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Where Have All the Positive Leaders Gone?

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America is known as "the land of the free and the home of the brave." We earned this distinction because ordinary citizens put their lives on the line and fought, side by side with complete strangers, to form a completely new and liberated country. They cast aside their vast differences, their daily struggles to make a living, and their overall fears to band together, and through their courage and passion, not only started this great country of ours, but set a precedent for the rest of us to follow to keep this country great.

In tough times, throughout history, whether in a depression, war, or excessive weather conditions like a drought, we have persevered by joining together. We also had the help and support of positive, ingenious leaders to turn to. Yet, while we have mostly followed along the path courageously set by our founding fathers and the early settlers, it appears that, in these recent tough economic times, we have strayed off course. Instead of coming together with our fellow neighbors and strangers to help lead ourselves out of these economic doldrums, it seems we have decided to turn our backs on each other, point fingers at one another, and spew a general negative foulness the likes I have not seen or heard before.  Although we can look back at a few mentors who stepped up to guide us to better times, it seems the only leaders stepping up to the plate these days are whiners and pessimists who are doing nothing but striking out with their constant complaints.  Besides the President and his aides, who are pretty much forced to remain optimistic, nobody else has anything nice to say. In bad times, it's vital and important to remain positive and have uplifting leaders to motivate us. Yet, all we hear and see on TV, radio, and Internet are put-downs and bad-mouthing.

Mired in all the complaining, there are things to be excited about.  The fact that we are trying to push for health care reform is one of those things, to me. Nobody doubts that we need it. As somebody who had cancer 19 years ago and can't get any company to cover me for the insidious disease, despite being free and clear for almost all that time, I know I need it.

Instead of joining together to change what we can for the better, our fearless leaders continue to focus on pointing out the lousy economic factors we have an extremely hard time controlling.  It makes me really wonder about the competence of many of these people who aspire to be our next commander in chief. It also makes me wonder if John F. Kennedy's view of America is really accurate or if he just made it up to garner more votes. "The American, by nature, is optimistic," he said. "He is experimental, an inventor, and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly."  I would of course have to agree with him despite the current trends. After all, the country up to this point has really proved it to be so. Thus, I will remain, as JFK stated, one of those optimistic Americans. I will ignore all the antagonistic immature crying from Fox News and from folks like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, who spew nothing but negativity.

It is ironic that many of these people are so adamant about the wayward path of our current government as they bandy about words like "wrong" and "out of touch," and worse yet, "complete failure," despite that even the economic experts are unsure as to what the best policies and actions our federal government should take (if any).

I think the most refreshing statements I have read of late are the ones Franklin Delano Roosevelt said at different intervals during his presidency, back in the Great Depression:

In our seeking of economic and political progress, we all go up or we all go down. Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men. One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at the moment..If it doesn't turn out right, we can modify it as we go along.

Not only are those comments refreshingly honest, they are accurate! We have no clue what the best economic policies and actions are to take, except of course for some conservatives who seem to think they have all the answers. They fire off catch phrases and criticism without offering any solutions.

The leaders we should all be looking to for guidance and support are not those who are constantly pessimistic and pointing out potential failures after the fact, but those who stand up to fight side by side with liberals and conservatives in a positive manner.  If we elect leaders who continue to placate and pander to their own left or right base, we will continue to be a divided nation. And that simply means we will continue to remain in an economic stagnant state of flux, since, as has been stated, we all rise together or fall together.


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  • If you had been reading my recent Blogcritic posts on this topic, you would know that like you I also need health care to be reformed. However, that which is being delivered is a sorry excuse for that reform. The need IS great, as you pose, but it is NOT being met – and all the talk about “fixing it later” will prove to be just that. You can thank the Supreme Corporate Court for that little sabot in the works!

  • Clavos

    The energy consumption by some people in this country is obnoxious.

    I’ll say. Al Gore’s mansion being THE prime example.

    Physician, heal thyself!

  • Of course, George Will would say that I’m just jealous and I am!

  • “He has always been a giver.”

    I’d like to give him some advice, “Turn the lights off when you leave the room.” The energy consumption by some people in this country is obnoxious.

  • Boeke

    “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    Well, that’s what our advertising jingle says.

  • It’s amazing to me how much I am reminded of Jim Jones and Guyana when I read comments from Romney-ites. I can’t wait for Mitt to roll out his discovery of the Golden Tablets Joseph Smith found in Upstate New York. Even Lisa Kudrow’s new genealogy show on NBC is nothing more than a subtle campaign message for the upcoming Romney Presidential bid. And you people are too blind to see that which is right in front of you.

