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Whatever Happened To The Bill O’Reilly/Andrea Mackris Sex Scandal?

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In October of 2004, the words “loofa” and “falafel” were mainstreamed into our sexual vocabulary. To the shock of some, and to the entertainment of millions, religious right wingnut Bill O'Reilly was accused of sexually harassing coworker Andrea Mackris with explicit phone conversations that were allegedly taped. Besides the use of loofas and falafels as sex objects, Bill O’Reilly had also revealed homoerotic desires to use vibrators on himself, fantasies of explicit Caribbean vacations, and a desire for Ms. Mackris to perform oral sex on him, but not finish. He also revealed some disturbing news about what Fox News was planning to do to Al Franken. To Bill O’Reilly’s enemies, this news was God sent.

The reason people were fascinated with this story is the same reason they are fascinated with Rush Limbaugh’s drug use, Matt Drudge’s allegedly gay affairs, and the penisification of underage boys by anti-gay activist and idolized Republican Mark Foley: we love exposing hypocrites! Bill O’Reilly has used his highly rated program, The O’Reilly Factor, to criticize sexuality in the media. His favorite targets have been rapper Ludacris, Janet Jackson, porn stars, and all the other “immoral” Hollywood stars. The only Hollywood star whom he constantly praises (or at least used to praise) is Mel Gibson, the director of the anti-Semitic Passion of the Christ. The fact that Mel Gibson was going to turn Bill O’Reilly’s soft-porn epic Those Who Trespass into a movie certainly helped.

On October 28, 2004, O'Reilly and Mackris reached an out of court settlement, and dropped all charges against each other. It was widely rumored that O’Reilly paid Mackris close to ten million dollars to “shut up” and destroy the tapes. The fact that the story disappeared from the media soon afterwards remains a mystery that people should question.

If the media was as liberal as conservatives claim it to be, this case would not have disappeared so quickly. Did O’Reilly pay media outlets to “shut up” just as he did with Andrea Mackris? Was the media too afraid to go after O’Reilly, who is given almost the same status of Jesus Christ among right wing fundamentalists? Did O’Reilly’s lawyers stop the media from doing any more damage? The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal lasted years after the hearings, which backfired on conservatives. Dan Rather is still dogged by his mistakes which happened two and a half years ago. Even though Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, the case still dogs him two years later. It seems quite odd that Bill O’Reilly’s matters suddenly “disappeared.”

The Bill O’Reilly/Andrea Mackris scandal not only begs for questions about it’s “sudden” disappearance, but reveals, once again, how hypocritical and morally corrupt the right wing religious fanatics in this country are. Bill O’Reilly’s audience not only aggressively defended him, but maintained their viewership over the years. Fellow right wing pundit Michelle Malkin, who freaks out at the mention of the words “gay” or “sex,” didn’t issue any condemnation of Bill O’Reilly’s immoral behavior. Michael Savage, who was fired from MSNBC for wishing AIDS and death on a homosexual caller, seemed rather silent about the situation. Rush Limbaugh, who ended up being exposed as an illegal drug user after condemning illegal drug users, defended O’Reilly. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, and other darlings of the right wing didn’t issue any condemnation either. On October 21, 2004, the fiercely heterosexual Matt Drudge tried very hard to smear Andrea Mackris.

Even though Bill O’Reilly’s ratings are still high, his relevancy in the political world is arguably fading. He successfully served as the Joseph McCarthy of his time, as well as George W. Bush’s media protector. But even after he fades into history, the type of behavior he exhibited towards Andrea Mackris will continue unless both political parties condemn it.

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  • Aku

    Thank you for painting that disgusting picture of . . . agh! . . . Cant even type it . . . ugh!

  • I love the way you describe the relatively moderate O’Reilly as a “right wing religious fanatic” and as “George W. Bush’s media protector” when he’s been constantly critical of Bush and the administration since Bush was elected.

    If you’re going to write about O’Reilly it might help if you watched his show at least a couple of times. He’s a morally conservative socialist in the mold of Lieberman and while he’s reprehensible in many ways, you clearly have no clue what his real failings are.

    I always marvel at how some on the left find it so offensive that people they consider right-wing like sex.

    And BTW, to answer your title, what happened to the ‘scandal’ is that it was 3 years ago and not all that interesting.


