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What Zoey 101 Fans Have Been Waiting For… The New Season Is Finally Here

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The last season of Zoey 101 ended in a tearful way. Chase finally was going to tell Zoey how he feels and then the tech-mate fell into the water. At the end, my sister and I were literally on our knees, about to cry. This season promises to deal with the Chase and Zoey relationship, but not in the way we want them to. Darn Nickelodeon!

The season begins September 24 at 8 pm Eastern. The night begins with the fourth season of Drake and Josh at 7 pm. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is right after Drake and Josh, putting it at 7:30. It's triple the premieres and triple the fun.

The season premiere episode of Zoey 101 is called "Surprise!" And guessing from the news I have received, Zoey 101 fans are not going to happy by the ending of the premiere, just like they weren't happy with the end of "Spring Break-up", the Season two finale.

The episode starts with Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) returning for another eventful year at PCA. Let's hope that there's no more tech-mates falling in the water. I'm still getting over it. Lola (Victoria Justice) and Quinn (Erin Sanders) kept predicting that Chase (Sean Flynn) will ask Zoey out, as he has not hid very well that he likes her. The press release claims Chase has a bigger surprise.

That's where I got confused. How could he have a bigger surprise? He can't propose or move in. What do they mean? I sighed and searched the web for any clues. I found the episode guide and found out the title of the second episode, "Chase's Girlfriend."

I know what you are thinking. Well, I know what I'm thinking, and you're probably thinking the same thing. You've got to be joking me right? They finally make some progress after they've been teasing us for two seasons… and then they drop the atomic bomb on us. I've heard the new girlfriend (obviously) doesn't like Zoey and confronts her to stay away from Chase. I don't even know her name and I already hate her.

What are Chase's roommates, Michael (Chris Massey) and Logan (Matthew Underwood) up to? Well, they are fighting over a bed; the top bunk of the bunk bed, to be specific. If I remember correct, Michael had the top bunk in Season two, but Logan had it in season one. I know Logan had it in season one, because Chase was trying to get Logan sick for the school play. So he had, Dustin (Paul Butcher), Zoey's little brother, sneeze on it. But it backfired because the pillow fell down to the lower bunk, where Chase was sleeping. Ha. Michael had it in season two because of the episode "Time Capsule." Chase kept waking Michael up to ask him what was morally right. I think it is scary I remember all of this. Proves how much I watch this show. I need to get a hobby…

So, I've mentioned everyone but Nicole. Earlier, I wrote a report about the rumors claiming Alexa Nikolas was kicked off the show and why. The reports are true. Like last season, Zoey gets a new roommate. However, this person is not new to the show like Lola was last year. This person is no other than Quinn. That's right. The mad scientist moves into room 101. How will Zoey and Lola deal with living with a person who irons her underwear and creates Banapple trees? Zoey lived with her once in season one, and it wasn't pretty.

I am really disappointed they kicked Alexa off the show because she didn't get along with Jamie. I am tired of people treating Jamie like a queen. Because guess what? I don't watch the show for Jamie! I hate Jamie Lynn Spears and I think she is a horrible actress. She only got there because of her sister. Her sister, however, was a good singer and had to work for her spot. Jamie didn't. I watch the show because of the strong supporting cast. Anyway… that's for another day.

Twice now, great actresses have been kicked off the show. Kristin Herrera (Dana/Season one) for looking "too old" (AKA Bullshit answer), and now Alexa for fighting with Jamie. I know people have stopped watching because of Dana's departure. I bet some will leave because Nicole's gone.

I hope Nick knows they are shooting themselves in the foot. Because, I swear, if Matthew Underwood leaves the show, I'm gone. You have that in writing. Out of all the actors and actresses, Jamie is the worst. Commenters will call me "biased" or "stupid" or they will threaten to kill me, as they did last time. I don't care. That's my opinion. I'm a journalist. If you don't like it, write your own article. Have fun. Best of luck.

So, bottom line. New episodes are starting Sunday, September 24 at eight PM ET. Chase has a girlfriend. Nicole's gone. I'm upset.

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  • Cant we sign a petition?

