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Where is Dave Chappelle?

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so last year Dave Chappelle got $50 million to re-up with Comedy Central. the new season was supposed to start in February.

nothing happened

network says: don’t worry, new season (season three) will air late May for Memorial day. Comedy Central then literally anchors their spring schedule around new Chappelle shows.

on Monday, Comedy Central announces the new season has been ‘suspended indefinitely‘.

Clearly things aren’t going well in the Chappelle camp. His spokesman says that there is major pressure on Dave to be extremely funny and carry not just Comedy Central… but black comedy in general. This is pretty much true.

Then, yesterday, a press agent says (out of nowhere) “this has nothing to do with drugs or rehab. Dave Chappelle is fine”

Then about 6 hours ago comes news that Chappelle has flown to South Africa for treatment

My thoughts are the same as yours, folks. Get well Dave, America needs you.

*oh, and for fuck’s sake I have just supplanted four American Idol pieces. For shit’s sake man… is this ALL you are watching, America? This totally underscores our need for Chappelle!

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  • I always found Chappelle very hit-and-miss, thought that’s the nature of sketch comedy. But when he hit… man, there was nothing better.

    Pop Copy is one of the loopiest, funniest, most right-on sketches in the history of time.

    “Where’s the manager? Yo, I am yo manager *****!”

  • my favorite is ‘the niggers’ which was a sketch about a mailman (chappelle) in the 50s who is friendly with and delivers mail to a crisp white stereotype family called ‘the niggers’. Also, the bit about ‘if the Internet were a mall’ is freakin’ genius.

  • My favorite was his parody on R. Kelly’s “Ignition” called “I’m gonna (pee on you)”. That was brilliant right there, it was even coupled with a remixed version. Prime stuff. Oh and the blind KKK black man.

    P.S. Eric, I also loved that Pop Copy one too. Reminds me of Kinko’s.

  • Tell me you weren’t muttering “white power” in Chappelle’s old white southern accent and interjecting inapprpriately for weeks after seeing that one!

    R Kelly was pretty good as well. Chappelle at his most disturbingly funny. Bro does like to push a line, doesn’t he?

    The Real World stuff is a great example of this as well.

  • kenya

    I love Chapelle and his show. He has a god given talent, not man made, and the pressure put on him to “be” funny inteferes with his ability to be funny naturally. Let the man do his thing.
    I pray for him and his family, I believe he will come out of this just fine. He just needs a break thats all/

  • R Jones

    I think the guy is a genius. I have always been a fan of sketch comedy and I think that Dave is better at it than SNL and really surpasses what Robert Townsend was doing back in the late 80s.

    If there is pressure on him it is because he has set the bar so high for himself. He has to remember that even if only 1 out of 4 skits are bust gutting laughs, he is still doing as well as SNL. I think the guy thinks that every skit is gonna hit everyone, but they just won’t. Hang in there Dave, we miss you.

  • Jay-Zeee

    wtf man he is just an actor get the f*** over it. Stop “praying” for his black ass and pray for things that really matter. Yeah he is funny but you think he gives a F*** about you? NO of course not so why would you care about wtf he is going through. Get a life people.

  • “I’m Dave Chappelle, Bitch.”
    It sounds like fame is taking its toll and perhaps the pressure is too great. He needs some serious couch time with Dr. Phil, or perhaps Dr. Drew, the head shrink of the stars and all will be well. Meanwhile what did the $50 million go towards? That is a lot of weed, man.

  • The Chappelle skit that had me ROTFLMAOWTAICA* was the Sesame Street send-up with the Snoop Dogg puppet with the massive schlong, the heroin junkie, and the singing VD puppets. We’re talkin’ tears of laughter.

    Of course, the Niggars was great, and Clayton Bigsby (the blind black white supremacist), too. “I’m Rick James, bitch” will live forever, but I preferred Black Bush’s “Mars, bitches!”

    And Jay-Zeee, lighten up man. Sure, this ain’t Halliburton getting bonuses while soldiers get crap, or genocide in the Sudan, global AIDS pandemic-level tragedy, but in the context of television comedy, it’s serious. I think we all understand it’s just TV and just a comedian, but it IS the most influential television comedian of the young 21st century we’re talking about.

    *Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while typing annoying internet chat abbreviations.