  • daryl d

    Bill O’Reilly a moderate? LOL!! That’s like calling Streisand a conservative. He “pretends” to be a moderate at times but the act is as pathetic as can be. I admit that I haven’t watched his show a lot in the past couple years. As a political moderate, I used to be a huge fan of his because he seemed to go against the grain of what I thought was a too liberal mainstream media. Trust me, I was a HUGE fan and I have even memorized some of his comments, which I thought were great. I really thought his act was humorous until he tried to reinvent himself as Joe McCarthy in 2003. Remember when he said he will target anybody who is against the war? But it was the Andrea Mackris scandal that really made him look like an idiot. And please don’t compare O’Reilly to Lieberman, a truly great politician and person.

  • Lame, biased article that adds absolutely nothing to the “debate” about a topic that’s been dead for years. Congrats.

    Is this Keith Olbermann?

  • Daryl, you see where you and I differ is that I realize that Lieberman IS the same kind of worthless scum as O’Reilly, and while you’ve realized it about O’Reilly you haven’t gotten the clue that Lieberman is exactly the same.


  • JustOneMan

    Why do liberal loons care more about what goes on in the bedrooms of consenting adults than the so called religious right?

    This article illustrates the left wing loonacy who told us when Bill clinton was getting blow jobs from young EMPLOYEE it was only sex why should anyone care?


  • Zedd

    Great article. Its as if we are all in the twilight zone when it comes to republicans. They have proven themselves to be liars, pervs and hypocrites yet they just go on like nothing happened.

    With the Libby conviction, is it me or is it not just weird that Libby is convicted and THATS ALL(?!?!)That’s it, its over…..

    Although I understand that Dems are more cerebral, academic types and think addressing this filth is beneath them, one would imagine that the press would put in the same fervor that they put into Monica and the dress that they would into these debacles, some of which are treasonous.

  • Zedd


    How much are you paid for this seriously.

  • Leslie Bohn

    I’d say O’Reilly is a populist with little real political conviction. There’s a reason why cons think he’s a conservative and moderates think he’s a moderate (or at least “reasonable” or something).

    What he certainly is is a complete fucking dimwit. And clearly, as the hilarious Mackis transcripts (still available at thesmokinggun) prove, a totally immoral scumbag.

  • Clavos

    Although I understand that Dems are more cerebral, academic types and think addressing this filth is beneath them


    That’s my nomination for funniest line of the week on BC!

    Good one, Zedd!

    (cerebral, academic types…hehehehe)

  • STM

    Daryl wrote: “The only Hollywood star whom he constantly praises (or at least used to praise) is Mel Gibson, the director of the anti-Semitic Passion of the Christ.”

    Sigh, here we go again … I’ll agree Mel’s far-right fundamentalist Catholic upbringing might have impacted on his religious world view, and may well have given rise to his drunken ramblings about alleged Jewish world domination and the alleged fomenting of the world’s troubles, but to categorise The Passion of the Christ as anti-semitic is a nonsense. While it might fit the popular view Gibson in the wake of his drink-driving arrest, the truth is it’s largely a historical narrative based on events regarded by a huge proportion of the world’s population as gospel truth, literally.

    Gibbo’s idea of Christ’s Passion doesn’t vary hugely (if indeed at all, a fact the Catholic Church admits) from that documented some 2000 years ago and which since then has formed the crucial part of the Gospels of the New Testament. Indeed, for Christians the crucifixion and the resurrection probably form the cornerstone of religious belief, for without them it all means nothing.

    In short, to suggest that Gibson’s film is anti-semitic, whether you realise it or not, is to categorise every practising Christian who believes in the Gospels as anti-semitic – which clearly is not the case and indeed might equate to holding them the kind of contempt for which Gibson has been criticised in relation to his attacks on Jews.

    While I find the comments he made extremely offensive, as I knew him when he was younger and know that he is basically a good and decent person I do accept in his case that it was (mostly) “the alcohol, your honour”. It is without doubt where the real problem lies, as he has admitted.

    No. Mel’s real crime was to drive while he was drunk. That, and acting like an absolute prize dickhead.

