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When Will All Of This Terrorism End?

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Five years ago yesterday a horrible thing happened to America. We were terrorized. Osama Bin Laden claims (and it is the general consensus as we are told by our officials)  that he organized attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center which killed approximately 3000 people. This act changed the direction of our nation's government from dealing with long-standing needs, such as health care, tax reform, and the increasing disparity of incomes which will eventually eliminate the middle class entirely, to dedicating all of our resources to fighting the war on "terror".

Our leaders act as though "terrorism" is a word they created and they don't hesitate to use it whenever a diversion is needed. This particular time is a legitimate opportunity for the nation to commemorate the tragic losses of that day but today is 9/12 and time to get back to work as usual.

No more chanting, "They're terrorizing us because they hate our freedom!" (Just what exactly does that mean?) "We must fight "terrorism" at every turn." "We must fight these terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here". That's gotten stale. If we don't want to be terrorized we won't be — just simply ignore people who would distract and "terrorize" you at every turn. Go to work, travel, have fun, live your life. Ignore the doom and gloom of this administration. Fighting terrorism is the government's job and they supposedly work for us. Imagine yourself at work with several tasks needing to be addressed. Now imagine that instead of doing your job you were fixated on the toner in the fax machine because it may run out any day now. Do you think that your boss would accept that flimsy excuse for not having gotten any work done that day? It's not likely.

We now have a color-coded terror alert to keep us on our toes and it seems that every time Bush's ratings begin to wane, which is getting more and more often, the color goes up a notch. Almost every week we're coming up with a new substance or article banned from flight. We are reminded every day how much danger we would be in if Bush were not in office. Bush has dedicated his entire administration to "fighting the war on terror" and neglected all else.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition terrorism is "the systematic use of terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve an end." Would this not mean then that we, the prople, are being terrorized? After all, there is no one else making us more afraid than the government who reminds us constantly how much danger we are in and how much we need them to protect us.

Has any other foriegn entity actually committed or attempted to commit an attack of terror on the United States in the past five years? The answer is categorically no. Is this a result of tighter security measures being implemented at our airports and public buildings? I'm sure it has some minor impact but the fact is it's been shown time and again that specific banned items have been succesfully carried on board planes. Is this because we have faulty security systems? I don't think so. I believe that dangerous articles, often times quite innocuous, are impossible to detect 100% of the time, so it's safe to say that if someone wanted to attack us, whether in the air or in our country, it could have been accomplished many times over.

If you agree with this so far, than it should be easy to deduce that no one has even attempted an attack on America in the past five years. So, are we succesfully fighting a war on terror? It appears that the only terror in America is "the systematic use of terror, violence, and intimidation" being used by our leaders on us.

Why, you should ask, to what end is the government committing such a deceptive act on its own people? That answer is very obvious. In the first nine months of the Bush administration, our president could be found most of the time on his ranch in Texas, clearing the brush and playing with his dogs or making his pals rich. He had absolutely no idea as to what duties his position demanded. The events on 9/11 were his "manna from heaven", so to speak. He immediately (after the initial confounded horror wore off and he recognized the potential of the events) hopped over to New York, pulled on his 'fireman' jacket, grabbed a bullhorn and threw his arm over a fire chief's shoulder (I believe the fireman was there for Bush to pull in front of him if things were thrown or shots fired) and began his long journey of photo ops and his "War on Terror".

Had 9/11 never happened, I believe it's safe to say that Bush would have never won another election for anything in his life. He had no plan; he believed, as he obviously still does, that as president, he answered to no one. He could do anything that he wanted, he was above it all, "top of the world, Ma", even above his own position as president. He could make up new laws, throw tons of money to his cronies, even invade a few countries he didn't like. (Saddam tried to kill my Daddy!)

It never occurred to him that sooner or later someone would question his actions, that even fellow Republicans weren't hanging on that evangelical limb mixing the law with their own religious morals and would eventually distance themselves from him. That's fine though, he would survive, he was on a mission from God. He confused blind luck with divine intervention, seeing that whenever he was at his worst God would throw a lightning bolt from heavan to distract his detractors.

Yeaterday, as we mourned the five year anniversary of the attack on 9/11 it should be noted that the only terror occurring in America is on our streets in the form of drive-by shootings, car-jackings, robberies, rapes, etc. We should not turn our backs on danger but we can't walk around spinning in circles, afraid that an attack may occur from any direction.

We are each responsible for our own safety. We should speak out and tell the government that we have a police force to provide for our safety on a local level, and would prefer that they direct their attention to other matters which we cannot control and which is what we elected them to do. We did not elect Texas Rangers or military combatants to protect us 24/7; we need our communities mainained, our schools and teachers held up to higher standards, our local economies adressed — these are the jobs of our politicians. Protecting us is a job for our police.

We are facing, as we always have, death, disease, attack, every day of our lives. Now, if you want to call that terrorism and let this administration terrorize you into submission, that's all well and good. Like a bully in a school yard, as soon as they see that you have been terrorized, they own you. Stand up for yourself. Make the government accountable for what they were elected for and do not elect anyone whose platform is terrorism — that's like walking up to the bully and saying "hit me." Now, that wouldn't be a smart thing to do, would it?

