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What’s New on the Wii/DSi Shop Channel for January 24, 2011

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Roller derby might not be the most popular or glamorous sport, but at least now fans can say there’s a video game based off it. And in addition, Capcom’s bringing some arcade classics to the Virtual Console, while DSi owners might feel a sense of familiarity with some of the games on DSiWare this week.

This week’s games are as follows:

On DSiWare this week, we have Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights (Lemon Games, 1 player, 200 DSi Points), Rocks N’ Rockets (TikGames LLC, 1 player, 500 DSi Points), Digger Dan & Kaboom (Virtual Playground, 1 player, 500 DSi Points) and Ante Up: Texas Hold’em (MonkeyPaw Games, 1-8 players, 500 DSi Points). If you’ve ever played Flight Control, then Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights is a slight spin on that, but with a lot more to manage including making sure that everything’s scheduled right and all the passengers get on their flights. Rocks N’ Rockets has you blasting meteors from the sky with a rocket launcher. Kinda like Missile Command but a little different. Digger Dan & Kaboom is a story about a guy who likes to dig for gems and his pet gopher. Only problem is his little buddy likes to fall asleep, so Dan has to go rescue him. Ante Up: Texas Hold’em, meanwhile, is yet another poker game for the DSi. How many does that make now?

WiiWare has one new title this week: Jam City Rollergirls (Frozen Codebase, 1-2 players, 1,000 Wii Points). Jam City Rollergirls allows you to play roller derby virtually on one of several real-life teams, and this is the first time I can say that I’ve seen a roller derby game. Too bad there’s no demo yet so I could check it out. That makes me sad because it seems interesting.

The Virtual Console is back with two new arcade titles this week from Capcom: 1942 and Black Tiger (both 1-2 players, 800 Wii Points). 1942 is a legendary vertical shoot-’em-up game with a World War II theme that spawned an entire franchise and several sequels. Black Tiger, meanwhile, is less-known. However, it’s a fun action brawler title where you get to play as a barbarian who kills everything in his path.

1942 and Black Tiger were both released in December on the Japanese Virtual Console and last week on the PAL Virtual Console. They, along with Jam City Rollergirls, are available for download off the Wii Shop Channel, while Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights, Rocks N’ Rockets, Digger Dan & Kaboom and Ante Up: Texas Hold’em are available for download off the DSi Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of digital releases for the Wii and DSi. Until then, happy gaming!

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