  • somedude

    Chapelle is very funny, no doubt about it. I agree some of his sketches are hit and miss.

    It has been pretty obvious to me that he is often “lit” while taping his monologues and sketch intros. We will probably learn later that he had a drug/alchohol problem (I’m guessing drugs.)

    Guess he is doing his Richard-Pryor-years thang.

    At any rate, please enough of the “pressure” excuse nonsense. It’s a crap excuse. Last time I checked he breathes the same air as I do.

    What pisses me off is that comedy central canned Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn so they could give Chapelle a few extra million.

  • charlymurpheeeeeeeeehh!

  • But he lives on a farm in Iowa. Certainly after I learned that I figured he was the most grounded celeb on the planet. Guess not. He has a kid too, so I hope he isn’t gone too long.

  • BR

    Dave Chapelle is hilarious. I don’t think I will get any argument on this one here.

    As far as drugs go, he does seem to be high during many if not all of his sketch intros. It looks like weed or hash to me. You think somebody who doesn’t smoke can write a movie like Half Baked??

    In any case I hope he gets better soon. His is one of the only shows on TV that are watchable. If Jon Stewart goes off-air too I will have to sell my TV.

  • WRS

    I just got the following email from a friend who knows his brother well:

    You might not believe me, but I just spoke with Dave Chapelle this afternoon about the rap rally, and the news media coverage of this is all crap. Total crap. He is out of the country, but not for drugs or mental health reasons. He is having contract issues from what I understand. This is the real scoop . . .

  • Ashton kutcher

    It’s a Publicity Stunt! You all just got punkd!

  • hu?

    hay! hay charlie! what did the hand, say to the face?!



  • contract issues? What’s the issue… you got $50 million dollars to do some sketch comedy, negotiation over. You won.

  • gongodr

    I’m rich bitch! What could be funnirer than Charlie Murphy telling a story about shooting hoops with Prince. I hops this whole rehab things is just a BS publicty stunt..I hope your punking us Dave we miss you ….. Want some pancakes?

  • My hairy nut sack

    You know your body got bigger over time but your head stayed the same size!

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  • cherie

    Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.

  • John Bolton

    Even if they never make another show, chapelle show will have to go down as the funniest sketch-comedy show since the flying circus. Probably funnier to most people.

  • somedude

    I just heard from my second cousin who is best friend’s with Dave Chappelle’s hair stylist, Felipe. He sent me the following email from his T-Mobile account at Starbucks:

    Dave isn’t on drugs or criminally insane at all. He is really in South Africa under deep cover. See, this whole $50M show deal is really just a ruse, a pretense really, to get him into Mozambique. He’s been CIA this whole time! What a class act, huh? That Dave is something. Don’t pass this on to anyone else, ok? We wouldn’t want General Mohatu Umbalaya to get word.

    Then my second cousin went on about some personal stuff that I really shouldn’t post on the internet.

    Man, I have a whole new perspective on Dave. Boy was I wrong.

  • MG

    Dave, hurry back so I can take my tv off e-bay!

  • frank

    dave is awesome. its not a publicity stunt you retards. go

  • Adam

    “Oil?…Who said somethin’ about oil bitch, you cookin’?”

    Black Bush is one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life.

    And what about the sketch where he and John Mayer go around playing guitar and the lady just rips her bra off in the conference room?

    I’m not stretching it to say that Dave Chapelle’s comedy is life-changing. He has really affected culture, and really brought people together by pointing out their differences…sounds cheezy I know, but Chapelle is a legend.

  • I understand he is being held by the Pentaverate , it involves the Queen, the Rothshilds, the Getty, the Vatican, and the Colonel (before he went teets up).

    He is being held in a secret fortress in Colorado known only as ‘The Meadows’

  • I understand he is being held by the Pentaverate , it involves the Queen, the Rothshilds, the Getty, the Vatican, and the Colonel (before he went teets up).

    He is being held in a secret fortress in Colorado known only as ‘The Meadows’

  • We all love Dave <3
    God Bless you!

  • David

    Racial Draft and Blind White Supremacist. These have to be two of the funniest comedy sketches ever to be televised.