    There is one at http://www.savealexa.com

  • Hmm, I just stumbled upon this while searching for Zoey 101 stuff. I know it’s old (well, 6 days old) but there’s some stuff you didn’t mention in your article. So since this is old, you might already know what I’m about to say.

    1). Chase’s girlfriend’s name is Monica and she’s played by Daniella Monet. This isn’t confirmed, however, if you look her up on IMDB.com, she’s listed as being in the first two episodes of the season playing a girl named Monica. She’s also in the credits for the episodes on Zoey 101’s page on IMDB.

    2. Chase breaks up with Monica in the second episode after she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. This *IS* confirmed. It’s in the episode description on nick.com.

    3. According to Matt Underwood, in season 3, “What everyone has wanted to happen does!” (see picture here – I scanned that from my Oct/Nov issue of J14.) Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything else that “everyone has wanted to happen” other than Chase&Zoey getting together so :].

    So yeah if you knew any of that I apologize. If you want to email me, my email’s on my fanfiction page (my URL). :]

  • alexa

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy that alexa is gone because she’s not a good actress and nor she will be in the future.Everybody hates her,she is all the curses.She is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This has nothing to do with her Jamie lynn spears.

  • CallmeMaddy

    Thanks Alyssa!!!

  • Courtney8

    you guys are mean i like the whole cast from every season i think it is rude they fired kristen(dana)just be cause she look old it is not her falt she does.And Nicole so funny.I luv everyone that’s been on the show.

  • CallmeMaddy

    It’s tonight!!!

  • IAPW

    Just watched the show. Yeah, I have to agree with Maddy. I’ve never really liked the character Zoey and I think Jamie Lynn is just sort of boring as an actress.

    With Nicole gone, I think they just transferred all of the Nicolish jokes to Quinn without her boy-craziness. So now Quinn the Mad Scientist is the Brainy and Upbeat/Funny character all in one. Quinn is funny, but the Nicole type jokes don’t really fit her. Quinn is nerdy weird funny not Nicole. Quinn has been always sort of an outsider of the group and making her an insider makes her different.

    As for how Zoey will deal with Quinn who did all those weird things in her room in the first and second season, I think they’ll just change Quinn’s character so she doesn’t do those weird things much anymore. Not very good writing, but I would be surprised if they did something different.

    Even worse (at least for me), the first two episodes of the new season are very Zoey/Chase-centric. I think the relationship between the two is the last thing I want to watch. It’s great watching the two together as friends, but I don’t really like watching episodes just about the two because nothing really happens except with both of them acting really cheesy with each other. Sometimes I just feel like shouting at the TV telling Chase “Just tell Zoey how you feel ok?”

    One thing I do like about having a new episode is no more watching the same re-run of Robot Wars over and over again. It’s one of the BEST episodes, but they showed it over and over again until even I got tired of it.

  • Holly

    I watched the episode.

    Chase does break up with his girlfriend.

    In the preview for next weeks episode he says to zoey, and i quote,

    “I cant..I cant hang out with you anymore”

    And zoey says,
    “all i want is for you to be happy”

    or something like that..

    But all I know is its getting SO CLOSE to her finding out he likes her.

    she knows already but she doesnt believe it.


  • luvzoey101

    i just want to slap chase… or his girlfriend… or zoey… or anyone becuase they didnt tell zoey and now its too late..

  • none ya

    I do agree with you that it wasn’t right to get rid of Nicole, because she was funny, and the usual things a girl’s personality is like. I do like Jamie Lynn Spears though, and I don’t care what you all think. It’s my friggen opinion, and I probably won’t see the comments you post since I won’t be coming any more. That means I AM a guy for your info, and probably the only reason I watch the show is for Zoey (Jamie Lynn.)

  • hippielicousness

    well i say that every character on zoey 101 is ausome especially zoey i am just how can i put this ….TICKED OFF that there will be no more ‘nicole’ on the show she rocked!!!!!

