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White Stripes Nation Manifesto VI: “Apple Blossom”

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Generalissimo Alberto: When you think about it, the early Jack White is like reading the wise poetry of King David…

LegendaryMonkey: Al, are you out your tree, boy? ‘Cause you are surely not in mine.

GA: The Psalms, Monkey, the music of the wise philosopher-king in training.

LM: You were only supposed to get ONE of the blue ones, weren’t you? You told me you were supposed to get two, but that wasn’t quite true, was it Generalissimo Alberto Limbaugh?

GA: Look, you do NOT want me undermedicated.

LM: Two can play at that crazy game there, Generalissimo. I’ve got some scripture for Jack, from the Song of Solomon, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”

GA: Stop with your whoredoms, woman. I gots your Song of Solomon, “Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes within thy locks: thy hair is as a flock of goats” Now, let’s get down to business, explaining the classic “Apple Blossom.”

LM: No one understands the purity of lust around here. I’ll just got sit in my tree and let him vent for a bit, but I’m keeping those pills with me… ’cause you ain’t trustworthy, Alberto.

“Apple Blossom”
De Stijl, 2000

GA: You could definitely see Ray Davies’ DNA in the White Stripes. As Jack and Meg’s first album had a good bit of that hard pop embryonic Kinks sound, you can hear on this cut from the White Stripes’ second album the next stage of the Kinks early development.

Call this garage baroque style, if you will. Both songwriters are expanding the length and complexity of their melody lines. They’re also broadening the arrangement palettes a little bit, tending toward unusual experimental sound textures within fairly simple garage band auspices.

“Dead End Street” from 1966 would be a relatively close model for “Apple Blossom” stylistically. The combination of dominant piano and acoustic guitar, and the harpsichords, something sounding that way.

Jack got a pretty good texture out of acoustic guitar rhythms surrendering to a piano in the first chorus, joining them together from the midway point

The lyric is ultimately a marriage invitation- or more a quiet commandment. Jack’s gentle but manly taking of command shows the emergence of his poetic voice. “Put your troubles in a little pile, and I will sort them out for you.”

Hey little apple blossom
what seems to be the problem

all the ones you tell your troubles to
they don’t really care for you
Come and sit with me and talk awhile
let me see your pretty little smile
put your troubles in a little pile
and i will sort them out for you
I’ll fall in love with you
I think I’ll marry you

LM: See, I think you have to go back a few years earlier to really dig on this one, to 1963 and the beginning of Beatlemania. Whereas “You’re Pretty Good Looking” is straight up homage to The Kinks, this one is all about the Beatles. The White Stripes are, with De Stijl, playing up to the two foundations of modern rock — Britpop and the blues.

The album is named for a Dutch-inspired era in art that celebrated the essentials of form and color, and this album is about the essentials of rock. And the songs are split pretty evenly between heavy blues (including some covers) and good old pop-rock from the 1960s. It’s a celebration of what makes modern music good, in the vein of the artistic movement of the same name.

It’s clever, and what’s more, it’s good, and it’s complete. Even the lyrics hearken back to a simpler time, and we want to go there with them and enjoy it.

And we’d like all of you to come along as well — to WHITE STRIPES NATION!

LegendaryMonkey Alisha Karabinus provides the inner voice of sweet reason for evolved primates at Sudden Nothing.

Al Barger plots the overthrow of the government and his continuing crusade for Moorish dignity at More Things.


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  • Love the ‘garage baroque’ riff – very extensible meme

  • I don’t understand what Alisha and Al are up to with their White Stripes thing. It’s probably way too interlectural for a plank like me

    This entry appears to be a CD Review, I think, but it isn’t labelled as such; I’m not even aware, for the article doesn’t make it clear, if the “song”, if that is what it is, is even on the record featured, cos it doesn’t say.

    I also find it hard to understand how a 26 year old (that’s not Al, by the way) can make statements like “you have to go back a few years earlier to really dig on this one, to 1963 and the beginning of Beatlemania.” How would you know? Not that beatle mania actually started in 63, except poss in the backward USA (lol).

    Finally, you guys seem to think that there is some weird organic connection between the whole sixties thing and some whiney neurotic not-very-interesting “alternative” music, music which is really as radical as rice. There isn’t.

    How can this group be “a celebration of what makes modern music good” when they make “heavy blues … and good old pop-rock from the 1960s”. This seems to be a perfect example of the confused thinking that surrounds this very ordinary outfit.

