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When Man’s Best Friend Social Networks Better than You Do

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On November 16, 2009, I set up a Facebook page for my Boston terrier, Princess Grace. Before social networking, we called her “Grace.” It was after her launch on Facebook that we learned from the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue – where we adopted her – that her given name is “Princess” Grace. The things you learn on the Internet!

I use her page to push orphaned Boston terriers onto the forefront of other like-minded adopters who may want a cuddly, low-maintenance, strangely ugly but totally faithful dog that may or may not wrap up like a canine burrito before taking a snooze. This is our Grace, and all these characteristics are common among Boston terriers.

I’m a convert when it comes to dog lovers choosing adoption over buying a cute little puppy from the pet store or breeder. In addition to older dogs, there are puppies waiting to be rescued, and rescues for every breed, so why go the route of puppy mill? So many dogs are given up these days, due to a weak economy, family break ups, etc. At any time, there can be upwards of 100 available Boston terriers up for adoption, and that’s in Michigan alone.

Needing a forum to post as my dog, I gave Grace her own page. I haven’t had a chance to Dog Blog as much as I’d like to, what with Real Life in the way.

I don’t visit Grace’s page very often, just enough to post a few Boston terrier related links and to approve friend requests. (I’m trying to stay away from Facebook as much as possible and not doing a good job.) There are plenty of other time vacuums to contend with. Of course, Grace has some of my friends as friends, although for some odd reason my kids have chosen not to follow her. Grace is non-controversial, so she’s cordial with everyone.

In fact, Grace has now more Facebook friends than I do. (As an aside, last week I mentioned on my own Facebook page that my dog had more friends than I did, to which one of them remarked that she thought Grace was my mother-in-law and out to stalk me. Heh… I almost fell out of my chair.) The strange and wonderful thing is that most of her friends are fellow Boston terriers, with a few French bulldogs, mixed Shi-tzus, a chihuahua, and other four-legged creatures in the mix. No kidding! Who would have thought there would be so many Boston terriers with Facebook pages? I like the idea of man’s best friends having their own online place to frolic. Why not?

Grace does an infinitely better job of making and keeping friends than I do. Remember, she is laid back and I’m… well, I was named after a typhoon, so what does that tell you? Grace has friends all over the globe. In fact, besides the American Bostons (they were here first, remember?), many of her people are in France, some in Argentina and Columbia. She has friends in Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nova Scotia, Italy, the UK, Japan, Portugal, Sweden and Germany, and that’s just the Boston terriers.

I wonder what would happen if I were to announce a world tour with Grace at my side? Would Grace’s worldwide network of Boston terriers put us up for the night? I would certainly extend the invitation. Every Boston is a good Boston.

Especially if they’re on Facebook.

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  • Hi Joanne!

    You don’t know animal social networking until you meet the Twitter animal – aka anipal community, thousands strong!

    We finally started our own online newspaper by and for anipals: The Anipal Times. We’re all volunteers and it’s all for fun and charity.

    Have Princess Grace check it out. I think she’ll like it!

    Cokie the Cat
    The Anipal Times

    Rescued from the Burbank Animal Shelter 3/14/95.

  • Clarence

    What a coincidence to come across your article today. I just got back from a shopping mall where the SPCA were having a campaign for people to adopt a pet (dogs and cats). As I looked through what was available, I noticed some really adorable dogs (I’m a dog lover), with full info and already neutered. I think adopting a pet is certainly more economical than buying one from the pet store. Usually pet stores sell them at a high price and they do not come neutered. So if you’re not fussy about the breed and all you want is some canine (or feline) company, adopt a pet.

  • Got my boys a BT when the kids were little and they grew up together. Very loyal!

  • Mark

    (Please excuse the totally off topic comment —

    Joanne, on another thread Ruvy told me that you could use a kind word re: putting together a jewelry smithy. As I’m sure that you have tapped into the resources available online, a kind word is probably all that you need. If you have any questions, let me know, and I’ll be glad to assist if I can.)

  • Grace’s papers must have been lost in the adoption process, but I know she’s a Boston through and through.

    PS. I got the cat from a shelter too. But he’s too aloof for social networking.

  • Great artice. I started a facebook page for my cat…Audi. I tell people he is really smart for he’s on the computer all day. I agree about adopting, my 4 cats are all saved from the street!

  • Very funny stuff, Joanne.

    As far as I know, when girl dogs have “papers” they are called Princess. I have heard this from other people because I have gotten all my dogs from shelters.