  • jaz

    “(cerebral, academic types…hehehehe)”

    “you rang?” – Lurch


    Captain America
    is dead.

    a sad Day, indeed…

  • STM

    BTW, how can anyone think O’Reilly is reasonable? He clearly stands over his guests (particularly those with whose opinions he doesn’t agree), seems blissfully ill-informed about many issues he trumpets (and takes the trak-radio-style populist view on most), and has fashioned his whole screen persona on being a very naughty boy. But that’s the key: persona. Rather than being a current affairs host, he’s an entertainer … if you like that kind of entertainment. But millions of Americans do, obviously, and in recognition of that fact, he’s paid quite handsomely thank you very much to be exactly what he is.

  • The village idiot

    Should you comment back, well dont bother because Im sitting hear with sr drinking tea and rum and will never find my way back to BC.

  • STM

    If you are trying to convince SR of anything, you are negotiating with an Idiot. Did I really say that. Where’s redneck today, BTW, VI/SR?

  • Clavos

    If you are trying to convince SR of anything, you are negotiating with an Idiot.

    OK, two nominations for funniest line of the week on BC!

    Respectfully submitted,


  • “What he certainly is is a complete fucking dimwit”

    Do you have an MA from BU or an MPA from Harvard?

  • J.J. Hunsecker

    dimwits don’t make that kind of money. the people who buy the no-spin doormats are the dimwits.

    my guess is she doesn’t have an MPA. does anyone?

  • Great article. Its as if we are all in the twilight zone when it comes to republicans. They have proven themselves to be liars, pervs and hypocrites yet they just go on like nothing happened.

    No, Zedd. Individuals who choose to associate themselves with a party which does not pick and choose its members have been discredited. The party is still largely full of fine, upstanding people. Should the Democrats be judged by their worst members – by James Trafficant, Daniel Rostenkowski, Gary Condit, the ACORN vote fraud teams, Ray Nagin, etc?

    With the Libby conviction, is it me or is it not just weird that Libby is convicted and THATS ALL(?!?!)That’s it, its over…..

    It was over months and months ago. You just thought that there was more to it than there ever was.

    Although I understand that Dems are more cerebral, academic types and think addressing this filth is beneath them,

    The Republicans I hang out with are highly educated and generally better informed than most of the democrats I know. The democrats I had to deal with when I was an academic were among the most closed-minded and bigoted people I’ve ever encountered.


    How much are you paid for this seriously.

    From my blogging efforts I’ve so far made in the low three digits, but I’m not in it for the money. There are things that need to be said, eyes that need to be opened and lies that need to be countered and providing that service is its own reward.


  • STM

    Dave said: “I’m not in it for the money. There are things that need to be said, eyes that need to be opened and lies that need to be countered and providing that service is its own reward.”


    Dave, do I see a hint of irony in your latest post, or are you leading with your bloody chin again? I believe you about the money bit, but … geez, mate. Been on the squirt tonight old boy? One too many glasses of a wonderful red? Shouldn’t the first rule of internet forums be: don’t get on when you’ve been on the piss or the green stuff.

    But if you HAVE been smoking anything, it must be good and can I get some too …

  • Damn, I forgot to include “nuts that need to be kicked” for you, Stan.


  • Leslie Bohn

    My education is of no interest to you. You can judge my erudition to the extent you need to from what I write. Just as O’reilly’s level of dimwittery is obvious from his performance on his idiotic show.

  • MCH

    “Lame, biased article that adds absolutely nothing to the “debate” about a topic that’s been dead for years. Congrats.”
    – RJ Elliott

    Is it as “lame” as your reference to volunteer fire-fighters as “clowns”?

  • Thank you for continuing the cyber-stalking into its fourth year, “MCH”

  • it’s me

    anyone who thinks bill loofa oreilly is anything but a shill for the elites in this world are foolish tools. the uber rich need to keep us riled up and angry in order that we not stop and consider the mess we’ve created of this world in our slavish devotion to promoting and protecting thier wealth. they use to maintain control through religion but that’s not working so well anymore on many of us. it’s kind of hard to still swallow the notion that the earth was made in a week and that jesus ran with dinosaures. now they do it through fanning and externilizing internal resentment. i don’t know who i despise more, the tools for thier stupidity or people like me for our inability to derail thier control.

