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When A Mosque Is Not A Mosque

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When the president of the United States takes the oath of office, he swears to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The president does not swear to try to satisfy the constantly changing opinions of the citizens or the needs of special interest groups. The Constitution was forged to provide a framework within which the United States could uphold the standards it was built upon: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, religious freedom.

We now find ourselves at a crossroads. The country has been at this crossroads many times before and we’ve always managed to do the right thing. Sometimes we’ve taken a little longer to see exactly what was the right thing to do, but with our founding document to guide us, we’ve muddled through.

There are those among us who enjoy muddying the waters. I can’t help but reflect back to the 1930’s in Germany when the citizens, suffering from the economic reparations after World War I combined with the Great Depression, were disgruntled and looking for someone to blame. Along came Adolf Hitler who, taking advantage of the unrest, suspended the constitution and initiated a program of antisemitism, blaming Jews for the problems the Germans were enduring.

Does this sound familiar? We have a group of people who wish to change articles of the US Constitution to suit the current moods and fears of sections of society. There is an effort to ban the construction of a community center in New York City located three blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. The story being disseminated by certain groups in an effort to promote hatred of a specific religious group is that this is a mosque being constructed right next to the World Trade Center and that it’s being built to trivialize the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11. This falsehood is being told to stir up the emotions of people who don’t suspect they are being manipulated. For what possible reason would anyone want to spread such outright lies?

One reason, hatred for a group of people who are not Christian. There is a great deal of chest thumping done in the name of Christianity in this country with very little Christ-like behavior to show for it. Another reason: distract people. Midterm elections are approaching and what better way to distract the voters from the true issues of joblessness, the economy, and lack of cooperation by our lawmakers in Washington DC, than to dazzle us with a non-issue.

It’s like the carnival game where there are three upsidedown cups and one ball and the ball is under one of the cups. The carney moves the cups around faster and faster until you’re no longer sure which one has the ball underneath, yet you frantically try to keep up. Finally, the cups stop moving and you get to guess which cup hides the ball. The question is, will we guess the right one?

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  • Zedd

    Even if it was a mosque and it was next door to ground zero, that’s permissible if the zoning is right.

    Tim McVeigh said science was his religion so I’m guessing no schools are allowed within a certain radius of the Murrah building? It’s silly.

  • dharma55

    Read up on the reasons why St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church has had such troubles rebuilding. First, the church wanted the same site, but the new World Trade Center is going to include a special foundation and a bomb screening center to go under the location of the new church. Obviously, the church building has to wait for the foundation to be built before it can be rebuilt on top of it. Then there was an attempt to trade land with the Port Authority and move the church location. The building the Muslims have purchased used to be a Burlington Coat Factory and has been empty since 9/11 when debris crashed through the roof. The whole area areound Ground Zero is practically a ghost town, with empty stores and office buildings. Instead of discouraging people from going in there and finally trying to bring it back to life, folks who don’t even live in NYC should butt out. And it’s all in the eye of the beholder as far as seeing a “victory monument”. Do you concern yourself with the construction of all religious edifices?

  • Ruvy


    This is not a mosque being built at all. it is a victory monument to the Wahhabi who destroyed the Word Trade Center. It is very much like the arch the Romans built to celebrate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem 1,940 years ago. Except the Romans had a bit more class. They built their monument in Rome – not Jerusalem. This is being built to spit in the eyes of New Yorkers, that they should ever be reminded that the Wahhabi got one over on them.

    This is NOT an issue of religious freedom. Were it, the Port Authority of New York would allow the Orthodox Christians to rebuild a church the Wahhabi HAD destroyed. In addition, Muslims already have a prayer room in the building they want to transform.

    Notice, dharma55. I did not blame Muslims. I blamed the terrorists who did this – all of whom should be expelled from the USA as a class of terrorists.

  • dharma55

    One point I was trying to make is that this is not a mosque being built and certain elements are using this to manipulate the opinions and emotions of others regarding an understandably upsetting experience, the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. So, opposing the mosque(since it is not a mosque after all) does not demonstrate hatred for muslims so much as it demonstrates an inability to think for oneself. And whether one opposes Obama due to his policies or his race, that is something only that person would know.

  • Arch Conservative

    “One reason, hatred for a group of people who are not Christian.”

    Ah yes..if you oppose the mosque you hate all muslims just as if you oppose anything Obama says or does you hate all black people.

    That’s some logic.