    Let’s face it, there hasn’t even been a new idea in rock for at least five years, maybe ten or more, and trying to dress up this dated sludge as somehow modern and relevant is frankly an insult to art in general and music in particular.

  • OHO! An infidel! Lemme break it down for you, my alien friend.

    First, due to some unfortunate formatting that I’ll fix just for you, the song title and album are right above the Google ad, so it may be visually confusing (as they’ll run together), but this installment is focused on the song “Apple Blossom” from the album De Stijl. It is indeed a review of that particular song, but it’s more that the review is used as a tool to further our White Stripes manifesto, the text of which will be flung about in heavy-handed fashion in order to convert the unwashed masses. You’re an unwashed mass! Congrats.

    As far as my age is concerned… well, my dear, my parents remembered enough of Beatlemania that it framed their musical lives and that was passed to me as a child. Brit rock formed the foundation of my tastes in music – and as I said in an earlier feature in this series, as Jack and Meg are close in age to this monkey, I suspect similar occurred to them. Further, because I was not alive for Beatlemania, does that mean I can’t understand it or frame it in time? If that were the case, why would anyone study history? I mark it from the release of “She Loves You”, as that is accepted as one of their most influential songs (and helped them break into the US charts), and I also come to it from an American viewpoint, as I am an American. It would be false for me bring any other perspective to this discussion and we’d be here talking about how I was assuming a worldview that wasn’t mine if that were the case, eh? Loosen up thy stiff upper lip, my dear, and get into the real deal. Beatlemania is a historical phenomenon, my age notwithstanding.

    As for the connection between the White Stripes and great British rock from the 60s… how can you say there ISN’T a connection? That’s like saying there’s no connection between Led Zeppelin and the Blues. Every band, every real band shows their influences, the music that shaped them… it comes out in what they create. That’s why, say, Britney Spears and her bullshit doesn’t sound like anything at all… because there’s no substance, no influence, and it’s just there to be commercial and generate money. Not to say that isn’t the idea behind a lot of music, but it’s not the sole purpose as it is with people like that.

    It is our opinion, me and Al, young (as you said) and old (as I say… whew, Al, you’re getting up there), that the White Stripes ARE a new force in music with NEW ideas. If you choose not to agree, well, that’s between you and your musical gods. But saying that one can pick out their influences it not to say that they’re somehow dated – because they’re not. There’s too much in there that’s different… it’s too loud, too garage rock, to be really comparable to the music from the 60s, and too in-the-now and electric to be truly comparable to the old school blues.

    They’ve taken what they learned at momma’s knee and shaped it into a brand of music that is all their own, and it IS new, it IS fresh, and it’s by god better than 99% of the dreck that’s being released right now. And because there will be other bands, hell, there ARE other bands who are similar now and who will get played and recognized and adored because of the White Stripes… that alone would make them modern even if you wanted to write off everything else.

    Now that I’m off my soapbox, let me just say… you can insult my favorite band and you can call them shit, I don’t care. That’s your loss, and it is a loss, and I am sorry for you and what you’re missing. But do us a favor, eh? Don’t assume that I can’t possibly know ANYTHING about music before I was born because well, sorry, but that’s just rather ignorant and an underhanded tactic in argument, grandpaw. I study. I learn. And why attack me only for that? Al was just a kid then, when the Beatles and the Kinks were about, and probably living on a farm and shooting dogs and with no idea about British kids banging their drums. So what, because I’m the young one, I’m fair game?

    Pfft. C’mon, doll. That’s just plain silly.

  • When Monkeys spank back… film at 11.

    Finally, Monkey… a Jack we can agree upon.

    It’s pretty clear I am not quite as enamored of The Stripes Which Be White as you and Monsignor Barger (for some reason I like throwing that title around… I think I have creeped Eric Berlin out by referring to him as Monsignor Berlin) but I have the 5 CDs and I break out into batshit giddiness when the harmonica wails on “Hello Operator.”

  • Oh, I KNOW! I keep hoping that’s the next instrument Jack White will pick up… I think he would be incredible.

    But “Instinct Blues” on the new album is the one that sends me into outer space. I have to put it on repeat. I don’t know why… but damn, that song just gets me.

  • “Elephant” is still the album that most gets it done for me. The riff to “Seven Nation Army” should go in the riffology Hall of Fame. Keith Richards wants to know how he let that one get past him.

