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When good teevee gets canned

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An article from Flak Mag on the cancellation of Farscape:

“In my day job I help run a psychiatric center,” she explained. “Any random month, we’re dealing with close calls and human misery: abused kids, well-armed ex-husbands, breathtaking stupidity. If it’s a trainwreck or a meltdown, I’m one of the people who get called. At the end of the week it’s a nice reward, to be able to relax into “Farscape.” It isn’t my usual thing; it wouldn’t have caught my attention if my husband hadn’t sat me down in front of it. But those characters resonate for me, in a powerful and refreshing way. They know that friendship, decency, kindness and wit help keep you going — but so do silliness, good sex and black leather pants.”

This goes double for the cancellation of Firefly.

There’s an interesting point about how brand awareness of a teevee show, which other businesses would kill and sacrifice virgins for, is treated as a liability by the teevee industry.

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