  • “Name the opportunity please.”

    switching his positions on issues when politically expedient

    Why don’t you study the facts?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jesus, JonH. Are you running Romney’s campaign?

    “He has always been a giver.”

    Aw. How sweet.

  • JonH

    Mitt Romney is an opportunist????? Name the opportunity please. The man has been a volunteer his whole life, like his parents.after working 60 plus hour weeks at Bain, he’d serve at his church and community for another 20-30 hours in the same week. He has always been a giver. With his extraordinary problem solving skills his wife and close friends have tilted him towards serving in politics.Why don’t people study the facts? Why is it that they really believe the liberal MSM blather as fact? He spent $65 million last election cycle. Who in his right mind would want to inflict their own lives to ignorant critics, bigots, and liars a second time much less a first time?

    Get real!

  • Baronius,

    You are right there are positives on the right and negatives on the left. We only see in black and white in this country and that is just one of the things that holds us all back.
    I know there were positive things about Reagan, however I think that he was also manipulated by the neocons, and they had another agenda.

  • Yes they do usually place their money in blind trust. And “no longer affiliated” convinces me of nothing.

    Staples IS a publicly traded company and perhaps Bain owns only 5%. But 5% of $25 billion ain’t small change, is it?

    I am researching earmarks over the next few days and plan a report next week which I hope will give some support to my claims.

  • Baronius

    – Romney is no longer affiliated with Bain. I can’t find anything about his financial holdings, but typically when a person runs for office he puts his money into a blind trust.

    – Staples is a publicly-traded company. I can’t find any evidence that Bain owns more than 5% of Staples.

    – I find nothing indicating that Staples has ever received earmarked money.

    Please provide support for your claims.

  • It has nothing to do with the Federal bailout, Baronius. There are many companies which are “too big to fail” who have not received a dime in bailout money but have received millions in earmarks. We’re just too uninformed to grasp that simple reality.

    My position here is simple. We do NOT need a redistribution of wealth to protect our capitalist, free market society. What we need is decentralization of wealth. Companies should not be allowed to grow so large that their demise would have a huge negative impact on the economy.

    Bain Capital invests in a whole host of companies. Without their funding some of the biggest names in the market today would never have succeeded. But at what price?

    Their portfolio includes:

    El Dorado Marketing
    Bright Horizons
    Liberty Dialysis

    That’s just a handful. I’m all for venture capital in this society. Again, this is about decentralization of wealth and influence.

    And what’s the basis for the statement that Romney doesn’t care about America?

    My basis is completely dependent on my perception of his performance as Governor. Outside the Commonwealth, Mitt Romney is perceived as being some great Governor. The truth is he only served ONE term and throughout that four years all he did was position himself for the national stage. His Lieutenant Governor did the grunt work. His “care” for America is manifested in his holdings.

  • Baronius

    What do you mean that Bain Capital is “too big to fail”? Are you implying that it received bailout money? I could find no evidence of that online.

    And what’s the basis for the statement that Romney doesn’t care about America?

  • Mitt Romney is an opportunist. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about America except for making certain that American consumers buy the products produced by Romney-owned companies. His idea of a great America is a Burger King on every corner and a Whopper on very plate. His stewardship of Bain Capital and their influence on the American economy is enough to just say NO to Mitt Romney. Do you think a good looking, physically astounding man such as Mitt Romney eats at Burger King or Dominos Pizza? — I’d doubt it.

    Governor Romney’s company has its financial tentacles into every segment of our society. Too big to fail? You betcha! While he was Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts he spent the majority of his time on the taxpayer’s dime planning his quest for the Presidency. Oh, I know, he’s a hero. He didn’t take a salary. Why should he? He spent less time in the State House during his entire four years in office than Deval Patrick did in the first 90 days. Of course, no one on Beacon Hill is courageous enough to bring that fact out.

    I would rather have 4 more years of George W. Bush.

  • JonH

    Darn right you ignore Mitt Romney. He’s positive about all the good America has done as the most giving nation on earth EVER!! He’s tired of the Obama negativity and fool apologizing for our sincere efforts to do right and to do good. Mitt Romney IS positive on America!

    You’re a GOOFBALL!

  • Baronius

    Bizarro – You talk about all of us pulling together. But look at your list of optimists and pessimists:

    + Obama
    + Obama’s staff
    + JFK
    + FDR
    – Fox News
    – Romney
    – Palin

    Could you not think of one positive conservative, or one negative liberal? Scott Brown and Mike Huckabee are positive guys on the right; Chris Matthews and John Kerry are negative guys on the left. Historically, there was no more optimistic president than Reagan.

    As for conservatives never offering solutions, the health care summit revealed that to be a myth, but you could choose any topic and find ideas on both sides of the aisle.