The terrorism will only end when we stop allowing the government to frighten and distract us.

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  • Baronius

    Homeland Security puts the current threat level at Yellow. I guess Bush’s popularity must be up.

    Almost every week there is some new substance banned from airplanes? It has happened twice in five years.

    The administration has neglected everything but terrorism, education reform, taxes, trade agreements, medicare, stem cell research, the international space station, environmental regulation…

  • Lumpy

    Isn’t this article inherently terroristic for telling us we should fear our elected leaders?

  • You’re right Pete, we were taken to war because it was easier than admit failure on all domestic fronts.

    The Republincan “No child left behind” is a joke and is bankrupting local school districts because congress mandated the “idea” but not how to fund it.

    The Repbulican tax reform benefits the rich now but the middle and lower class a few years down the road.

    The Republican trade agreements that have shipped record numbers of jobs out of the country and have reduced our auto industry to “also ran” status behind the Japanese and Koreans.

    A Republican medicare program that senior citizens need a lawyer to understand and have them begging for more time, and then realizing that a lot of the prescriptions they could get before are now out of their financial reach and having to decide whether to buy uncovered pills or groceries.

    A Religious Right cap on stemcell research that is being funded in large part by private industry and individual states in defiance of the Bush Administration who hamstringed it by limiting it to only a few useless and contaminated strands that they knew were useless.
    Now any breakthroughs in stemcell research will be copywrited by private companies that discovered them and then leased out by the pharmaceutical companies that got Bush and the republican congress elected.

    An international space station that’s not really international unless you’re referring to it’s name, and is only now being worked on after years of neglect because Bush wants his name on the moon base.

    and of course

    Invironmental regulations with loopholes that any company can drive a hazardous waste truck through with room to spare.

    Face it this congress and this president are useless.

    Thanks for letting me rant

  • Clavos

    The Republican trade agreements that have shipped record numbers of jobs out of the country and have reduced our auto industry to “also ran” status behind the Japanese and Koreans.

    The Republicans didn’t do that; the carmakers did it to themselves. Their problems started back in the sixties.

    They lost quality control, they didn’t pay attention to market trends, and they didn’t control their costs, among many other screwups.

    The Japs saw an opportunity and jumped on it, very successfully.

    Only recently have the American carmakers begun to build better cars. They still aren’t watching the market, though–they keep cranking out SUVs they can’t even give away these days. GM’s stock is at an historical low, Chrysler is now owned by the Germans, and Ford is sinking fast.

    It’s bad management, not bad politics.

  • Nancy

    Clavos, you’re dead on in that estimate: the US carmakers did it to themselves. They’ve been trying to dictate to the American public for a century now what we should be wanting & buying. In their arrogance, they became comfortable with the idea of captive US consumers. And even today they STILL don’t get it. To add insult to injury, they deliberately designed cars so that the consumer would have to ante up to buy a new one approximately every 2-3 years, and so that as they aged, they would become increasingly more difficult & expensive to fix, because the same automakers who designed their cars to become obsolete within a few years, also designed the parts to become obsolete, and stopped manufacturing them. The quality of the cars also became increasingly shoddy, as increasingly shoddy materials were used. In fact, even now automakers scream bloody murder and drag their feet when additional safety or fuel efficiency is proposed – not mandated, mind you, just proposed. And on & on. In all this time, and after near-bankruptcy, the stupid bastards at the top still haven’t learned a damned thing! They STILL insist on trying to sell gas-guzzling junk that nobody wants, and they still resist at every turn any efforts to get them to improve their product.

    Now the automakers are paying for their shoddyness & dishonesty. Unfortunately, so are all those who worked for them, and the rest of us as well.

    As for Bush, he has repeatedly proven himself a coward, a liar, a fraud, an incompetent, a thief, and a traitor to the people of the US. He deserves the same fate as the Rosenbergs.

  • dee

    I agree. This country has to stop being so scared. Too many pussies here. This war on terror, islamic fascism, whatever the f&ck you want to call it is a joke. I was never scared, even after 9/11, I’m still not scared now. If we were really fighting a war on terror we would be concentrating on Osama and not be in Iraq. Despite was the king tells us, Iraq had/has nothing to do with the so called war on terror. People here are so quick to give up their rights, here spy on me, go through my financials, give the government more power, more control over your life, not me. These are things sacred to me and things worth dying to keep. Even if its fighting my own government whose become more and more terrorist like since we were attacked. Bush is a terrible person for scaring people unneedlessly and for sh*tting on our constitution and for attempting to justify torture. He is as much a terrorist as the people he labels. I am more scared of my government becoming too involved in my life than of any future terrorist attack that may or may not occurr. If the war on terror was serious, we wouldn’t be fighting it militarily, it cannot be won this way because all you do is create more extremists when you kill their mom, dad or child. The American revolution and Germany in WWII is proof of this. To win the war on terror you need to do it with espionage not with conventional military aggression. We need to leave Iraq now, it couldn’t possibly get any worse, they are fighting a civil war to see which tribe will retain power and we cannot possibly help in any further way. Let’s face it we cannot completely win a war on terror. All this bulls*it war has done is to chip away at civil liberties for people the government deems less important, to settle a score with a old enemy, to use up some of our military equipment which accounts for 1/2 of the entire world’s military spending, to give away contracts to businesses that the current administration favors, and to attempt to get some revenge on a group of people whose culture is unfavorable to our interests and because those who attacked us on 9/11 are dead therefore seeking revenge on them is not possible and all at the expense of thousands of lives, Americans and Muslims alike. Wake up. Don’t be scared. Don’t give up your freedom for this.