  • d.c.

    yo bitches, i ain’t doing the sho’ no-mo’
    got it? get it? can u dig?
    those bastards @ corporate stiffed me the big woody and i took off for the motherland.
    anyways, deal with it and stop writing about it.
    enjoy the dvd’s and cya in my next shiznit.
    but fuck the comedy central mofo’s.
    $50 million ain’t what it’s about — you gotta be keeping it real.

  • Thanks for the update, d.c.

  • proletariate

    To some extent, Dave Chapelle has provided the modern African culture to mainstream television. I’m sure the FCC and other governmental agency aren’t comfortable with the fact that the top comedy cable show has a trademark logo of the letter “C” (for Chappelle);with a background field of red, black, & green (internationally known as the African Flag). I think Dave is keeping it real. It’s just America can’t handle it.


    I am sure you’re right, thanks for enlightening us all.

  • Dave Chappelle website for sale: http://www.RunawayComic.com

  • The Demigodd

    He’s stressed. Give him a break. Everyone expects the greatest from people, who at times do great things. And when the person falters even the slightest, people harshly criticize that particular person. Dave, do what YOU think is funny. Fuck what others think. Pressure’s a bitch. People are cruel.

    Death to Society

  • Cari

    i love all of the episodes i just hope that whatever the issues are w/ dave he can get through them the right way, and that season three can get on the move….im excited for season two..

    best woshes dave love you man

  • Dave Chapelle is comic genious. Read the time magazine article, located here it explains a lot…

    In this week’s TIME, Christopher John Farley reveals why Dave Chappelle decided to leave his hit show and what he’s been up to since he disappeared to South Africa two weeks ago. Last Friday night, TIME Johannesburg bureau chief Simon Robinson met with the comic at uShaka Marine World on the beach in the South African port of Durban. In a ninety minute conversation, Chappelle was eager to set the record straight on why he suddenly left the U.S. and what he’s doing in South Africa. Here’s Robinson’s account:

    Dave Chappelle shows up to our interview in a red t-shirt, blue jeans and shiny white sneakers. He lopes around in his usual style, pacing a lot, but does not seem like a man struggling to speak or to order his thoughts at all. He’s lucid and thoughtful and a couple of times asks me to give him some time to think about answers. He concedes that he is dealing with a lot of issues and mentions that he had consulted a psychiatrist about a week ago for a forty minute session. He is also quite fastidious about keeping his new sneakers clean and stops at least twice to wipe smudges off their toes.

    The first thing Chappelle wants is to dispel rumors—that he’s got a drug problem, that he’s checked into a mental institution in Durban—that have been flying around the U.S. for the past week. He says he is staying with a friend, Salim, and not in a mental institution, as has been widely reported in America. Chappelle says he is in South Africa to find “a quiet place” for a while. “Let me tell you the things I can do here which I can’t at home: think, eat, sleep, laugh. I’m an introspective dude. I enjoy my own thoughts sometimes. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking here.”

    The picture he paints—and it seems a fairly honest and frank assessment— is of someone struggling to come to terms with a new position and power who’s still figuring out how to come to grips with how people around him are reacting to the $50 million deal he signed last year with Comedy Central. Without naming specific characters, he seems to blame both some of his inner circle (not his family) and himself for the stresses created by last year’s deal.

    “There were things that overwhelmed me,” he says. “But not in the way that people are saying. I haven’t spent any of the money. All that stuff about partying and taking crack is not true. Why do I live on a farm in Ohio? To support my partying lifestyle?”

    The problems, he says, started with his inner circle.”If you don’t have the right people around you and you’re moving at a million miles an hour you can lose yourself,” he says. “Everyone around me says, ‘You’re a genius!’; ‘You’re great!’; ‘That’s your voice!’ But I’m not sure that they’re right.” And he stresses that Comedy Central was not part of the problem and put no more than normal television restrictions on what he could do.

    “You got to be careful of the company you keep,” Chappelle says. “It’s hard to know how much to say. One of the things that happens when people make the leap from a certain amount of money to tens of millions of dollars is that the people around you dramatically change.

    “During my ascent, I’ve seen other people go through that wall to become really big. They always said that fame didn’t change them but that it changes the people around them. You always hear that but you never really understand it. But now that I’m there that makes a lot of sense and I’m learning what that means. You have to have people around you that you can trust and aren’t just out for a meal ticket.”

