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Where in the World Did Devon Sawa and Billy Gilman Go?

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I have recently been thinking about my younger years and the celebrities I idolized like the current young girls idolize Zak Efron. My Zak Efron was Devon Sawa. Some might remember him from Little Giants, Casper, or Twister. Every time he smiled my heart melted and I knew I was going to marry him one day.

I remember watching Little Giants over and over just so I could see the beautiful Devon Sawa play football.  Just last week I was flipping through the channels and happened to run across one of the networks playing Halloween movies. Luckily, Casper was on. I love when Casper is a real boy.

Back in my younger days I could have sworn Devon Sawa would be taking the same path as Leonardo DiCaprio, but I just can't seem to find him anywhere. Sure, I’ve searched for him online, but he hasn’t acted in anything in the last few years.

This leads me straight to my next question. Where in the world is Billy Gilman? Some of you may know him as the young country star who sang the touching song, “One Voice.” Secretly, I was a fan. I would never let anyone know, though – especially my little sister, who has every single one of his CD's. That little 12 year-old boy had the voice of an angel, and my little sister loved singing his songs because their voices were in the same range.

I searched for him online too, and it turns out he has recently released a few CD’s, none of which I’d heard of.

I just need to know where these two iconic young boys have gone and why they have not been around to make their mark in the 2000's. I understand that not every teen idol can be as big as Leo. I guess I’m a little disappointed, because these two young stars started out huge, but then faded out.  If you had asked me ten years ago who I thought would be the next big things, it would have been these two boys, who are now men.

I still have hope for Devon Sawa and Billy Gilman. Maybe in the next ten years Devon Sawa will have a number one movie at the box office, Billy Gilman will have a number one Country album, and as for me, I will be Mrs. Sawa.

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  • Sue Meek

    Billy Gilman is alive and well and still pursuing a career in Country Music! He’s actually writing his own songs now, and my daughter attended his songwriter’s night in Nashville in September. He is very active in MDA and co-hosts the Labor Day telethon each year with Jerry Lewis. You can check out his Myspace for details about a live show next Friday, November 13 in Illinois. His (most active) online fan club is Billygilmanfans.com. We hope Billy can make it again — he’s such a rare talent. Blogs like this can only help (I found out about it because I subscribe to Google news – anything than mentions Billy Gilman ;))!

  • Billy’s Fan

    Billy has been in a vocal rest due to the voice change. Right now, he is back!

  • brad

    Devon has a twitter now and has a new movie coming out called Endure with Judd Nelson. And for the record, he wasn’t in Twister, he was in a TV movie called Night of the Twisters. I hope he makes a successful comeback, good article!

  • Thanks for the comments. I am glad there are Billy Gilman and Devon Sawa fans still out there.

    Sue, I would love to learn more about Billy’s songwriters night. My little sister would love to attend it next time. Do you have anymore info on it? [Personal contact info deleted]

  • I love Devon Sawa too!!!!

  • jeff

    billy didnt fade out!!!! do u remember his Let Me Remind You again?? and go to youtube, billy’s twitter statement. I love it! but he is very fat so dont be too surprised.