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Ok the first song is like you’re in the chamber. A steady beat and beep coexisting in unity. And if you’re making chicken, great soundtrack. There’s a consistency that’s consisten within them. Shaking. Baking. While staring at a recently shorn shitzu. Smooth, very smooth.

There’s something building. It’s trance. I don’t care if it’s NOT trance, it is, to me. The third echelon. I don’t know why I’m saying the next part, but I was ordered by the preordainer: super, super good thing, like a river of karma. Decreeing victory for all.

It’s the beginning of an experiment. Like the cooling of a lava field. Something is getting old, but of that nothing can nor should be done.

“cuz I feel your touch.” I love the world. No, really. I don’t mean it as just the cliché type deal, where like I’m just saying shit, just to say it? Ok yeah I am. But it does remind me, why can’t we all be good? Can music be the cure? Can the nation(s) come together? Potentially I guess anything can happen rite? Only it can’t.

but? What if the energy of a people was harnessed in dance and fervor and everyone did ecstasy all the same time with one another, for one nite. What if? Say pray. And I’m not saying they should. Far be it from me to advocate any advocacy. Oh & there was something else I was gonna say, oh yeah drugs are bad. And that’s not my nose, it’s a um branch. But no no. that’s not what it’s all about, is it? But what if.

But not everybody, cuz all shit can’t be hashed out and that’s the whole point in that it’s not the point, this song, or, string of songs, or, extension of various endeavors, gives the feeling of what if, like it could happen, and that’s a good feeling to have, I’m not gonna pontificate on larry bird and doc gooden sitting out back in a corn field and doing gigantic bonghits of crack, nor am I going to consider Ronald Reagan and Margaret thatcher sitting up in a treehouse playing checkers, and other randomness.

Grade: 832 platinum astro-medallions.

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