    The breakdown in trust within his inner circle seems to have led him to question the material they were producing. He seems obsessed with making sure the material is good and honest and something that he will be proud. “I want to make sure I’m dancing and not shuffling,” he says. “What ever decisions I make right now I’m going to have live with. Your soul is priceless.” The first two seasons of his show “had a real spirit to them,” he says. “I want to make sure whatever I do has spirit.”

    But Chappelle also says that he must share the blame for the stalled third season. “I’m admittedly a human being,” he says. “I’m a difficult kind of dude.” His earlier walkout during shooting “had a little psychological element to it. I have trust issues, things like that. I saw some stuff in myself that I just didn’t dig. It’s like when I brought a girl home to my mom and it looked as if my mom really didn’t like this girl. And she told me, ‘I like her just fine. I just don’t like you around her.’ That’s how I feel in this situation. There were some things about myself that I didn’t like. People got to take inventory from time to time. That’s what this [coming to South Africa] is for.”

    This is Chappelle’s second trip to South Africa. He first came to Durban, and visited Salim, in 2000. Chappelle won’t tell me exactly how he met Salim but describes him as a family friend. A soft-spoken Muslim, Salim seems also to be something of a sounding board to Chappelle, who converted to Islam several years ago. While Chappelle is not doing a formal religious course in Durban, says Salim, who wore a simple cotton robe and hung back through the interview and photo shoot and only spoke when I asked him a question, “if he wants to talk religion then I’m there as someone to talk to.” Says Chappelle: “This is kind of my spot where I can come to fill my spirit back up. Sometimes you neglect these things if you are running on a corporate schedule.” The crux of his crisis seems to boil down to his almost obsessive need to “check my intentions.” He uses the phrase a few times during the interview and explains that it means really making sure that he’s doing what he’s doing for the right reasons.

    His family, he says, has been a huge support over the past eight months. “They’ve been phenomenal really, just incredible. What beautiful people. Everyone loves their family but it’s good if you can like them too.”

    His religion is also crucial. “I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way. It’s a lifelong effort. Your religion is your standard. Coming here I don’t have the distractions of fame. It quiets the ego down. I’m interested in the kind of person I’ve got to become. I want to be well rounded and the industry is a place of extremes. I want to be well balanced. I’ve got to check my intentions, man.”

    That includes planning for the future. When I ask him if he would ever buy a place of his own in South Africa, Chappelle replies, “First of all I’ve got to make sure I’ve got a job.”

    He says that he’s only been recognized five or six times in the two weeks he’s been here. “It happens so sporadically that when it does it freaks me out because I have to remember, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m famous.'” At the end of our interview/photo shoot an American woman does recognize him. “Number seven,” he cries. “Wow, I’m not that big in Africa. I’ve got to do an action film here.”

    During most of the hour and a half that we talk, Chappelle is serious and introspective. But he still has his sense of humor, which comes out as we near the end of our conversation: “Is that enough to prove I’m not smoking crack or hanging out in a mental institution?”

  • Baby J



  • Steve Hinton Jr.

    Stay up Chappelle. I do not go off rumors but wherever you are stay up. I will be watching the second series.

  • Mr Coldheart

    why is there always that one guy in a disscusion tread telling people there are more important things to worry about… why the hell did you submit a coment to begin with…

  • Dave,
    I only wish the best for you and your show on Comedy Central. You are a very gifted man and I know GOD has blessed you and he will continue to do so. So please come back safe if it is in your heart. It is certainly up to you. Remember GOD never puts nothing on us that we cannot bear. You are a strong man, so do your thing. Good luck in all your endeavors. Whatever you decide I know I will be on your side. Besides shit can be so stressful sometimes. Everyone needs a break. So I just count this as a vacation for Dave. The Lord knows that you deserve it. You work so hard making comedy funny, and you do a good damn job of that. So please take as much time as you need, and come back whenever you feel like comedy is ready for you again.

    Good luck! I will definitely pray for you and your family..