  • hippielicousness

    oh and by the way to everybody who thinks any of the characters on this show are bad actors or actresses…., well 4-get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobatha macadamian-nut

    i sort of agree w/ hip-whatever your name was but zoey isn’t all that great she was good but i do agree w/ the fact that the only reason she is on the show is because of her sister who by the way needs some new material……..no affence….wait yes affence…ha…ha…ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandy

    In all the discriptions of the show, they say his girlfriend is Monica, but then you watch the show, and her name is Rebecca.

  • Golddragon89

    Man I jumped for joy at the end of episode 2 of the new season =D

  • Dinosuar

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh shoot man I can’t believed the second episode Zoey 101. At the beggining of the first episode of season 3, I thought that girl Chase was talking to was his sister or a new friend but I would not figure that he would have a girlfriend in 2 months after he tried to tell Zoey he loves her. At the end of the show I got sooooooo pissed of when Chase kissed that girl. And since I saw the second episode, I thuoght Chase’s girlfriend would later on find out that Zoey likes Chase and would break up but still be friends with Chase. But instead she threatens Zoey to stay away from Chase and tell Chase he can’t be friends with Zoey. Man I thought Chase was going to do that but when I heard he dumped her, I just clapped my hands long and hard saying Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh thats what I’m talking about. Know we can continue wondering when the heck will Chase tell Zoey his feelings. P.S. Does anyone notice how many times I said Zoey and Chase.

  • hola zoey amo tu programa y te amo a ti siempre lo voy a mirrar te quiero hablame

  • zoey1fan

    hey u all i was gonal watch zoey101 yesterday but i came too late can you all tell me when they show it again and at wat time i really want to watch that show!!

  • AMY

    i love logan he’s the best

  • AMY

    ilovelogan i could go out with him

  • AMY

    he is strong

  • Sarah

    Hi! I just stumbled over here from your fan fiction account and I’m heading back over there to review the story of yours I just read, but to the point: Great article. It’s well composed and you make a lot of good points. Since I still haven’t gotten around to getting a blog account so I’d have a place to critique things, I actually wrote about the third season’s first episode in fan fiction. If you get the time, I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think of what I wrote. My pen name on there is Hopeless Romantic 86 (for now) and my overall critique and my own season three is titled Discovering Us and then I have a rant that is post season three episode one titled Oh So Tired (since it’s not a story and shouldn’t be on there I will be deleting it in the next week or so). I stand by most of my overall points for the rant, but since seeing the second episode I have (yet not added it to the rant) altered some points a bit. Anyway, GREAT JOB and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.


  • man.. i totally agree.. why kick nicole and dana out? i don’t like zoey too. she’s just not a good actress. as for who gets the top bunk? I also remember who got it in season 1 and 2.haha.. we both watch the show too much. well, great job with this and your stories. yeah!

  • yo thats bogus why nicole left why she had a beef with zoey

  • i love nicole in the show she was great ,but dana was the best.what nick shold do is kick quinn off and put nicole and dana back on. the show would be much better with them back.

  • Mehak

    i am telling you , you have to put nicole back because i am really disturbed

  • Jamie Lynn Spears

    Yh guys its me so i want u to know i want to quit Zoey 101 if nicole cant b in it then im not doin it.

    so f*** off

    ok dont tell Briteny i said that bye

  • Dinosuar

    Hey Jamie-Lynn, how much do you like this show? Why is Nicole not going to be out? I know you and the cast are friends and I would quit to if one of my friends wasn’t going to be in the show but just don’t quit until I see a episode of Chase telling Zoey his feelings about her. hopefully you will come up with a good answer.

    P.S. It actually made me laugh when you wrote “so f**** off”.

  • Dinosuar

    First of all I don’t know if you noticed, but you spelled your sister’s name wrong. It is spelled Britney, not to make fun of you. And besides I’m sure Britney says “so f*** off” sometimes. lol.

  • Jay

    Why is a new episode of Zoey 101 coming in 2 weeks?

  • Jay

    Zoey 101 “hot dean” was the funniest show I have ever seen.

  • Sophie

    i miss nicole, and i hate that jamie lynn had to fight with her. its not fair to alexis. Chase better TELL ZOEY HIS FEELINGS OR I AM QUITTING THE SHOW!

