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White Collar Stars in Live Video Webchat on March 3 at 7 PM ET

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USA Network's White Collar stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay will participate in a live one-hour video webchat Wednesday, March 3 at 7 PM ET / 6 PM CT on White Collar's official page on USA Network's web site. White Collar is a popular series centered on an unlikely partnership between an FBI agent (DeKay) and a con-man (Bomer). The show also stars Tiffani Thiessen and and Willie Garson.

USA Network has partnered with Ustream, the leader in live video on the Internet, to deliver the live interactive experience. Fans can sign up for an event reminder on the official Facebook Fan Page.

Log in now to the White Collar website to submit your questions for Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer. Ask questions about the show, their characters' relationship to each other and to other characters, the guest stars, the writers, their story arc. Since they both have moved to New York City for this show, you might be wondering how they have adapted to the changes of New York City. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to ask questions of the stars of this great show. Bomer and DeKay talking live together have a great chemistry and are extremely funny.

White Collar airs on the USA Network on Tuesdays at 10 ET/9 C.

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  • No reflection on Stevie here, but one wonders what prompted the editors’ pick of Stevie as the BC writer of the day. I’d say it’s especially puzzling in light of the conspicuous absence of comments — from editors themselves, one might add.

    Is it perhaps, let me guess, that the article in question generated greater than usual share of revenues?

    How cynical of me!

  • Roger, you’re right, that is cynical. It has nothing to do with how the BC of the Day is chosen. Neither does it have anything to do with comments (or comments by editors, which is a rather bizarre thing to say).

    If you’re interested in how Eric makes the choice, you can inquire over in the writers’ Yahoo group.

  • Hi there.
    I would think perhaps cynical might be really accurate.

    If you went to look at what I have contributed recently and how hard I worked to get the NYFW content up (and how hard the editors worked with me to get it up correctly), you would see what I have contributed to Blogcritics. I am working hard here. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the quality of my work.
    It gives me great incentive to keep on plugging. Make sure you check out the next piece. It will give you another reason to comment.

  • Gosh,

    I didn’t mean to stimulate this high-spirited debate.

    I was only espousing the values of the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Hey Roger,
    I fully endorse and live the entrepreurial spirit. I am one to push that envelope. I am sure you haven’t ever seen my blog either.
    I felt that writing for BlogCritics was a good fit on both sides of the coin– for them and for me.

  • I was only espousing the values of the entrepreneurial spirit.

    No you weren’t, Roger, you aimed a barb at a writer in spite of your disclaimer.

    And before you continue to disdain the people who contribute the content that keeps the site alive and well, I’ll point out that they’re the people who enable your free and frequent use of the comments space.

  • I also contribute to the content, Lisa, once in a while. Although I’m not certain anymore what exactly keeps the site alive and well.

  • Yes, I’ve seen your blog, Stevie. Have you seen mine?

    So what does any of that prove?

  • Hi Roger
    Prove? Nothing to prove. It’s merely a question.
    Yes, I definitely have seen your blog.
    I would love to see an updated commentary on the health care initiative from you

  • Stevie,

    What a beautiful blog! My daughter in college would absolutely love it, so I posted it to her Facebook.

    :)Congratulations to you for, writer of the day.

  • Jeannie Thank you for the kind words!
    I hope your daughter friends me on facebook as well.

    have a great day

  • Why would you, Stevie?

    It’s a dead horse for me.

  • The health initiative isn’t a dead horse to me or many Americans. It’s very much a hot topic. I know someone- a single mom with 3 kids who had the flu, missed her renewal for her insurance and was denied coverage or reinstatement because she had allergies.

    Health care initiative still is very much on the minds of most Americans. Now more than ever, it is the time to keep speaking about it– and bring everyone up to speed. If a cacophany of voices are heard– and that spreads across the nation, it will become a roar.. not to be ignored.

    I liked where your posts were going.. *sigh* . it’s sad.

  • Sorry to disappoint you, Stevie. I’ve grown too radical for the popular taste.

    If you’re interested in my present thought, check our the comments on the following thread.

  • why not distill all those thoughts into one post?
    You have much to say, let people read it.

  • Haven’t got to that point yet.

  • Stevie,

    Thank you for responding, I was really impressed with your blog, maybe I’ll get more style by reading it! 🙂

    I believe that health care reform will pass in this country. Some people refer to me as a cheerleader and that’s OK.

    Although, I wanted single-payer or a public option immediately it looks like this will have to be done in increments.

    The most important thing is that the preexisting conditions denial will be stopped. I really see this as the end of for-profit health care.

    Well, I’ll go now, I don’t want to wear out my welcome!

    🙂 bye, it was nice to talk with you.

  • BTW, Stevie,

    I didn’t mean to impugn on your writing skills. In fact, I didn’t realize until now that you are the author of this article.

    I swear to you I thought another commenter was taking up your cause.

    I do apologize for not being observant enough.

  • Yes I am the author of this article, plus the Burn Notice interview, several NYFW articles along with another featuring an interview with Jeff Eastin, creator of White Collar. Thank you for the comment. It really means a lot. I was surprised– I must say. I hope that the stories I do honestly generate traffic. I am a social media whiz kid and I not only can write but I know how to position things to get noticed.
    That’s why I suggested you put those thoughts that were your reply comments from your post into a more cohesive piece. it’s very informative.

  • Stevie,

    Thanks for responding. Publicity is not my forte. The best I can say for myself, I’m a starving artist.

    The kind of stuff you see on my long thread is but a reflection of my intellectual interest and philosophical training. So first of, it’s not a readily marketable thing. And secondly, even if my voice was unique, I don’t have the academic credentials to make it heard.

    Yes, I did write two novels, one political, simulated true-crime the other – pretty good, I’d say, for my first effort – but I didn’t get published. I haven’t really tried.

    So meanwhile, I’m stuck here on BC, biding my time.

  • you don’t need to have the academic credentials — you have the content and ability to express yourself cogently.
    and it is marketable in a way.. because it’s salient, relevant to today.
    your voice/approach/presentation is unique.

    try harder.. start with creating that thread. you have the voice, the intelligence. you have engaged me in ocnversation. as Nike says “just do it”

  • @jeannie danna I really want to thank you for your kind words about my blog. Read it and learn how to do the hi-low fashion thing. It’s fun– and I run a lot of different topics so you (and I ) don’t get bored.
    Plus re health care, you will see topical stuff on the blog and Health Care Initiative along with other things will hit and health care is HUGELY important. I have a stack of posts on that to get up there.
    The denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions from serious (heart disease, cancer) to ridiculously inane (seasonal allergies) is unacceptable in this day and age. Braly received total pay valued at $9.84 million in 2008, which is down a bit in 2009 due to govt restrictions but this just bites ..

  • Stevie,

    I would love to ask you to read one of my articles on health care reform. I know that you are very busy, but a fresh pair of eyes reading it would be wonderful.

    The thread under it has become a public soundboard, billboard, argument, diary and my little oasis here at BC, read it at your own risk!

    I also book marked your blog. You know, living in the sticks can make a woman throw out her cosmopolitan magazines after about ten years; I have almost given up on style altogether after most my high-heels were replaced with work-boots!

    :)I lived in Laguna Beach years ago, so I’ll end by saying, Have a nice day!