  • dave

    he’s funny and he will be back, sorry dave but i have to say that you are worth even more out of the spotlight than you are in….he’ll be back

  • dave ricketts

    Just wait until Charlie Murphy has another ” true hollywood stories” about Dave’s sudden departure from the show and what really happened. All the while, most of us freak out about Dave being gone. Dave is probably far from gone, this is most likely a sort of P.T. Barnum stunt that is being executed flawlessly. -Dave ricketts

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  • theworldhasissues

    The problem with this world is everyone has an opinion on what the next person should be doing. Dave Chappelle is the only one that knows whats best for him and his family. He will make that decision and he will be fine the fact that it doesnt fit into the opinion makers time table is a non issue get a life people and just hope we are lucky enough to see more of his work because it is great entertainment.

  • fanatic

    I don’t really care where he is, or how he’s doing. I just want him back writing, and making fun of the world at large. There aren’t enough people giving the finger to society, and Dave, thankfully was kind enough, funny enough to take the piss out of celebrities and social mores.

  • Kgad0831

    At first Chappelle made me very uncomfortable. I was like “Does this fucker hate white people?”. Then I got it. I love the way he pokes fun at EVERYONE. The Time-Haters was my favorite. Seeing him shoot the slave master was the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen on T.V. I hope he gets more Afro-centric. It would be great to see him get paid $50 million and then go all Marcus Garvey on every-one’s ass.
    P.S., He should do stuff about Islam, so Americans stop hating on it, too. I’m tired of the religious hate-mongering.

  • dave

    This is Dave Chappelle, and I just wanted to tell everyone that the truth is that i smashterbate too much, which is masterbating until it hurts. I am recieving counciling for this and I will not air season 3 of my show until I have been fixed. I’m sorry all of my fans I will try to hurry. Nick Cannon ain’t got nothing on me, I’m Rick James, bitch.

    Thank you,

  • Dave Bogart

    I just wanted to post something about this Duo I saw, late night, in Chicago. They are called Competitive Awesome, and they are ridiculously funny. Late night comedy is not dead in Chicago, as long as these two gentlemen are around. It felt like I was back in the 70’s at Second City watching the greats before the whole world knew they were great. These two guys will be the next big thing. If you are in Chicago you must go and see them if they are performing. I found their website which is as follows: http://www.competitiveawesome.com

    Go and see the future of what comedy should be in the U.S.

  • Joe

    Wakka Wakka!!!!!!

    Dave come back we need you man haha!

    i love ask a black dude!

  • Mike

    I think this guy is a genious. My favorites are the Rick James skits. Not only do we want this guy back we need this guy. He is the funniest. I’ve only started watching the show about 2 months ago, I borrowed Season 1 from a friend. I have since watched every episode and have never laughed so hard in my life. COME BACK DAVE!!!!!!

  • rb in northern va

    Dear Dave, Mr. Chappelle, Sir,

    You have come in my living room so often, I feel like Dave is the right opener.
    You have done more for the National Morale than all the billions spent in Iraq and on Homeland Security and on new hairdos for Condi. You are like the Shakespeare of old crafting wit that is undercut with socio-politico undertones that question the very matrix of reality and lest we forget–you are funny, biotch.

    Please don’t leave us now. Jon Stewart can’t do it all. There is only so many times I can watch Reno 911, I need more!

    Who’s going to clown Condi? Who’ll Chide Cheney? Was this Cheney’s work, how’d they get to you or was it P.diddy with his Darth Vader empire of bad boys?

    There are so many funny sketches left undone, so many hookup historical moments left untold so much mud butt left unflushed.

    Where’s Charlie going to get work?

    What about poor little Neil?

    The guy that does Ashy Larry, he’s typecast now, all the roles he’ll be able to land are Nivea commercials.

    My brother in law broke our couch laughing at your show and no one even noticed we were laughing so hard.

    If you decide to stop the show, I respect that, but we’ll miss you, and we thank you for the love, the memories, the broken couches and not being able to breathe from laughing so hard during the show.

    I know my letter may not reach you, but with that sumb itch shrub in the casa de blanco, we need you to resume your place in history as the man that exposed the truth and puppet genitalia for all the world to see and made a difference in the lives of ordinary people like us.

  • Poop
  • Any body read the article in CNN check the link out. That’s insane… if the white man has so much then why does he got more than me??? I love his comedy but know i dispise him personally.

  • YO DAVE R U REALLY MUSLIM ????????????????????????

  • Kye

    dave chappelle is awesome his even big down under(Australia) so he better come back.