    I like the new album but not much on it has had the instant impact I am used to with their other discs.

  • Welly, welly, welly, so the Alienboy [comment2] has come out of the closet as an enemy of The People. Perhaps he’ll enjoy a little re-educational visit to Camp Mimi after we take power.

    I note that he begins his critique with an act of clearly willful ignorance. In my experience, this is a common tactic of Coldplay fans and other communists. Alienboy, are you now or have you ever been a member of the Coldplay fanclub?

    He’s capable of opening a web browser and typing in comments, so I think it reasonable to assume that he can read, for starters, the very title of this manifesto. That should tell him what it is about. It’s not like we’re being that obscure. Plus, you can’t see that word REVIEW in the big red letters at the top?

    It is similarly an act of willful foolishness to act like Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart would have no way to know about records made before she was born. See, that’s why they RECORD things, so that people can listen to them again and again at will forever. I know I’ve spent many fine hours enjoying the work of Hank Williams, who was dead a dozen years before I was born.

    That you would describe the White Stripes as “whiney neurotic” music seems to suggest that you haven’t actually listened to them, cause I don’t see how you could get either of those ideas from their music. They are not Nirvana or Pearl Jam, and angst and complaints are low on the subject list. This song in particular is upbeat, and a marriage proposal. How do you get whiny out of that?

    Again, your word “sludge” is absolutely and totally not an accurate description of the White Stripes. You seem to be confusing Jack White with Kurt Cobain somehow. Describing this recording as “baroque” means that it is carefully detailed, which is pretty much the direct opposite of Nirvana sludge.

    Have you ever actually listened to the White Stripes?

  • p.s. Are you now and have you ever been a homosexual?

    I just KNOW Al wanted to type that. I KNOW it.

    I’m so bad. I’m undermining my writing pod. bad monkey!

  • DJRadiohead

    Talk of homosexuality and bad monkeys… I can’t reasonably be expected to work in such an atmosphere.

  • Well actually no, Monkey, it never crossed my mind to care who Alienboy likes the rub pee-pees with.

    I am a little curious though as to what that last “new idea” in rock music was from 5 or 10 years ago that’s fresher or more interesting than Jack White. El Presidente Jack has LOTS of really good new ideas, ie SONGS.

  • I had a good answer all typed out and then BC crashed and I lost it, but it basically said something like:-

    The thing about your age was possibly poorly writ but I meant to get across that, just as a history student can never understand the events of the past in the same way as the people undergoing the events, so you would have a different perspective to someone who did live through that time. Sorry if it came across otherwise, certainly didn’t mean to circumscribe your perspective, o wise leggie furry girl!

    However, Beatlemania truly began with the release of “Love Me Do” in England in September 62, although Wikipedia states “Beatlemania began in Britain on 13 October 1963” in its excellent article on the group and not in the USA until much later:-

    Beatlemania exploded in the United States with three national television appearances by the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show on 9 February, 16 February and 23 February 1964. The pop-music band became a worldwide phenomenon with worshipful fans and angry denunciations by cultural observers and established performers such as Frank Sinatra, sometimes on grounds of the music (which was thought crude and unmusical) or their appearance (their hair was considered ‘scandalously long’).

    Some commentators have speculated that after the assassination of John F. Kennedy a depressed America was searching for a way out of gloom and despair. So in effect, the Beatles were in the right place at the right time (with a unique combination of talent and stage presence) to provide an enthusiastic jolt to a saddened nation.

    During the week of April 4, 1964, they held the top five places on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat that has never been repeated.

    Moving on, I didn’t say there wasn’t any connection between The Pale Slimes and “great British rock from the 60s”. I just said that I can’t much see any special relationship between these latterday pretenders and the Fab Four. I also fail to see how referencing a comparison between LedZep and an entire genre helps your case.

    I actually went to Amazon to give this “Apple Blossom” a listen and I’m going to hate you and Al until at least bedtime for that! What dreck busy ripping off people like The Kinks and the Beach Boys and trying to cloak it all in some veneer of art. Pah!

    I can’t stand WS or BS (lol) but Britney has actually released a couple of great songs that really did a little something new, neither of these achievements has been achieved by your recycling heroes who don’t create anything much really , they just recycle archly.

    You claim that ” it IS new, it IS fresh” but I can’t hear it. Where? When? and How? These guys are classic Emperor’s new clothes rock, there’s nothing there.