  • Have you ever watched O’Reilly? He’s not an elitist, he’s a populist. He constantly attacks the elites.


  • daryl d

    I wish the comments here could be as intellegent as the orginal article. I thought about O’Reilly this past weekend (it was a really boring weekend, trust me). You know what: perhaps he’s not a coservative after all. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if this “Bill O’Reilly” thing is just an act. Definitely an act that has worked, but I still think it will all backfire on him eventually.

  • J.J. Hunsecker

    I wish the article had been intelligent. Maybe next you should write about how they don’t cover the Hindenburg disaster anymore. Probably all that anti-zeppelin bias from the MSM.

  • Methuselah

    The point may be moot: I read an article the other day that says ratings of cable TV “holler shows” are off about 8% this year.

  • daryl d

    of course I was being sarcastic when I said this article was “intelligent.” I think it’s truthful though. Others may think it’s absolute trash. Anyhow, the other sometimes trashy articles I write at least lead to a good, intelligent debate.

  • Zedd

    Dave: “the relatively moderate O’Reilly”


  • Mark Foley

    The O’Reilly Factor has always been what every show on Fox has been, an editorial espousing Rupert Murdoch’s disgusting beliefs. Every so often O’Reilly ridiculously takes some view that is supposed to oppose Republicans, but has very little impact on the overall right wing agenda. The right-wing bias on his and every Fox show starts with the very topics chosen for “debate”, and then continues with the techniques used during the so-called “debate” (e.g. the moronic “liberal viewpoint” to a topic that is only cared about by the right-wingers in the first place). The last example I saw, (unfortunately) was a “debate” on Kelly’s court where these phonies were going on and on with mock outrage about some goofy lawsuit no one cared about, to promote Murdoch’s and his evil Mr. Burns friends tort-reform agenda. Right-wing reactionaries claim not to recognize this, but if you truly can’t you are completely ignorant politically and have no analytical skills.

  • Bill OReilly panders to stupid people — but who doesn’t?

  • it’s me

    I posted a comment on March 9th of 2007. I just re-read it. Nothing has changed. By the way, I don’t think I thanked the author of the original article for the outstanding and thoughtful piece of writing.

  • danny bodnaduce

    hahahaha – i luvz diz. me andz bill uzed to hit da pipe in los angelez and cruize fo trannie bioootchez. bill used to likez da blak tranniez wit da big blak dikz. you goz bill wit yo freaky azz. bill be da biggezt trannie pimp.

  • propelan

    LOL! It’s dead because it was proven to be lies and purely a smear campaign attempt by the accuser.

  • James

    What really happened in this case? Seems pretty obvious. O’Reilly would have fought the lawsuit till hell froze over but for one thing: The young lady had taped backup for the transcripts she and her lawyers produced. Anyone can read the transcripts and see O’Reilly for the sexual predator he was.

  • billy the kid oreilly

    Whatever Happened To The Bill O’Reilly/Andrea Mackris Sex Scandal?

  • Cannonshop

    It went where all the other juicy sex-scandals go? Seriously, raise your hand if you still worry about Marv Alpert in a motel room with the fax machine, give a shit about John Edwards’ illegitimate child, or did more than yawn in response to allegations of infidelity by any other celeb out there. It’s juicy and fun on a slow news day, but in the end, it’s like eating a meal of popcorn-it might temporarily fill you up, but you get zero nutrition from it, and nasty farts.

  • Paul

    No one seems to think that the scandel wasn’t big news is because nothing ever happened? If she was paid 10 million, you could definately tell. No follow-up news no real story, just hope by cool-aid drinking idiots.

  • AngryWhiteMother

    Bill O’Reilly sex scandal seems to be the biggest media coverup since I don’t know what else – so what about this supposed left-wing bias. I think someone should leave a comment on this story every day until the TRUTH is finally KNOWN! Isn’t that what Mr. Bill demands of everyone else. FAIR & BALANCED. Puleeze!

  • Ron

    This article contrasts the longevity of other sex scandals and the immediate death of this scandel, yet comes to the opposite conclusion as me. If there were any truth that tapes of this Oreilly scandal existed, I guarantee they would have surfaced and been played. The fact that they have never surfaced convinces me that they never existed.

  • Chester D.

