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When Lemons and Practical Jokes Go Bad…Trust in The Blogosphere.

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The first person to comment on my blog was someone going by Citricritic AKA Citrus. He…for I found out it was a he (maybe)… commented on my first post, a picture of one off my tattoos. He said it looked like Cave of Lascaux It was an intelligent comment, and since it appeared within 5 minutes of my blog’s existence made me think traffic was going to be a cinch.

I quickly became a fan of Citrus’s blog…with its bright lemony colors and literate writing. I checked in daily to see if the posting would be absurd or serious…light or dark. I did notice that there was a notice that the blog contained fiction. So much of what he wrote seemed serious, but yeah, the notice said to take it all with a grain of salt.

Several days ago Citrus posted that he had to leave the country for Canada… immediately and something about the Republicans being after him. He compared them to Nazis. He said some goodbyes, said we would never hear from him again, and that he andHugo (his lover) were making a break for freedom.

Puzzling. My BS meter began to ring in the distance but at this point I was willing to accept that my “good” friend Citrus might just be paranoid. (Or even, it’s not paranoia if people are really out to get you.)

Well, it wasn’t the last time we (the bloggers in his circle) heard from him. He began to leave messages around with codes where the owner was supposed to get it was him. And he began to post again to his blog. After the Republican message he’d stripped his archives and blogroll, but now the blogroll was back.

The posts were about his desperate bid to leave the country (with 10,000) strapped to his body, his plan to marry a lesbian in Canada for citizenship, and his flight from airline security…

We also began to hear from Hugo. Suddenly the plan was to go to Iceland… Then it got strange. ::grin::

In our circle the people tended to fall into three camps…the Citrus is One Funny Mo’fo camp, the Getting it Was a Joke–but Really Pissed Camp, and the thinking it was a Scam-For-Money Camp.

Well, Citrus has resurfaced semi-repentant. He gets that he hurt some people and claims he was just trying to have an interactive adventure with his readers. Most people are forgiving…not all. One of the items of concention is that someone noticed he has ALWAYS been in Canada. He points out the notice that claims the site is fiction, and has apologized to those that did not see it, and who he (inadvertantly?) hurt.

For what it’s worth: I believe him. I believe he was just kidding, and expected people to get the joke. I think that — other than the first entry in the drama — it was clearly a farce and that no reasonable person would expect that story to be believed. Since Citrus always seemed intelligent, I have to believe he would know his story was unbelievable, and that he expected others to play along.

The only thing that bothered me is all the dead links to his entries and the fact that that he got rid of some damned fine writing in order to pull of the scam. He said they were just words and he could come up with more, but they were good words. I’ll miss those words.

On the other hand, I think we’ve all experienced jokes where we felt more betrayed or angry than amused.

I was once at a cook-out where the neighbors were debuting their infant son. The proud father walked in the backyard with a baby carrier…and stumbled! Everyone in that yard leapt whether they had a chance to get there in time or not. What hit the ground was not an infant, but a doll! Proud papa was lucky to get out of that yard alive. He screwed with the natural protective instinct — be it maternal or paternal — of everyone there. While everyone pretended to get over it, the air was pretty thick that whole night.

I ask, are there things which trigger to many feelings of betrayal or fear to actually be funny? Could Citrus have done this in a way where fewer feelings were hurt? Was Citrus wrong? Were people too sensitive? Can Lemon and Human live in peace?

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  • Jokes have a way of backfiring. My sister once pulled a real sick one on me and I remained mad with her for two whole days till I came around and forgave her but till this day I don’t find humor in it.

    BTW, I love the deer 🙂

  • The worst joke anyone played on me was right after my dog, Paddington, died.

    I worked at an animal shelter and there was no time to heal over the loss. Working at a busy shelter is a steady barrage of seeing animals in pain and animals dying… In fact, my husband and I had him put to sleep at the shelter on my lunchbreak.

    A few weeks after he died I brought in another one of my dogs to be seen at the clinic portion. It was common for employees to bring their dogs to work if they had vet appointments.

    On lunch that day I told an employee that I was still sad over Paddington. I’d had issues with this guy in the past, but there was not feud at that time. Well, at least I did not think so.

    I was in the area of the building where he worked, assisting in holding a cat while someone drew blood for a feline leukemia test.

    Guy walks in the room and asks me was that my dog in the next room, and when I said “Yes,” he proceeded to tell me that she’d gotten out of her cage somehow and had been ripped apart by two Rotties. As I began to run from the room he laughed like it was hysterically funny.

    I started crying and called him an asshole. I ended up being too upset to finish out the day, and he ended up thinking I’d reported him. He went to the manager and made false claims about me…undoubtedly to cover his own ass.

    Anyhow, it was the timing of the joke that made it bad. Losing Paddington was just too new. I think when you have something bad happen you lose your safety net for a while — because that bad thing happened, you believe all bad things are possible. When he said Cindy was mauled my BS detector didn’t go off because I was still in that vulnerable place.

    I think that if I had not told him an hour or so earlier about still being sad over my dog dying I could have forgave him for making a mistake in judgement. Because I had told him that, and because he could not apologize, and because he went and lied about me, I could never respect him again.

    And if any of you watch Animal Cops: Detroit I’d be more than happy to point out which loser did this. 🙂

  • That fellow seems to fit the profile of a thick headed jackass and it was a very low thing to do considering how vulnerable you were at the time.

  • Nicolette – are you also on-camera during Animal Cops Detroit?!? I watch that program once in a while, but will turn in more frequently to see someone I “know”…

  • I was apparently seen very briefly in one episode. LOL, not worth watching to see me. I was handling Rotties.

    They filmed in a speaking capacity one time…and I ended up on the cutting room floor. I know this because they showed the case, but not “me.”