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When The Web Sucks

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For nearly two hours I sat with a piece written and spell-checked and sitting in Zempt, waiting to be posted. I checked every few minutes – nothing. It seems that a site that is hosted on the same server that serves up Blogcritics.org was linked to from Fark.com, and the resulting flood of traffic knocked the entire server for a loop. No Blogcritics.org. No comments. No posting. Nothing.

Nearly two hours! Argh!

By the way, since you can read this, it’s back now.

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  • Eric Olsen

    P, wasn’t a link from Fark, an attack from someone connected to Fark shut down half their operation, then when it was coming back up the server crashed.

  • The Theory

    “Since you can read this, it’s back now”

    are you sure!?

  • Interesting – that wasn’t what their server status page said, but it does make more sense. I wonder why they didn’t post the true cause of the outage…