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White House Visitors Log Shows Where Influence Lies

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In a rare, but trivial, display of actual transparency amidst efforts to keep many of their more significant actions below boards, the Obama administration has released the log of visitors to the White House. While the contents may not be surprising, it does raise concerns about who has real influence over the President.

It's not surprising to see that any black celebrity from Serena Williams to Denzel Washington to Michael Jordan can get a repeat invitation to hang with the Obamas. That's to be expected. But some of the other repeat visits are much more politically significant and controversial.

Leading the list is Andrew Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union, the group has provided an army of thugs and paid activists to act as the strong arm of the administration. Stern is an international socialist and one of the leading advocates of forced unionization. The fact that he has been to the White House 22 times is enormously significant and shows what an important ally he is for the administration. AFL-CIO Chief Richard Trumka has only taken his hideous toupee and Stalinesque mustache to the White House seven times.

Second on the list is former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta. He's a fairly major figure on the political left and currently heads up the Center for American Progress which is a combination think tank and propaganda mill which is very active in promoting green jobs and in the effort to silence media figures and outlets which are critical of the administration.

Anti-capitalist propagandist Michael Moore is a frequent visitor who has been to the White House eight times. Maybe he likes their chef. Eurosocialist billionaire George Soros who backs MoveOn.org and a network of far-left groups, has been to the White House four times. Jeffrey Immelt who is the CEO of the parent company of NBC and MSNBC is a five-time visitor. Bill Gates who is richer but less political has only visited once.

Despite his failure to really come through on his promises to the gay community, the President's has had many visits from gay activists, including prominent gay Republican and former Congressman Steve Gunderson who has racked up nine visits, as many as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson added together.

Some of the less frequent visitors are among the most disturbing. For example, Malik Shabazz who is leader of the New Black Panther Party has been to the White House. As the leader of a violent hate group he shouldn't be allowed to get on a plane, much less into the most secure building in the western world. But then there seems to be an open door policy for leftist terrorists, as William Ayers is a two-time visitor. That's a surprising name to see on the list, since President Obama claimed to barely even know Ayers during the presidential campaign. Perhaps the President was not entirely truthful about his relationship with the noted revolutionary and terrorist, and it is interesting to note that the relationship continues.

The rest of the visitors include the expected variety of lobbyists, politicians, business leaders and academics. What the list reveals is not necessarily unexpected, but it is a concrete confirmation of the suspicions which many have had about the Obama administration and the level of access and influence which powerful and corrupt unions and radical extremists have with this White House. It's a reminder that for all his rhetoric about bipartisanship, Obama is still a tool of the anti-capitalist, socialist and globalist fringe.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • danbol1237

    As long as the unions are allowed to set wages and benefits in the public and private sectors, jobs will be lost. Obama will not touch on that subject tonight or any other time. Look at how many times Andrew Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union has visited the White House. Ask yourself why.

  • Earl

    #8 –

    “isn’t it somewhat possible that although Obama didn’t know Ayers all that well then, he does now?”

    It’s possible. But we don’t actually know, because neither visit from “William Ayers” was actually from THE Bill Ayers.

  • zingzing

    mccarthy rides again!

  • Stacy and Glenn, don’t fret. This is just another of Dave’s partisan hit pieces, which he’s perfectly entitled to write.

    Dave is technically correct when he says that he was not a supporter of the Bush administration, although he did write numerous articles and comments defending them. He’s also been known to claim that he was as harsh a critic of Bush/Cheney as anyone on the left, although this bit is painfully disingenuous.

    If he’d written such an article about visitors to the Bush White House, for example, its tone would have been noticeably milder than this one. There would have been no “AAAAAGGHH! Danger! Danger!” reaction to some of Bush’s more dubious visitors – it would have been more of a “Him? Tsk, tsk. Dear me. I wouldn’t have…”

    (One small thought regarding William Ayers, whom Dave seems to think that Candidate Obama wasn’t being entirely honest about. Considering all the hoopla during the campaign, isn’t it somewhat possible that although Obama didn’t know Ayers all that well then, he does now?

  • Glenn, again (and again), what you and Stacy don’t seem to get is that the Republican party is NOT some sort of monolithic entity. The people who supported Bush and Cheney and the people who are trying to assert control over the party now are not the same people and do not have the same beliefs. The folks who want to reform and restore the party were never on board for the excesses of the Bush administration and trying to hold them accountable for something they opposed and calling the hypocrites based on actions they were not party to is bizarre.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    What Stacy was pointing out was hypocrisy. It’s sorta like the Republicans castigating Obama for going to the Dover air base for the dead military arriving from Afghanistan – Bush never did that, either (though Limbaugh claimed that he did.

    Frankly, I’d love to see the BC conservatives try to criticize Obama for anything that the Republicans haven’t already done in the past to a greater degree. That’s one of the things that helped me see through the Republican party when I began to change my mind – the sheer hypocrisy of, “The Democrats are SO corrrupt, but you can ignore our greater level of corruption because we’re REAL Americans!”

    No, that’s not an actual quote, but it succinctly sums up the attitude of the Republican party.

  • Arch, I agree, Denzel is also a Christian. So it is kind of interesting!

  • Arch Conservative

    Denzel Washington is a Republican and a reasonable human being. What would he want to be seeing the false messiah for?

    We had Nixon. The Dems now have Obama.

    For once I am in favor of abortion.

    This presidency cannot end well. For Obama or the American people.

  • Stacy, Bush isn’t president anymore. No one cares about him or Cheney.

    As for caring about Obama’s visitors, I don’t, really. It’s just a useful point of information and confirmation about who and what he is.


  • Right, because Bush & Cheney never had influntial leaders of industry or special interest groups and perhaps those campaign contributors who got western cowboy-sounding names depending how much money they gave- and white celebrities too, since for some strange reason you need to make a point about black people getting invites to the White House as though there’s something suspicious about that. And were you outraged about Cheneys energy meetings where they poured over maps of Iraq oil fields? Of course you weren’t.

    Why do I have the feeling that if this were Bush instead of Obama you wouldn’t give a rats ass about visitor logs?

  • WOW, not surprised by some of these people — Denzil, cool.

    But some of these are quite disturbing! And isn’t this the same Obama that defended and highlighted who he “associates with” in the debates? HMM?
    Obama / McCain 3rd Debate, Part 4 – Ayers & ACORN