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When it’s Over-Jon Fritz

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Artist: Jon Fritz
Title: When it’s Over
Genre: Folk-Roots-Rock
Label: Independent

The music of Jon Fritz is not easy to drop into a little slot of categorization. I call it folk-roots-rock to try to keep it as simple as possible, when in reality it so much more than that. This music touches your soul. The beauty of it flows through Jon’s acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals. You feel like you have found a long lost friend when you give this CD spin, it gives you the warm and fuzzies. Those of you that like the peaceful easy feelin’ (like the Eagles) sound will put your arms around this music and embrace it.

Fritz’s lyrics are as prolific as the music he makes, and that is the reason it hits you right in the old ticker. The first five tracks have you cruising right along on a mellow ride down the highway of emotions. Tracks like “Surrender” and “Still Dreamin’” put your feelings on automatic pilot then “Bitch” kicks in, and you hear all of this anger and darkness come lashing out, it has to be one of the most shocking transitions I have ever heard on an album, then it reverts back to what you found comfort in. I have a feeling the man must have been through a tough relationship recently or a divorce and needed to exorcise some demons, that is cool with me, it just really caught me off guard. If the purpose is to keep you on your toes and paying attention, it works Jon.

Fritz is obviously a very talented performer with an innate sense of song construction in his blood. His is a natural wordsmith, quite brilliant. The music is the icing on the cake. This is the type of CD that will continue to grow on you with every listen, if it does not I suggest you check the obituaries to see if you are listed.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

February 22, 2005



Jon Fritz-vocals/guitars
Wayne Mitzen-bass

Marc Stauffer-drums/vocals

01. Surrender (4:41)
02. Still Dreamin’ (5:04)
03. May Be (3:54)
04. Somewhere In Her Eyes (4:32)
05. Sweetness (4:39)
06. Bitch (4:31)
07. Memory (4:58)
08. I Know Why (5:27)
09. Cold Hard Rain (4:33)
10. Over… (3:07)
11. (bonus) One More Day (4:35)
12. (hidden) Live Excerpt (4:16)
13. Bitch-radio edit (4:33)

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