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What’s The Matter With Kansas City?

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Twenty years ago, the Kansas City Royals were World Series champs. Today, they are the worst team in Major League baseball.

Their record is 38-81, which means they win fewer than one-in-three games. (Do the math!)

They have lost eighteen games in a row. Their home record is a miserable 23-37, but their road record is even more pathetic: 15-44.

They have allowed 703 runs, the second-most in the entire league. And they have only scored 507 runs, the worst in the American League.

Manager Buddy Bell has been with the team for 7 years, and his combined win-loss record is a weak 370-506. He needs to be fired once this nightmare season has mercifully ended.

But Bell isn’t the only problem in Kansas City. Being a small market, they cannot afford to sign big name players who could help to make them more competitive. In fact, the team’s combined salary was 30th in the league. (In other words, dead last.)

Barring some serious revenue-sharing and salary-cap reforms by MLB (which are unlikely), the Royals are pretty much permanently screwed. They have almost no hope of ever being competitive again.

So, my solution: Move the team to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Think about it. New Mexico has ZERO major professional sports teams. Therefore, there would be NO competition for the Albuquerque Snakes (or whatever moniker they eventually chose) to contend with. Kansas City, on the other hand, has the NFL’s Chiefs competing for their sports fans’ attention.

Albuquerque’s population is nearly half-a-million, and roughly 40% are Hispanics/Latinos. Baseball is a very popular sport among this demographic group. Also, the city is rapidly growing. And there would be hardly any rain-delays!

Are ya’ll with me on this? Lemme know in the comments section below…





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  • Would they attract 1.5 million in Albuquerque?

    They’ve had one winning season in the past 10 years. They haven’t won 90 games since ’89. Their last WS appearance was when they won it in ’85.

    They’ve had 3 Rookies of the Year since ’94: Bob Hamelin (who lasted 5 full seasons then retired after a groundout for minor league Toledo Mud Hens), Carlos Beltran (who they traded last year) and Angel Berroa. They have talent. They can’t keep it. But they’ve kept Mike Sweeney, so they just need to play some Moneyball in the offseason to put together a competitive team.

    Strangely enough, the ’83-’85 years were not kind to the WS winners. Since then, the Orioles, Tigers and Royals have yet to return to the Fall Classic.

  • The situation with KC is more of an organizational problem (players,personnel,front office) than a financial one. The Yankees prove that having money doesn’t make you better if you don’t have the right personnel to properly evaluate what you have.

  • RJ

    Maybe the Yankees screw up in the Front Office frequently.

    But they STILL wind up in the playoffs almost every year…

    And they are likely to be the AL Wild Card team this year…

    The Royals, OTOH, can’t do ANYTHING right. Maybe their coach or Front Office should take some of the blame for this.

    But the fact that they can’t afford to sign good players is surely a major obstacle to a winning season…

    Move ’em, I say…

  • And they are likely to be the AL Wild Card team this year…

    NY Yankees…1 1/2
    Cleveland……..2 1/2

    Surrounded by 4 small markets. Game on.

  • RJ

    Toronto – metro population about 4.7 million (and the only Canadian team in MLB)

    Cleveland – metro population about 2.9 million

    Oakland – metro population about 7.2 million (shares this market with San Francisco, so divide it in half and call it 3.6 million…)

    Minnesota – metro population about 3.1 million

    On the other hand…

    Kansas City – metro population about 1.8 million

    KC is a tiny market. That’s why they can’t afford too many good players. That’s why they suck. That’s why they should move.

    If New Mexico isn’t a good idea, how about Salt Lake City? Or maybe Portland, Oregon?

  • The team seems to do OK financially, although they have a miniscule payroll. I don’t think they’ll move anytime soon because the team has a long history and because that region of the country is such a baseball hotbed. The problem for the Royals is they don’t have huge TV revenue or Manhattan-sized average incomes to work with.

    For expansion or relocation, I think Las Vegas or Portland might be more likely. I think a city like Charlotte, Indianapolis or Salt Lake City might make an OK home for a team as well.

    I love that the minor league team in Albuquerque is named the Isotopes.

    That is all.

  • RJ

    19 in a row lost…oy…

  • They face Barry Zito tonight.

    Safe to say, make it 20.

  • RJ

    They face Barry Zito tonight.

    Safe to say, make it 20.


  • OK, I predicted wrong.

  • Bruce Kratofil

    “Manager Buddy Bell has been with the team for 7 years”

    He hasn’t been with the team for seven months — it may only be seven weeks. Tony Pena started the year as the Royals manager, and Buddy Bell started the year as the Cleveland Indians bench coach.

    The Royals are also owned by Wal Mart heirs – there could be money spent, it’s just that the owners aren’t spending it.

  • RJ

    If I was wrong, I was wrong. I got my info from ESPN.

  • RJ

    Ah, now I see where I went wrong. I assumed that this:

    Buddy Bell
    Regular Season: 372-507
    Experience: 7 years

    meant that he had been with the Royals for all those seven years. Mea culpa… :-/

  • Taloran

    Hopefully, the Chiefs will be just as horrible as the Royals this year – they tried last year but half got their shit together near the end. I’m looking forward to another 0-5 start.