  • Sophie

    hey jay the hot dean episode was very funny! i agree!

  • Jay

    Thanks Sophie. What do you mean your quiting the show? Your not going to watch the show any more?

  • Jay

    I think this season Chase will tell Zoey he loves her because almost any nick show where there is seasons in it, they always show a episode you/you’ve been waiting for. The episode I think Chase tells Zoey he loves her is going to be “Balloon note” because I think in this episode Chase is ready to tell Zoey by sending a balloon note to her. If not well they will show the episode whenever.

    P.S. Chase WHEN WILL YOU TELL ZOEY????????

  • Jay

    The episode “Balloon note” comes on Dec 10. 46 days from now.

  • Jay

    I guess not since they skipped another week.

  • Dinosuar

    Yo way the heck are they skipping a new episode every sunday after a new one comes out?

  • gabby

    i the cast i wish i could be an actress im pretty good at it i would to meet the cast of zoey 101 YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Dinosuar

    Yo I’m with you there gabby. Zoey 101 is the best.

  • Jay

    I just saw the first 2 minutes of Zoey 101 on turbernick. Zoey is talking with a chemistry teacher about Zoey having a tutor and the teacher gives Zoey the tutor. I thought it was going to be a student that Zoey falls in loves with or it was going to be Chase but I did not exspect the tutor to be LOGAN. Zoey complains loudly that Logan is an idiot and Logan walks away saying I didn’t want to tutor you anyway. Chase walks by outta nowwhere saying hi to the teacher and Zoey. The teacher walks away complaining about Chase hair being so big and Zoey goes to Logan saying sorry and they prommised they wouldn’t tell anyone about Zoey being tutored by Logan. I predict that Zoey will tell, but to Chase and Chase will either tell someone else or get angry or jealous about it

  • Dinosuar

    Today is the day we see Zoey tutored by Logan.

  • Jay

    That was the total opposite of my prediction of Zoey 101. And I thought that when Chase thought that Zoey was dating Logan, he was going to say his feeligs right in front of Zoey and Logan. But this was another funny episode. Chase had alot of close calls people being curious about why Chase was worried about Zoey dating Logan.

  • Dinosuar

    Exactly! That means that it is getting close to that episode where Chase tells Zoey his feelings.

  • jason

    hey jay how you know The episode “Balloon note” comes on Dec 10. this dec 10? where you find out? or just guess?

  • Jay

    Just go to google and type “Zoey 101 episodes” then click on “Zoey 101 TV Show – Zoey 101 Television Show – TV.com”. After that you see Zoey looking at Nicole. The backround should be blue. Under Zoey and Nicole there are selections of “summary”,”episodes”, “cast”, “news”, “videos” ect. Click “episodes” and it will show you the first season episodes of Zoey 101 and then go to the third one.

  • zoey

    why don’t you show tech-mates?????????

  • Dinosuar

    What’s so spescial about tech-mates?

  • Dinosuar

    Today we get to see what happens to Chase.

  • Dinosuar

    I don’t think so because I infoed it and they skipped another week.

  • Dinosuar

    Sorry I was wrong. But I think that was a normal episode of Zoey 101. No one pushing Chase to tell Zoey feelings and no new secrets from anyone. It was just an episode.

  • Jay

    Chase’s, Logan’s, and Michael’s face was messed up. I don’t know about Mark but he was in a baseketball net. Before that, when Zoey said “not everyone hates you”, I think that it is getting close for Chase and Zoey to be together though.

    P.S. I wasn’t exspecting Michael and Logan to step in right when Chase was about to fight with the team. But how did they know that it was going to happen?

  • I don’t care wat everyone say but i really want logan and zoey to be tagether. i think they are a better couple than zoey and chase.

  • Jay


  • mich

    why not?
    dont u think they would be a good couple… i mean they are both hot!!!

  • Jay

    First of all girls think Logan is hot not me. I mean he cool and everything. But Zoey man she is hot but it is up to the director of Zoey 101. Well Logan and Zoey had there chance in one episode where Logan was in a play that Chase made. Zoey acually fell for him until he got pissed when she messed up the play. But Chas eis nice and kind, Logan is hardly nice to Zoey and he is TO MUCH INTO HIMSELF. Zoey is nice and kind also but sometimes a little punchy around everyone when she is angry.