  • Arch Conservative

    Our leaders act as though “terrorism” is a word they created and they don’t hesitate to use it whenever a diversion is needed.

    Sort of like when the left uses “racism” “bigotry” and other such baseless epitets to create diversions that show they’re on the wrong side of the issue.

    I gotcha.

    Oh and Dee would it be too much to ask you to use paragraphs when posting. i mean everything you post is absolute horseshit but at least if you used paragraphs it would be organized horseshit.

  • Thanks Jet,
    No Lumpy, I didn’t say that we should fear our leaders, I am saying that we should beware any one who has power over us and has obvious vested interests in anything other that their constituents, that means all of the people, not only their base or whoever they think will keep them in office.

    I’m not by nature a cynic but when it becomes obvious that a person or party is beholding to a small group or their own interests over the good of the nation they should be watched closely. That’s only good business sense.

    Nancy, your absolutely right on the automakers, planned obsolescence has been the standard for American auto makers for years but now American made cars are ‘throwaways’, like disposable lighters. Even body parts are being manufactured by ‘offshore’ manufacturers who are being sold the ‘old’ molds to private manufacturers who sell thr parts at half the cost. Again it’s the case of being a tightly budgeted operation cutting corners at every end, including labor where it can, sometimes going so far as to juggle numbers to fit quotas. It would never occur to them that the largest waste of money in their companies is themselves, the CEOs.

    And Arch, you did it again, man, you got me.
    Except I’m not antwhere near the left but somehow I don’t find it offesive if someone calls me a leftist. I guess I just don’t get my feelings hurt that easily.
    By the way, should I call the ACLU and the NAACP and tell them we don’t need them any more since racism and bigotry are only ‘baseless epitets’ now?

  • The point of this article is not to piss people off or place blame, even though I did hit some areas where I had to use examples. If the shoe fits..

    After our first terror attack we fought directly with our enemy for five years. We ended the war succinctly when it was decided too many lives were being lost and so many more would be if the war was allowed to continue.

    Unlike the WTC and Pentagon, Pearl Harbor was a direct act of terrorism perpetrated on the United States by a nation who had what they perceived as grounds for war over embargos on imports placed by the U.S. and her allies. The act began a war which Japan obviously thought they could win and by a show of force have embargos removed. When the time came that there was no end in sight America took drastic means to end the conflict. It took real deciseveness to make the call, for many reasons. Not only the moral dilemna but the factors unknown.

    This was very much unlike the purposes of 9/11 in that their was no other plan for the attacks except to demonstrate that they “hated our freedom”. It was not an attack from a nation but from a faction of religious zealots who have lost their minds. And very much like the war with Japan we should have immediately served up Osama Bin Ladin’s head to the Islamic freeks at any cost. I cannot be convinced that with all of intelligence, spy planes, and satellites that we couldnt have picked him off of the Afghanistan desert by Sept 12.

    For this reason, my belief is that this country is using Bin Ladin as a ploy, to be used as a distraction. As long as he is a commodity as a free man we must “hunt down terror at every turn”.
    When the time is right and he becomes the ‘ace in the hole’ he will be produced.

    For anyone who says that the desert is a big place, he could be anywhere, that’s why we’ll never find him (until, mark my words,he is the last resort)always remember that Saddam was found in a tiny village, in a small hut, under a piece of rug, in a very small hole. C’mon, if we could find him there we surely can find a man who would never commit himself to a hole in the ground.

    Above all of this is the reason we must not allow terrorism into our lives. If our government can’t control it to the point where that’s all they talk about then why should we worry? Do not let anyone tell you to be afraid. Ask, afraid of what? Be realistic, if you can not control something then worry is a debilitating emotion. It will consume you, distract you, take pleasure from and make your existence miserable. Face it, we are all going to die, that’ a promise. Will you worry about it every day and be miserable or forget about it?

    The last terrorist attack of this proportion happened in 1941 and ended in 1946. I wasn’t there for it but I’ll bet that when WWII ended there was no fear in America.

    When are we going to make this end, or do we just allow ourselves to be manipulated by the only people who can save us by “fighting them over there”?

  • I have been rading all the comments and reached to the conclusion that you all may read this blog post.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’ll just head back nearly three years and pass along your message, Ken. 😉