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What’s New on the Wii/DSi Shop Channel for September 27, 2010

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This week on the Nintendo download services, we’ve got … well, not much. Four games, nothing on the Virtual Console, and nothing that really jumps out and says “Buy me!” based on description alone. But hey, no calendar or notebook apps this week!

This week’s games are as follows:

On DSiWare this week, we have Zenonia (Gamevil, 1 player, 800 DSi Points) and Fizz (DK Games, 1 player, 200 DSi Points). Zenonia is an RPG title with lots of your usual RPG cliches, while Fizz is a color-node matching puzzle game. Yeah, it’s not a lot of great-sounding stuff, but again, no notebook apps this week. Be happy about that.

WiiWare has two titles this week: Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts (Incredible Technologies, 1-16 players, 700 Wii Points) and Astro Bugz Revenge (Sudden Games, 1-2 players, 700 Wii Points). Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts is, well, lawn darts without the danger of being impaled by one of those (just the danger of flying Wii remotes!), while Astro Bugz Revenge has you matching up bugs to eliminate them a la Bejeweled and the like … then playing as the bugs to get revenge? Odd, but sounds interesting.

The Virtual Console has a game this week in an alternate universe. Sadly, we do not live there, so there’s nothing on it this week.

Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts and Astro Bugz Revenge are available for download off the Wii Shop Channel, while Zenonia and Fizz are available for download off the DSi Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of digital releases for the Wii and DSi. Until then, happy gaming!

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