    I guess the writer never watched Bill O’Reilly, clearly evident from his descriptions of O’Reilly “religious right wingnut Bill O’Reilly”. Pathetic second rate writer seeking recognition it would seem. Another “Michel Moore” looser type and is why blogging will never achieve any degree of legitimacy…

  • Catherine

    I will not watch the hypocrite Bill O’Reilly
    or those other morons Srah Palin and Dennis Miller. Sarah is out to make money, she is a opportunist and stupid. All her kids are on drugs, did you hear Willow was aresseted!

  • Mike

    Yes, I heard Willow was vandalizing a house and on drugs, her other daughter knocked up, her son had to join the military instead of go to jail for vandalizing school buses, Toad’s sister in jail, Levi’s mom in jail, wow-Sarah love those great Alaska Family values!

  • Larry

    So funny, Sarah go home and take care of that dysfunctional family of yours! Sarah you lie, you are stupid, you don’t read, you are nothing but street smart white Alaska trashs. Keep your “family” vales back to Wasilla, the meth capital of the world!

  • Karry

    I hate McCain for unleasing this total moron on us!!!!

  • Joan

    Ihave a friend that lives in Wasilla and she said that everyone knows that Sarah and Toad never watched their kids. They are all on drugs, run wild, never went to school and Sarah was never a PTA mom. People
    said they laughed because she would sign up for things and then cancel. Sarah, nothing but hillbilly white trash!

  • Jenny

    Yes, Willow is on drugs and was aresseted, how will Sarah spin this one. Sarah you are vile!

  • FelafelEater

    Bill O’Reilly’s book BILL O’REILLY FOR KIDS has advice for kids. For kids. He forgot this gem:

  • Jeff Woodcock

    Bill O’Reilly is a pundit. And that is mostly what he does to get ratings. And that is OK with me. However when he uses his pulpit and power to harrass others over whom he feels he as control, that is wrong in my view. Especially when he contends that he takes the hi ground in morality. He abused A Mackris and he will never admit to it. And probably several others over whom he had control. Really weak coming from a person who pontificates upon “sexual” morals. His “good cop-bad cop routine” is a joke to anyone with some logic.

    Clinton lied about the Lewinski affair.. and that was wrong. Bill O got caught by a girl who resused to take his crap.

  • michael b

    That’s where he got the title of his recent book. Bill just wanted a bold, fresh piece.

  • Mark Hamil

    Bill O’Reilly not only LIED about Mackris when he told his supporters that he would “Fight her to the end” (until he found out she recorded his perverted, hypocritical phone calls) he LIED that the “Iraq War is going to be a cakewalk”. Those of us who payed attention to what he calls “Pinhead Professors” of history knew better. You cannot easily win a war against several armies from several factions, pouring in from all sides of Iraq to kill American soldier “infidels” with said terrorists hell-bent on suicide as their ticket to a make-believe heaven.

  • Herb Stacy

    Bill O is a class act! I think his ratings speak for themselves! Why do you thinl no one watches Florence O’Downhill or Mr. Ed, the talking horses ass on MESS.N.B.C.

  • bj

    You cannot claim to be fair and balanced, spin stops here…implying to all that he is “good” or a righteous man in whatever fashion…and be so arrogant and condescending. I am a conservative, and a Christian, but I do not get a good feel when I listen to O’Reilly. I’m not judging him, but my gut tells me, when people behave so arrogantly, no signs of humility to be found…somethings wrong.

  • xxbingo

    There’s a difference between public and private. Just cause humans are weak and fallible, does not give license to depravity on the airwaves

  • drewhudson46

    I find it hard to believe he had an affair with that woman.It looks like she was hit with an ugly stick

  • bobo

    Falafel ?

    I like these new bill words

  • Robert Hood

    Let’s see if I got this straight. WikiLeaks Bradley Manning is facing life in prison or possibly death for an act of patriotic heroism while Ms. Mackris is rumored to have been paid $10,000,000.00 to keep her mouth shut around the O’Reilly “factor”. Keeeerist, she really is a cheap whore! And don’t anyone go giving me any of that feminist crap. A $5 crack whore has higher morals. In fact even I do. I’m not even gay but I would have performed felatio on O’Reilly for as little as $100,000 but even I have my limits. Then I would used the money far more productively than I know Mackris is doing. I would have posted the video to every corner of the Internet along with my prediction of what O’Reilly would have said when my “gay act” was over. “Sheeeeeit, Tom, You really are better than being sandwiched by my wife…and Mackris! How do you do it?” I have morals you cheap bitch. That’s how Bradley and real Men and Women do it.