  • Dinosuar

    While you two are arguin about this stuff, all I wanna know is why they’re skippin another week?

  • Jay

    I wasn’t arguin about anything. I was just sayin Logan is to much into himself. Yeah why are they skippin another week?

  • Jay

    They showed DORA THE EXPLORER instead of Zoey 101. What were they thinkin?

  • Kayla Victoria Ruggle

    Hi Jamie i’m like one of your biggest fan’s I love all your shows Do you like some one in your show for real life? or dus some one eles like you? Is dustin your real brother? I’m only 8 year’s old how old are you? Do you get to say what the movie is going to be like? or dus some one eles do it? Do you pick out what you want to wear for when you go and do your show? because I Love what you wear? i’m sorry i talked to you so much i’m just a chater box because i just love watching shows and movies i never met you in person but i really wanted to go to a concert to watch you or a nother person. FROM KAYLA

  • Kayla Victoria Ruggle

    I think that logan is so hot

  • kayla Victoria Ruggle

    I like want to date him than at the end of the date we kiss. by the way i was just kidding about i was 8 i’m actually 11 year’s old LOGAN YOU ROCK

  • Jay

    Lets see if there going to show Zoey 101 today.

  • Dinosuar

    The new episode of Zoey 101 is called “Silver Hammer Society”.

  • Jay

    Why did Zoey 101 come five minutes earlier?

  • Dinosuar

    I say that was another regular episode. But Logan was going crazy about joining in that club.

  • Anna

    I agree with Kayla!! LOGAN IS SO HOT!!!

  • justin

    What a pretty boy.

  • Dinosuar


  • Jay

    Same thing except even louder and longer lol.

  • Dinosuar

    Hey guys! I just realized that….you know Mark Delfigolo? The boyfriend of Quinn, he’s the producer of Zoey 101!

  • Anna

    Justin who is a pretty boy???
    ANNA lol

  • justin

    Duh, me.

  • Jay

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You just did a Logan!

  • Dinosuar

    How much you wanna bet that he’s tryin to hook up with Anna?

  • yimmTIHIN


  • Jay

    She wants to be skinny and I like Lola also. But I love Jamie.

  • louisa

    aww! i cant believe they kicked nicole out!! ive only seen 1 and a half episodes online coz we dont have a tv n i dont think series 3 is showing yet in england..

    im sooo gonna miss nicole i cant believe alexa was fired n dana too i so didnt know about that i thought she just quit or something =(

  • louisa

    oh n what i meant was i have only seen 1 and a half episodes of series 3.. i have nt seen the rest of series 2 coz uk is so damn slow with nickelodeon n stuff we’re so missing out

  • Jay

    Nicole isn’t fired. I know because yesterday JAMIE-LYNN SPEARS wrote a comment saying that she wasn’t fired.

  • lula

    quisiera que de una vez por todas chase se le declare a zoey porque harian una muy bonita pareja

  • asdf

    anyone know when there’s gonna be a new freaking episode?! There hasn’t been one in like a month!

  • cutegirl

    uhh!! could u pz stop it louisa, i mean at least u get to see it, here in mexico nick still transmiting season 2.

  • Hey guys whats up. my english isn’t very well. I look Zoey 101 here in germany and in my opinion Zoey is awesome. The 27th articel wrote jamie lynn spears, that wasn’t the real jamie lynn, was she?
    Does somebody know the E-mail adress of jamie lynn ?

    ok bye good greets from Germany

  • Jay

    I know her e-mail but I’m not able to tell you guys because this public web page won’t allow me.

  • i can’t believe they fired alexa.she was my fav character. i am so pissed

  • Jay

    I said before that I heard Jamie-Lynn Spears herself say that alexa is not fired.

  • Jay,

    Hate to break it to you. She’s fired. Whoever you heard it from is a fake.

