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What’s New on the Wii/DSi Shop Channel for July 27, 2009

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Hard to believe summer is flying by so fast, but August is almost here, and that means it's time for people to start getting ready to go back to school. That is, unless you have a job or something, in which case, you're probably too busy trying to hold onto that job to worry about summer blowing by. But whether you're in the workforce, looking for a job, or just getting ready to tackle another year of classes, there's always the Wii and DSi Shop Channel updates to look forward to every week, right?

I've probably wasted enough time stalling anyways, so let's get to it. This week's games are as follows:

On DSiWare, we have Sudoku Student (Hudson, 1 player, 200 DSi Points). Sudoku Student is yet another sudoku title for the DS/DSi, but it's only a measly 200 points, making it instantly a pretty good value for the price. Especially when you realize the only other things at 200 points are clocks and calculators …

On WiiWare, there are three titles this week; Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Telltale Games, 1 player, 1,000 Wii Points), The Three Musketeers: One for All! (Legendo Entertainment, 1 player, 900 Wii Points) and HB Arcade Cards (HB Studios, 1 player, 500 Points). HB Arcade Cards is a collection of card games that appears to be one-player only, a very odd choice. The Three Musketeers: One for All! is all about swordfighting, platforming and waggle controls. But the best swordfighting of all, good ol' insult swordfighting, is almost certainly back with the release of Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1. Telltale Games has proven itself to be a solid development studio when it comes to point-and-click titles on WiiWare, and I suspect Monkey Island will live up to the expectations the Internet has set for it. If you had to pick one game to buy this week off WiiWare, Monkey Island is almost easily my pick.

On the Virtual Console this week is … nothing? Again? Guess it must be because of Monkey Island.

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1, The Three Musketeers: One for All! and HB Arcade Cards are available for download off the Wii Shop Channel, while Sudoku Student is available for download off the DSi Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of digital releases for the Wii and DSi. Until then, happy gaming!

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  • Sudoku and the Monkey Island games are a great addition. Monkey Island was a great franchise back in the days and I could spend hours on Sudoku. I hear there’s a mathematical formula to solving Sudoku’s o_o.