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What’s With Torchwood Moving to Starz?

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Torchwood. The name for me brings to mind BBC America, edgy science fiction, and some great stories. So why in the heck is it moving to Starz?

Now called Torchwood: The New World, it’s slated for a 10-episode run in the summer of 2011. We’ll be introduced to CIA Agent Rex and CIA Analyst Esther who stumble on a global alien issue; they will meet up with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) who no longer have a Torchwood headquarters to come home to. Disbanded and lost, they’ll be needed once again by the world at large.

Here’s my problem. BBC America is not a pay channel. Starz is. Now I have to pay to get my Torchwood fix? What gives!? More nudity and language? Is it really needed?

For many more details about the new series, check out this great article at AfterElton.

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  • Yeah, but the BBC is paid by UK licence fee payers. You got 3 seasons free at our expense, be happy with that. Now Starz is part paying for the production, so you got to part pay the cost of production.

    The USA got it’s Independence from Britain over 200 years ago, now it is time to stop freeloading from us! 🙂

  • @Ecchi – You know… I honestly hadn’t looked at it from that point of view.

    Though I’m sure the BBC America channel makes some coinage through redistributing content created for the BBC, Torchwood won’t be the last show to go this route. Syfy is already redistributing the show Merlin, and that is also a BBC-created show from what I remember…

    Thanks for the nudge in the TV content independence column though. 🙂

  • Because they optioned it to FOX but they passed on it. BBC America can’t afford such an expensive series.

    They also co-produced Torchwood, if I’m not mistaken. Also, Ecchi, yes, you pay for them to air on England and be made. BBC Worldwide then sells it to other countries, even BBC America (which pays to air shows because its a separate channel), and then reinvests it back into the BBC, 100%.

    Starz doesn’t mean Torchwood won’t air on BBC America sometime, but it does guarantee a higher level of production and exposure. After all, you can watch it on DVD, buy it on iTunes the next day – as long as its more Torchwood, why complain?

  • @Dave – Again, you are probably right. I can always watch on DVD. 🙂

  • And more nudity and language sounds kinda appealing, actually. =)

  • RJKL

    Ecchi, BBC America is not free. We pay for it as part of our cable and satellite TV packages. Also, it is paid for by advertising dollars. So not only do we viewers pay for it, but the advertisers do, too.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure the BBC has been well compensated. But personally, if I COULD pay the license fee and get all your shows the moment you do (legally, that is!) I would do it in a heartbeat!

  • alw

    The actual current bbc version isn’t moving to Starz they are remaking it with american actors…not so sure how that will go but i’m definatley going to tune in.

  • KS

    Wow, ALW.. if that’s really what you think you should try google, or imdb, or just opening your eyes in relation to torchwood lol.

  • Ben

    Go to FilesTube and download it free.