  • Jay

    i said i heard it straight from jamie-lynn herself tell me

  • omg i didn’t want nicole to get off the show she was my favorite. Why couldn’t they all stay! The show would be alot better. i like the show but they take forever to give a new episode the last episode was micheal loves lisa. The episode was so good. But what happens next? Will chase ever tell zoey that he loves her! Its taking so long i want them to show the episode when he actually tells zoey he loves her. I can’t wait anymore.

  • SAM


  • It’s horrid that the people bashing Jamie Lynn, climing to ‘be alexa fans’ don’t actually listen to Alexa. Alexa confirmed herself on her myspace that she QUIT and was not fired. Disney offered her a better deal and she took it.

    It had nothing to do with Jamie Lynn, who’s a lovely girl.

  • Jay

    chase will tell zoey his feeling about her in this season

  • hey

    i hate jamie

  • Kristen

    Zoey does rock to me.Even though she kicked off Nicole and that sucks because Nicole rocks!The show is the best,because I watch it every night and about one hour ago I saw the episode with Quinn lama

  • Jay

    Jamie is the best

  • jk uk

    hi. i’m from england and we don’t have season 3 yet so could all the people who have seen season 3 please tell me what is happening between chase and zoey. and if they will get togther. also there is an episode called zoey and logan. so i don’t know if that is zoey and logan getting together!?but please please tell me what happens with zoey and chase.

  • jk uk

    i got wrong infomation i dont think there is an episode of zoey and logan soz

  • Jay

    chase gets a girlfriend in the first episode of season three.

  • CallmeMaddy

    Hey guys,

    I’ve seen the dvd…and the new episode. Check out my review.

  • J.G

    could anyone possibly tell me when season 3 premieres in the UK please as i would really like to know.

  • wc

  • any1 13,14.

  • Jay


  • The show is fantastic because the people are so funny. My three favorite characters are Zoey, Nicole, and Lola. The new season better the first two season. The best two shows on Teennick are Zoey 101 and Just Jordan. I love both of those shows so much. But i think i like Zoey 101 better cause i never miss the show. My three favorie espdoes are 1. People Auction my second 2. is Lola Likes Chase & my last is Chase’s Girlfriend

  • Z1F
  • Denise


  • Antdude

    Backing up wat JG said. We really want too new when series 3 starts in England, it sound quality. We Need It Now. plz wb

  • Zoey_fan

    I heard In March 4 have new epsiodes. It call “Wrestling

    Zoey joins the wrestling team after breaking up a fight, but the coach won’t let her on the mat. At the regional tournament, she finally gets a chance to wrestle—in a championship match against a tough 16-year-old boy.

    Also i just hope it’s true because i really want watch that one!

  • sierra

    I can’t beive hase didthat to zoey !!!!!!!!!! I thouth he liked her?

  • Bryce

    hi is anyone there zoey 101 is awsome, but Thats so Raven is much better

  • Bryce

    hi is anyone there zoey 101 is awsome, but Thats so Raven is much better

  • suzi

    hey, guyz

    i have watched almost all the shows of ZoeY 101.
    n i wished that Chase would tell Zoey hw he feels about her.
    Bye the way i really dont think that they would make a gr8 couple.


  • Rachel

    I know chase never tells Zoey that he love her. I can’t believe it because Chase is getting over Zoey this Season 3!

    I bought Zoey 101 DVD and they have bonus episode: Quarantine.

    Ok everyone think Chase and Zoey are date but they are not dating but Zoey is going dating with Danny.

  • Jay

    who’s danny?

  • Nicole

    I think Jaime lynn spears should be kick off i wish everyone hated her

  • Rachel
  • GriffyJ

    March 11 is the night of the episode “Zoey’s Balloon.” I hear this is the episode where FINALLY Chase and Zoey get together…shit, I hope so… its been dragging on too long and its killing me. Make sure you guys all watch!!!!!

  • Jay

    actually the episode (Balloon Note), someone finds out Zoey’s secret and blackmails her.

  • Rachel

    why someone find out zoey’s secret? I wonder why zoey has a secret.

