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When Prince Knocks on Your Door…

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I would be pretty happy if I was sitting at home, heard the doorbell ring, and found a celebrity standing there. Sure, some would be better than others. But heck, I’d settle for one of those football players shoving beefy soup in my face. Mmmm. Soup.

Apperently one Jewish couple opened the door one day to find Prince (or, the artist formerly known as Prince, if you prefer that mouthful) standing there.

A Minneapolis couple said the singer, who is now a committed Jehovah’s Witness, stopped at their home recently and tried to convert them from their Jewish faith.

They said that when they told the “Purple Rain” singer that they weren’t interested, he asked: “Can I just finish?”

The couple told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Prince, 45, then left in a car, accompanied by a woman they believed to be his wife, Manuela Testolini.

Prince’s lawyer, Londell Macmillan, said the star was “very committed” to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I sure would let him finish. I mean, it’s not every day the Prince stops by for a chat. I might even join up if he offered me several autographed copies of his cd.

Article from azcentral.com. Link found at Relevant Magazine.

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  • Eric Olsen

    I’d hear the munchkin out too! And he’s back to being Prince.

  • The Theory

    yeah, i gathered that from the article… i just love the flow and hilarity of “the artist formerly known as prince”

  • JR

    NOBODY who comes to my door unsolicited has a right to “finish”. Proselytizing is just rude. Prince would be better advised to go back to the studio and “finish” another album.

  • And you would be within your rights, JR. I’d find it highly entertaining, myself. Plus, maybe you could prevail upon him to sing “The Cross” or some such appropriately religious song from his catalogue. Private concert!

  • The Theory

    exactly Al. No one here is saying you shouldn’t turn away unsolicited sales visitors.

  • Oh, I’d just LOVE to have an occasional “unsolicited sales visitor” show up on the farm- we’d save a ton of money on dog food.

  • Didn’t Prince once say, just before singing ‘the cross’ song, “Someone lied about the way Someone died!” while moving his hands from horizontal positions to both hands reaching a vertical upright position. Note JW’s believe Jesus died on an upright pole,or a torture stake, and not on a cross.