    And “there ARE other bands …who will get played and recognized and adored because of the White Stripes… that alone would make them modern even if you wanted to write off everything else.”

    Yeah? Like who? and how would that make them modern? Rather like Green Day perhaps?

    It’s not in the slightest bit necessary to feel sorry for me in that patronising way cos it is no loss at all to not to have to listen to recycled rock splinters stuck together like some tragic pumice stone. However I do feel sorry that you got the impression that I thought “that I can’t possibly know ANYTHING about music before I was born”, especially as I didn’t… Now THAT was silly.

    As for Big Al Barger, well here I am alittle baffled. You start off with Camp Mimi (what? where?); wilful ignorance (no, s’real, what’s your point with this duo?); Communists (what?); Coldplay (What?!? I fuckin hate those lame ass wankers and all the pseudo sensitive wankers like David effin Grey and all that shite, how dare you?).

    Actually, you are being obscure, the group isn’t really that well known and I was confused by the word manifesto, as I don’t see how that ties in or what it would be. And I’ve covered the age thing already.

    I can’t actually stomach much Pearl Jam so I can’t write about them although it’s certainly true that Nirvana were totally sludgy apart from one album. But what an album! Oh that TWS could do half as well…

    So, sorry, your manifesto is weak, your muse weaker and to add insult to injury, their whole frame of reference has already been covered to death by a million other bands, with a lot less self-conciousness and a lot more passion.

    And I think you’ll find that ALL music is carefully detailed by definition, even something as straightforward as The Ramones.

    And I try not to listen to The White Stripes, to avoid boredom.. Why, even Madonna at 47 is producing more great art than this lot ever will. Have you guys been able to see her show-stealing live performance of “Hung Up” at the MTV European music Awards yet? Sensational!!

    There are some great new rock bands starting to break through after quite a few lame, lean years but The White Stripes? I don’t think so.

    Monkey spanked/Barger towed

  • DJRadiohead

    De Stilj might be my second favorite Stripes album (right behind Elephant). Hard for me to choose. I fucking love the Son House cover.

  • I actually went to Amazon to give this “Apple Blossom” a listen and I’m going to hate you and Al until at least bedtime for that!

    While I do side with Monsignor Barger and Her Royal Primateness I have to admit… that line made killed me. I really did Laugh Out Loud.

  • So, alienboy, I’ve read a lot of invective and a lot of flattering references to Top 40 pop coming from you…but do you plan on backing any of this up? Who are these great new bands of which you speak? Who was making that innovative music 5-10 years ago? I’m actually curious to hear whom you’ve heard and I haven’t, especially since you consider the White Stripes (who just made the cover of Rolling Stone this year, after receiving much exposure worldwide, playing the Grammys and becoming one of the first rock acts to tour Brazil) to be “not that well known.”

    The fact that you didn’t even know what album they were talking about also suggests to me that you’re full of hot air (or perhaps something less savory). And don’t give me the “I don’t need to listen to know they suck” line, it’s bullshit. If you ask me, sounds like you’re just plagiarizing the bad reviews you’ve read and claiming those opinions as your own.

  • hahahaha! Go Zach!

    Alienboy, does it really MATTER for the context of this discussion when Beatlemania started? No. We’re splitting hairs. I’ll even give you YOUR date as a concession — will that help you sleep tonight? That wasn’t even the point I was making in the original diatribe — rather, I’m comparing the song to the Beatles and their sound. Period. End of story.

    Do I say it’s exact? No. Do I say it’s ripping ’em off? Nope. Is there a connection? Yes. It’s pretty clear. Even if you f’n hate Jack and Meg and all the candy cane children — which really has nothing to do with the proverbial price of tea in China here, m’man, it boggles me what you would so vehemently deny any connection whatsoever. The Beatles are an influence to the White Stripes, as they are to many, many other (lesser) bands.

    As for TWS themselves… well hell, man, if you want to sit inside your little box and rock out to Britney Spears, more power. But I don’t get it. I suspect you might be crazy. I mean, I think you’re still (mostly) keen and all, but I just don’t understand.

    I first heard TWS a couple of years ago while listening to shitty Little Rock radio. “Fell in Love With a Girl” came on and I was stunned. Shocked. What the hell was THIS song doing on the same station as Audioslave (all good people, one bad band), Nickelback, and Staind? Oh my god! Real music! This was around the same time I was hearing The Hives, The Strokes, The Vines, all the The bands who were trying to produce real music as opposed to all the nu-metal bullshit that populated the airwaves. But the other The bands just didn’t do it for me. They didn’t have the same passion or bite of the White Stripes.

