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When Being Called “Sweetie” is a Bad Thing

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I’ve been saying it for years now.

Armageddon and the demise of Western Civilization is just around the proverbial corner, and now I have concrete proof. (For this week, anyway. Every week there’s something new to throw onto the list. Let us not forget Anna Nicole, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Brangelina, global warming and wars, natural disasters and pestilence. This, my friends, is a bonfire of epic proportions.) The entire Detroit area (and possibly the rest of the world) is abuzz with recent events involving presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

You almost have to feel sorry for the poor guy. When he’s not fighting off the reverse race baiting and wacky conspiracy theory comments by his former pastor, Reverend Wright, he’s attempting to neutralize his association with confessed former domestic terrorist, William Ayers. Mr. O has been taken to task for lifting parts of his speeches from other politicians, for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel, and for his now-unfortunate middle name. The media has been relentless in dogging this candidate. Of course, the media is quick to snap at the heels of anything that smells like a news story, even if the event is a non-story. Barack Obama is only the latest pork chop on the agenda.

The new fallout deals with a recent trip to a local Chrysler plant. Peggy Agar, reporting for local television station WXYZ, asked the candidate a simple question. It wasn’t a hard question, but never have ten words loosely strung together and their quick answer caused so much mayhem. The question? “Senator, how are you going to help the American autoworkers?” The answer? “Hold on one second, sweetie,” and then Mr. Obama promised to get back to her, which, of course, being a politician, he didn’t.

Later the same day, Mr. Obama left a two-fold apologetic voicemail to Ms. Agar. First he apologized for not answering her question, and then he apologized for calling the reporter “sweetie.” (Note to country: he still didn’t answer the question.)

I felt minor annoyance when I learned about the brouhaha. Everyone and their uncle is talking about the “sweetie” incident. Tongues are wagging all over the state. On my way to an appointment this morning, I heard a couple of radio pundits dissecting the “sweetie” exchange with as much gusto as when the Twin Towers fell. Since when is being called “sweetie” a bad thing? When did tossing about meaningless terms of endearment automatically lower a person’s standing to axe murderer or lecherous lout? I mean, for God's sake, he didn't call her the C* word, the T* word, the S* word or the L* word. All of this over “sweetie” is going way over the top.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t mind it if Barack Obama called me “sweetie.” In fact, if candidates Clinton and McCain wanted to hand me the “sweetie” moniker, I’d not only welcome it, I’d cherish it. I’d revel in it. I’d post the sound bite on my MySpace page and invite all my peeps to experience the wonderment. Someone, anyone calling me “sweetie” would be a damn good reason to break out the champagne and have a party.

You see, in my business, I’m on the phone all day long, and have long suffered a deluge of name calling from many a faceless customer. Also, I’ve been alive a long time; I’ve been called plenty of things, many of which are not acceptable in mixed company. There was a time when I might be irritated at being “Ma’am”ed by people, but I’ve since mellowed out. Believe me, I could be, and have been, called much worse.

My advice to Peggy Agar is simple. Smile. You’re in the news biz, but this is your fifteen minutes of fame. Maybe you can parlay the attention into a book deal. You know, "I Was Sweetied by Barack." Anyway, it turns out you’re not so special. It appears that Barack Obama calls everyone “sweetie.”

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  • Why anyone thinks this is an issue is utterly beyond me.


  • Arch Conservative

    Have to agree with Nalle.

    Despite my loathing for Obama this is not an issue and in no way should be used to contrue Obama as some type of sexist.

    C’mon there are plenty of other things to go afte rthis hack on.

  • I’m thinking it’s an incredibly slow news day in Detroit.

  • PJ Karolski

    If you want to know the effects of the use of that word on a professional working journalist, just look at the smirks on the faces of the men surrounding Obama, and listen to their snorts of enjoyment at the put down. That’s all you have to do. This isn’t imaginary. Look and Listen to the men around him.

  • Lumpy

    I guess they got tired of covering all the murders and gang violence.

  • Obama’s opponents must be feeling the way Democrats used to feel when trying to nail Reagan for one of his scandals. They’ve tried digging up all manner of mud, but nothing sticks…

    They must be getting pretty desperate if this is the best they can come up with now.

    …I’ve just had a horrible thought. I think I called my wife ‘babe’ last night. Alas, this means that I must therefore resign from my job and enter a monastery.

  • Diabetics hate being called Sweetie.

  • Hey, at least Barack didn’t call her “Babe.” Just for the record, he can also call me that any time he wants.

  • Cindy D

    Oh my, I call my husband sweetie every day. He might even think that’s his name. If Obama said sweetie within earshot of him, my husband would probably ask what he wanted.

    Dr.D as long as you didn’t call her Babe, right after watching the movie by the same name, you are probably safe.

