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What’s New on the Wii/DSi Shop Channel for January 17, 2011

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WiiWare goes weird this week. Yes, I mean it. This week’s titles are pretty odd, but perhaps in a good way. I don’t really know what to expect from any of these titles, but here’s hoping there’s at least one quirky indie classic somewhere in here to win my heart!

This week’s games are as follows:

On DSiWare this week, we have Glory Days – Tactical Defense (Odenis Studio, 1 player, 200 DSi Points), Animal Boxing (Gammick Entertainment, 1-2 players, 800 DSi Points), The Seller (Circle Entertainment, 1 player, 500 DSi Points) and Alien Puzzle Adventure (Mastertronic, 1 player, 500 DSi Points). Glory Days – Tactical Defense is, you guessed it, yet another tower defense game. Animal Boxing is what it sounds like. Boxing animals. The Seller is a card game about selling as many cards as you can for as high of a price as you can. Finally, Alien Puzzle Adventure is a match ’em up game with a “save the world from aliens” theme to it.

WiiWare has some new titles this week, too: Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (Stickmen Studios, 1 player, 1,000 Wii Points), Urbanix (Nordcurrent, 1 player, 500 Wii Points) and a demo of Bit.Trip Beat (Aksys Games, 1-4 players). Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time puts you in the shoes of Doc Clock, who has a time machine. He proceeds to go on a journey to save his cat, using machines and inventions built from objects in the world around him. This sounds like it could be awesome, no? Meanwhile, Urbanix stars a tractor trying to build a town on Earth, the North Pole or the Moon (depending on your level) while fending off enemies and acquiring new land.

No Virtual Console this week, apparently. Maybe nothing was weird enough to make the cut.

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time, Urbanix and the Bit.Trip Beat demo are available for download off the Wii Shop Channel, while Glory Days – Tactical Defense, Animal Boxing, The Seller and Alien Puzzle Adventure are available for download off the DSi Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of digital releases for the Wii and DSi. Until then, happy gaming!

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  • Anonymous

    Wow…. another week without VC. Well Nintendo, you aren’t getting any of my money for your crappy Wiiware games. It’s just sad to see that these games actually do get purchased; Just goes to show ya, there’s a sucker born every minute.