    Emotional intensity? Check.
    Great guitar? Check. Thousands of White Stripes fans ain’t buying the albums because Jack is hot (he is) or because Meg is hot (she is), or because of the lyrics (which I’m down with, but aren’t the best in the world), nor the drums (though I <3 Meg and think she’s awesome), or even the arrangements. THEY LISTEN BECAUSE JACKIE BOY CAN ROCK OUT, MY MAN. THAT BOY CAN PLAY. It may not be to your taste, but hey, that’s cool. Different strokes and all (but Al may call for your extermination). But don’t deny the talent, because that’s just delusional.
    Anyway. Fresh takes on old themes? Check. “You’re Pretty Good Looking” is musical satire. “Instinct Blues” (though Al disagrees about that song’s uberness) is just pure, pure blues, old school, repetitive, rhythmic, and yet campy… and fun. A fresh spin. “We’re Going To Be Friends” is just childlike joy, as is “Hello Operator.” There’s no one doing that. “Little Acorns” includes a soundbite from some old inspirational radio show or some shit. It’s brilliant. “Union Forever” is all Citizen Kane; it’s a love song to one of the greatest movies of all time AND a treatise on fame. They’re unique. They’re fresh. Saying they’re not doesn’t make it so. Arguments require substance, not little Alienboy jumping up and down on his soapbox.

    So if you want to sit at the big kids table, bring some substance.

    p.s. I’m sorry you don’t like the pseudo political format of our series. *shrug* Not much to be done about that. Al and I have battled and argued for years. He suggested this and I thought it would be hilarious. Still do. But you just gotta roll with it. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

    -Her Royal Primateness (I like that)

  • OK, here we go again. I must say all this devoted defence of the lame is depressing but let’s see what we have this time:-

    Zach: It’s a question of tone; I was really hoping to be funny but if it seemed like invective I regret that.

    I didn’t actually make any “flattering references to Top 40 pop” as such. It was the Royal Monkey that brought Britney into the convo, I simply pointed out the statistical fact that she has in fact made the odd decent, even great, record – amongst all the schlock.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the witless Kylie mini-me, but I have to admit that despite my bias against her and others like that, her music has indeed provided some thrills, some wonder, an effect the pallid ones you all love have yet to produce in me.

    Madonna is a whole other thing however. She is a legend, a superstar and, despite her wacky spiritual explorations, a great artist. You may not like her work, that’s a matter of taste for sure, but that shouldn’t detract from her status, a true pop goddess walks amongst us and we should cherish and respect that.

    Anyhow, moving on, I possibly take this too seriously, music having been the one constant element in my personal double helix, but for me, it IS all about the music, pure and simple.

    I take great umbrage at music that somehow offends my particular subset of great pop art ideas, that goes for the cheese instead of the stars and great intense pleasure in music that makes me feel thrilled, surprised, delighted to be alive.

    Some context: There have been many twists and turns in the evolution of musical culture and ideas since the end of the 2nd World War. Humble stirrings in the 50s lead directly to the great explosion of colour, in all senses, that was the 60s and early 70s.

    The rock revival of punk in the late 70s prolonged the excitement and produced another great explosion of energy and excitement and also spun off a wide range of other cultures, from Goth to the newly emerging club scene.

    Unexpectedly, out of left field, the last great musical idea of the 20th Century emerged. Inspired by the Toasting traditions of Jamiaca, Hip-Hop blew away all the old rules and changed the face of music for ever.

    My view is that rock based music, with some notable exceptions, kinda lost its way in the late 80s and for more than a decade was down on its knees, exhausted, though there are some encouraging signs of re-birth going on, both in the USA and Europe.

    I get what The White Stripes (there, I said it!) do, I just don’t find it much, or enough. There is a lot of great music around these days, in a dozen different genres, full of new ideas and echoes of the past.

    I’m not going to burden any of these artists with my great expectations but stuff I love this year includes MIA regularly, Van Morrison occasionally, Prince, Black Eyed Peas, OutKast, Missy Elliott always, Franz Ferdinand, Queen, Maroon 5, Anastacia, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera (Naked), Sex Pistols, Cypress Hill, Scissor Sisters (awesome), 2Pac (lots, still), Eminem, Gwen Stefani (great album), Gorillaz, Robbie Williams (can’t stand the creep but great music wins out regardless), The Bravery, Sean Paul, The Dead 60s (yeah, I know they sound like The Clash, that’s a good thing), Bloc Party, System of A Down, and a load of presumably unknown in the English speaking world European bands like Estopa, Mala Rodriguez, Wir Sind Helden, Dover, Amaral, Jota Mayuscula, Sido and a ton more stuff, old and new, besides.

