!!

  • Trish

    Can’t wait..have this one marked on my calendar cause I only got to see 2 of the Conan shows. Not gonna miss this one.

    I knew when I first heard them, they were from my hometown, and I was right! Detroit is where the soul is. The White Stripes definitely have soul. And some damn good tunes to go along with it.

  • Marked on my calendar, too… I wonder what they will play.

  • michelle

    i;am the white stripes biggest fan i did not see the canon show i miss it this time i make sure i dont go to work so i can tape it i love jack is my number one

  • bpierce555

    I think michelle’s second language is English. Anyway White Stripes are the shit and I was wondering like the other person, are the Conan shows downloadable from any site that anyone would know of?

  • Hollie

    sorry, its impossible in every single way to even think about being a bigger White Stripes fan than me. There couldn’t possibly be