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Where the Heck Did These Pitchers Come From?

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Game 45 vs. Mil., L 1-0: Carpenter improved on his last pitching appearance by being nothing less than perfect for six innings, going eight innings total and striking out 10. How does that performance go unrewarded? It turns out the Cardinals' bats were replaced with the finest salamis in Milwaukee, which prevented them from hitting, because Dennys Reyes ate five bats. The Brewers fermented a run in the bottom of the 10th.

This is seriously one of those games that just takes the wind out of the sails, even if you just recently came off a five-game winning streak. If there is one aspect of this team that worries me the least, it is the hitting. Even though it is down at the moment, Lord Pujols will never forsake his team and his return can be counted on like the rising of the sun (which he also has a hand in)

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