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White Stripes Sued and The Daily Music and Tech News

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White Stripes Sued

Jim Diamond who co-produced the White Stripes’ first two albums is suing the band for a share of the band’s royalties. Diamond’s suit says that his contributions helped the band to define their sound. The amount of his suit is unspecified. A trial date has been set for June 12th.

Tool to tour

Tool has announced some dates in the U.S. and Canada. The dates are for small venues and include such cities as Detroit, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, and Kansas City. The band will also be playing the Coachella festival at the end of this month. Their new album, called 10,000 days is due to come out on May 2nd.

Media and Tech Companies warn that new EU laws could restrict growth of emerging media formats

An alliance of companies which includes Vodaphone Group PLC, Intel Corp., Yahoo Inc, ITV PLC, and Cisco Systems Ltd. has warned a proposal by a European Commission that sets out new rules for traditional broadcasters could have unintended consequences. The legislation is meant to level the playing field by applying the same rules to everyone. The new legislation would apply rules for traditional television broadcasting to video transmitted in other ways, such as over the Internet.

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  • First time on this website. Contains good information 🙂 ive bookmarked it and will be returning!

  • At first I misread your title to say “white stripes sue daily music and tech news” and was going to congratulate you for being attacked by such a big group.

    And Stuart, you should come back, Katharine does an excellent job with this article each day.

  • Vern Halen

    Didn’t Sarah McLaughlin’s ex-drummer sue her on similar grounds – and LOSE? And didn’t Dan Brown get sued for supposedly stealing an idea from Holy Blood, Holy Grail – and WIN? Couldn’t Chuck Berry or the estate of Muddy Waters or someone like that sue pretty much everybody?