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When Parents Hit Their Children

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I think it’s terrible whenever parents hit their children. You always hear these horrible stories about parents taking off their belt and hitting their kid with it. I think that’s just terrible. But, I think the best way for a kid to avoid this… is by getting their parents pants that fit.

“YOU DIDN’T CLEAN YOUR ROOM AGAIN TIMMY!! THAT’S IT! YOU’RE GONNA GET IT NOW!!! ….oh ….wait a second ….my pants fit ….I don’t have a belt ….I guess you’re off the hook this time.”

I think I want to be a comedian.

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  • shakura

    parents is very bad hiurting theire kids.
    only if they doing something bad.
    i dont like that.
    or i say run away from home.

  • ed

    that was the dumbest joke in the world! you know that embarrassed feeling you get for other people when they do or say something ridiculous and it’s always ten times worse than self embarrassment? well i have that feeling right now!

  • That’s interesting. So really the moral of the story is thank god we don’t hold our pants up with a knife.

  • Chris Kent

    In my neck of the woods, we don’t wear no belts. We wear suspenders and have ben doin so for bout 100 years. I remember many a whipping with suspenders and am proud to carry on this family tradition.

  • Any comparison to anyone funny I’ll take as a good thing.

  • You’re getting better. The style of the joke is really familiar — I’m not sure which comedian I’m thinking of. But I suppose that’s a good thing.

  • but isn’t the point of a belt a pretty accessory that breaks the monotony between the top and the pants? you mean they actually have a real function? go-lly.

  • That’s pretty funny. But the humor is dampened somewhat by the fact that even people who wear pants that fit tend to wear belts (at least when they tuck their shirts in).

    It’s a style thing. I don’t really understand it myself.

    And neckties? No idea what the point is…