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bY vOyA

“Sometimes in all this talk I find a word
With your mark on it
In the blood of love
And the worlds go quiet.” – RUMI

To see you again >
well, it’s been a long time.

You know, the way we used to talk. Those names we used. I was in Sydney then > that eerie faerietale swamp-land. Cold and stark and way too claustrophobic. Haunted by uncertainty. That damn golden light didn’t help at all. Everything stalked me. But you would make me look at myself in that little mirror of mine and well, tell you what I saw.

I never did know, did I.

But what you said to me, I still remember.
The detail > those conversations, and what they meant.

Whispered tales at dawn.
> Yes, you’re right.


I looked at you >
and I never looked away.
I hope you know that.

> > >

Those eyes of hers, deep-sea green and a little uneven > the way they were placed on her face. But big big irises and well, big delicious lips too. Such a luscious pout with lipstick on. So damn kissable really and yet > hardly ever. Kissed that is.

But seriously, a nose just a little too big. An odd-shaped face and all that long long hair >>>

well, she made an unusual whole.

But no. That’s not all you were asking her, was it?
I mean, sometimes, we never know which face will show.

> > >


Early morning > that grey darkness of inbetween time helping me feel safe.
The empty streets so very quiet and misty > and without end.

Never quite still.

And there, walking, I saw a car illuminated by light. Street lamps in a side street > a car, parked. A man and a woman. I saw them there, she being held by him > her back arched. And they were kissing.

In that cold night air. Such an encounter.
No matter how distant >
their silhouettes not lonely at all.
What a doll she was. Her shape I mean.

> > >

I confessed something to you tonight.
An erotic ritual of sorts. Seriously, I don’t want to hide anything from you. So please don’t be angry. I’ve said many times that I’m just a silly bitch.

That’s the truth, isn’t it?
I mean > forget logic and reason.
Right now, that’s all I ask.

> > >

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