  • Arch Conservative

    Would it be an issue if someone called Michelle Obama “Sweetie” on national TV?

  • Arch: in a word – no.

    How about if I called you sweetie?


  • Cindy: No, although I can see how that might be an issue…!

    I have accidentally called her by my ex-wife’s name once or twice. Now that wasn’t pretty…

  • Arch Conservative

    “Arch: in a word – no.

    How about if I called you sweetie?”

    Well would you be willing to bet a year’s salary that Michelle Obama and the Obama people wouldn’t try to make it an issue if she was called sweetie by a reporter from Fox news dreadful.

  • Yes… now.

    Who’s to say that they mightn’t have before, if Hume, O’Reilly, Cavuto or some such numbnuts hadn’t opened his cakehole and said that to her. But after this little incident – no.

    And besides, trying to turn something into an issue doesn’t make it one.

    As someone (you?) observed: must have been a slow news day yesterday.

  • Arch Conservative

    So basically you’re saying the only reason the Obama camp wouldn’t make someone calling Michelle “sweeie” an issue now is because her husband just did it but if he hadn’t and someone caleld her that they would have made it an issue? Doesn’t that seem a little hypocritical?

    All supporters of different politicians take offense when you attack their guy/gal but the Obama cult is over the top. They whine like impudent little children anytime someone says anything that could even be remotely contrued as barely negative about Obama. IE …if is said I didn’t liek Obama’s haircut I’m sure the cult members would be all over me.

    Oh and I’m sure if John Mccain’s wife had said she was never proud of this nation until her husband ran for president the Obama cultists would have told us all to leave Cindy Mccain alone becaus eit was a non-issue right dread?

  • So basically you’re saying the only reason the Obama camp wouldn’t make someone calling Michelle “sweeie” an issue now is because her husband just did it but if he hadn’t and someone caleld her that they would have made it an issue? Doesn’t that seem a little hypocritical?


    And I only said they might have reacted that way.

    And only because you asked me if I’d bet a year’s salary on it – which I feel absolutely safe doing at this particular point in time.

    And Arch – lighten up. You’re in danger of disappearing up your own hypotheticals. This is all moot anyway – as you yourself observed in comment #2 on this thread.

  • Arch Conservative

    “And Arch – lighten up. You’re in danger of disappearing up your own hypotheticals. This is all moot anyway – as you yourself observed in comment #2 on this thread.”

    Hey if you want to talk trash about Mccain hypotheticals I’ll join in with you. I really hope he doesn’t already have it in his mind that he’s going to start a war with Iran but who knows.

    He’s old, he’s angry, he’s got a chip on his should r and he has something to prove.

  • McCain hasn’t really done anything to make me want to talk trash about him. As I’ve said before, he was the one Republican candidate the thought of whom as President didn’t fill me with dread, so I’m glad (perhaps ‘relieved’ would be a better word) he’s the presumptive nominee.

    The saber-rattling is troubling, though.

    I have to wonder why you’re intending to vote for McCain though if you’re that unhappy with him. You live in New Hampshire, a state with (correct me if I’m wrong) four electoral votes? And as such, highly unlikely to have any influence on the final outcome of the election, even should it come down to the wire again.

    So I see no particular reason why you shouldn’t vote your conscience and write someone in (or even vote for Bob Barr!), especially if McCain doesn’t pick your guy Romney as his Veep.

  • Arch Conservative

    Well it hasn’t been decided whether or not I will vote for Mccain.

    If he picks Romney I’m definitely voting for him and then waiting for him to take a fall downa flight of steps or something.

    4 electoral votes is huge considering how close 2004 was and how close this oculd be.

    “Voting my conscience” isn’t going to help Barry Hussein Obama from turning this nation into some leftist socialist, utopia that they have been dreaming of.

  • Bennett

    Is a utopia ever a bad thing?

    Can a bad thing (socialism) ever be a utopia?

    Who are “they”?

  • Dan Miller


    It has just been reliably reported that Senator Obama had waffles for breakfast this morning. It’s all over the internet.

    My Gracious, what a story. Don’t you people see the cataclysmic significance? What’s wrong?


  • Gee, Dan, I’m usually right on top of non-news items. I’m surprised this has gotten by me!

  • Arch Conservative

    “Is a utopia ever a bad thing?”

    One man’s utopia is another man’s hell, so yes it can be a bad thing Bennet and the they I referred to is Obama and his far far left supporters.

  • Dan,

    It will be news tomorrow, when it is revealed in a Los Angeles Times exclusive that on top of the waffles Obama had lingonberries, not mere blueberries.

    More elitism!

  • Bennett

    Arch, I guess the key is to be on the utopia side of the equation.

    Ah, the “they” that makes up 5% of his total supporters.