    Oh yeah! I don’t listen to the group you like so much, just cos with so much excitement going on, I can’t imagine why I’d be wanting to be wandering down back reference lane with something so unadventurous, so conservative as them. And I don’t even read reviews, hardly ever at all, not even yours! So many assumptions in your words…

    As for Her Highness, well frankly, I’m shocked! It’s hard to think of any guitar band that doesn’t in theory owe at least some debt to The Beatles, their reach was that broad, so it doesn’t really help things along to make that point. And saying I rock out to Britney when I simply pointed out an ugly fact is just nasty!

    And, they’re not unique. They’re not fresh. Saying they are doesn’t make it so. Arguments require substance, not little Alisha jumping up and down on her soapbox. See, I can do that too.

    I’ve already pointed out how retro the Stripes references are, a point you confirm with your own descriptions of their music.And Citizen Kane is one of the world’s most boring movies EVER. The persistent lie of this claim is breathtaking in it’s arrogance!

    The point you’re missing is that it is really rather presumptious to cast bands like The Stripes/Vines/Hives/Strokes as “real music”, as somehow of more value than other styles. Some of that stuff is indeed good, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also deeply retro and nostalgic and ultimately a little fake, which is why none of these bands really add up to much. You and Al seem to be re-fighting the old rock battles of the long gone 60s, battles long lost. If YOU want to sit at the big boy’s table, you’re going to have to do a whole lot better than this self-satisfied, self-referential timewarp trick so bring it on…

  • “Oh yeah! I don’t listen to the group you like so much, just cos with so much excitement going on, I can’t imagine why I’d be wanting to be wandering down back reference lane with something so unadventurous, so conservative as them.”

    All right, so I’m not gonna rag on you so much this time, since you actually defended your opinions…but still, I feel a moral obligation to point out that you call the Stripes derivative while praising the Bravery, the Dead ’60s and Bloc Party…this is a typical beef I have with people, and I must say it again, just because it ain’t based on ’60s music don’t mean it ain’t retro.

    Also: Citizen Kane is a fucking fantastic movie.

    Also: “humble beginnings” in the ’50s? I think I can hear Charlie Feathers, Carl Perkins, Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash (and a lot of others I won’t bore you with) spinning in their graves…or, in Richard’s case, flipping his wig.

    But oh well. Other than those gripes, I’m throwing in the towel and just writing this off as a lost cause. To each his own, right? At least you dig Prince (though for my money, the “pop goddess” perception of Madonna is off by a good 20 years, and even then she was more like a pop performance artist par excellence…but I digress).

  • Wow, grudging acceptance!


    Your “moral obligation” is misplaced because I didn’t actually praise The Bravery, The Dead 60s or Bloc Party, although anyone of them has already demonstrated more talent and passion than the Pasty Posers will ever feel, nor did I say that they weren’t derivative of the past. They are a lot more fun than those pretentious dullards though

    I don’t know if it is actually possible for music to spring out of nowhere, we all have ancestors, right?

    Can’t get with you on the citizen Kane thing at all, I kind of suspect that people who think the White Stripes rock would also think that was a good movie – but I’d rather watch the Star Wars trilogy (yes, trilogy, the other films are a waste of space, lol); better art and better robots!lol

    And yes, humble beginnings indeed. Working class folk turned superstars in the 50s turned into all the splendour we have today. I don’t think any of the stars you named would have a problem with that.

    Don’t you worry about Madonna, she’s still got it in droves, a true star. Glad to know you like Prince though cos funk rocks!


  • See? Prince unites us all.

  • Great edition, kids!

    I don’t think my question ever got answered: Will “Your Southern Can Is Mine” make the manifesto? I’m hoping the ayes have it.

  • Monsieur Berlin, “Your Southern Can Is Mine” is not on our manifesto list at this point, for starters because it is a cover. We’re thinking about doing some of their covers after we get through the initial two dozen or so list, though.

    However, YOU are encouraged to contribute a testimonial to the White Stripes Nation on this song. Come on, get all up here in it with us.