  • MightyMouse

    What happened with the scandal is that dirtbag O’Reilly paid $2,000,000 to shut the woman up because he was guilty of sexual harassment of his long time Associate Producer. Read the allegations for yourself. He’s a sick f*ck and the worst sort of bully.

  • Marje

    Just wanted to see what became of this case and found this. You say he is fading. That was 5 years ago. He is more popular than ever . Sells out where ever he goes and has number one best sellers. Hey, we forgave Clinton, but every time I see him I think about Lewinsky. It is a shame that is what he will be most remembered for. Bill, he is not as important as an ex president, so I don’t really think about what he got called out for with this woman.

  • sack oreilly

    yep….how did this get swept under the rug….mr o’reilly claims M jacksons payment of accusers PROOVES he is guilty…..going by his own logic must make O’reilly guilty too.

    • Guest

      Funny that you say that when you cannot even spell the word “proves” correctly… Awkward!

  • guest

    “O’Reilly, who is given almost the same status of Jesus Christ among right wing fundamentalists? ”

    Something only a clueless idiot would say.

  • portbuilder

    It is quite clear that left wing loons elevate O’Reilly to the status of a diety far more than the right wing does. O’Reilly is just another talking head who is correct more than incorrect. He won’t allow ‘spin’ on his show and that irritates the left because that is all they know how to do. As for this Mackris story, if it was true then O’Reilly doesn’t deserve a pass any more than and politician or pundit. If you want to apply rules then let them apply to all – equally. But know that currently the right believes in equal justice far more than the left does. Just look at the IRS, Benghazi, F&F, and other scandals where the Obama administration is either refusing to provide information or taking the Fifth Amendment way out. On the Left there is no rush to seek justice or truth it would appear.

  • Smig Robustus

    First ……oreilly IS NOT a conservative…..secondly….him paying her off RIGHT AFTER him threatening to DESTROY her shows he’s all show, no go….

  • Smig Robustus

    Just HOW is THE PASSION ant semetic?? What is showed was true……just because it isn’t positive…doesn’t mean it’s anti ANYTHING…….JEWS WANTED Christ killed….and the Romans complied.

  • Smig Robustus

    REALLY? U think that the scumminess of a bully tv entertainer should be at the same level as the PRESIDENT of the us??? Really??? You are waaaaaaaaaay to obsessed with oreilly…

  • Smig Robustus

    I agree….. That fag drudge was really pushing it when he wrote that the accuser was…….”almost 100,000 dollars in debt…….gee….u mean she has a mortgage and school loans??? What a freeloader!!! Drudge is usually cool, but he fucked up on this one….me thinks he has a crush on a certain old, white, PSUEDO intellectual bully….

  • john

    i seldom watch o’reilly but when i do, i can see him going off about sex predators, judges who didn’t serve justice in sex abuse cases, etc. this is the guy who’s the biggest pervert of them all. his audience is ignorant of his actions….his character, etc. what’s worse, they are happy being contented in their ignorance. sad.

  • davathon

    Bill O’Reilly is definitely not “right wing”. He’s an independent that leans to the left. He’s pro-war and pro-abortion. Other than those two issues, he’s a Democrat. He’s pro-national sales tax. He’s pro-illegal immigrant. He liberal on more issues than he’s conservative on.

    • TheTruth

      You must be as ignorant as you sound…..

  • James

    Just browseing the internet and ran across an article where Bill O’Reilly was involved in a sex scandal some years ago. i always knew that he was to anti-anything and now he was involved in some freaking sex. I knew it was something about him that stood out to me, now I know, he’s a freaking freak

  • Wayne Dooley

    Uncle BillyO, his children are the product of a broken home. He committed an act of domestic violence in the presence of his daughter. He is a confirmed womanizer(sexual harassment) of a co-worker. He does not faithfully follow the teachings of his religion, causing him to be morally bankrupt. Wow, he sounds like the irresponsible black men he is always demonizing.