  • Jay

    everyone has secrets, and i don’t know wat zoey’s secret is but my gues is that zoey likes chase

  • lululo

    Chase better tell Zoey cause im getting BORED with the idea.thats all i wanted to say 4 now.

  • lululo

    i was just watching tv when i saw harry potter (daniel redcliffe) kiss this 30+ lady!
    i no this has nothing to do with zoey 101 but it was still weird! 🙁

  • Jay

    chase has to tell zoey b 4 someone else gets with her

  • Zack

    I just saw a Zoey 101 episode. Don’t worry it was a one i seen before it was surpise. But everyone watch Teennick tonight. Cause i saw previews of wresting the new episode that will be aired next sunday. I have 2 record it on my dad’s tv A.S.A.P cause if i miss it i’ll go crazy. I love Jamie Lynn Spears so much I can’t wait until Chase tells Zoey he loves her. I think they’ll make sexy and cute copule. P.S. I can’t wait until next sunday wresting then Ballon note i’m soooooooooooooo exicted! Jamie Lynn your beauiful and your show is so awssome you rock go girl!

  • Jay

    i’m with u there girl

  • Zack

    Man! Who thinks Hanna Montana is b better then Zoey 101. Nothing is better then Zoey 101 evey sunday i watch Teennick my three fav. shows on teennick are Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, and Just Jordan. I used 2 watch Unfabulous but it got boring so i stoped watching it. Anyway i wonder wat Chase is going 2 tell Zoey on his note. I hope he tells her he loves her. When i saw the movie Spring Break-Up i saw the whole movie i really enjoyed it but the ending was messed up Chase was finally going to tell Zoey he loved her but Zoey forgot her teck mate back on the fountain then it fell in the water i was so mad.
    This sunday there airing Wrestling then after that Zoey’s balloon. P.S. Jamie Lynn is the most beauitful girl & actor/ tv Star ever i wish someday i can meet her. I’m a huge Zoey 101 fan i seen every espisode of it i love Zoey 101 I know i made some spelling mistakes i’m sorry for that please forgive me!

  • Jay

    yo the only thing i know is that this season of zoey 101, chase and zoey will go on a date so don’t worry

  • marcus

    I love zoey 101 chase needs to hurry up zoey is fine this show is my favorite piont blank.

  • Zack

    Hey JK UK I’m from USA my name is Zachary but my friends call me Zack. Well you want 2 know wat is going on with Chase & Zoey. Well their still best friends. I think Chase will tell Zoey on the episode Zoey’s Balloon well i don’t for sure. But i heard that Zoey has a secret when someone finds out they start blackmailing her about it. I’ll watch the episode then tell you about wat i saw.

  • Jay

    that’s the episode i was talkin about the whole time.

  • boy from NORWAY

    i like Zoey 101 and you have the best show in the world. Im from Norway and i love you and you are very sexy. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Jay

    jamie-lynn never on this kid, so right now all u did was give out info about u.

  • Jessica

    Wow, you ARE obsessed with zoey 101.

  • Jessica

    🙂 Um, Who Here Goes On HabboHotel.com
    Add Me: Smexii-pie

  • Jay

    I love Zoey 101. i know everything about it.

  • Zoey_fan

    did you see preview of “Zoey’s Balloon”
    wow it look good.

  • Jay

    yeah it’s somethin i gotta see!

  • Zoey_fan

    I’m looking forward to the new one more, sounds really interesting. Has me wondering who took Zoey’s balloon and what her secret is…

    my guess is that zoey likes chase or someone… I saw preview of Zoey’s Balloon that chase try peak seek zoey’s sercet card with balloon.

    I bet chase took zoey’s balloon. iam not sure. we have to wait see Zoey’s balloon on sunday I CANT WAIT!

  • Jay

    u got that right

  • boy from NORWAY

    were do you come from Jay?

  • Jay

    New Jersey, y?

  • boy from NORWAY


  • boy from NORWAY

    nothing i just wondering

  • boy from NORWAY

    F***. you are lukcy. i love New Jersey its a deam cool city

  • boy from NORWAY

    im not so good in english. im froom Norway

  • Jay

    i was born there not raised, i wish i was though cause most of my family members live there.

  • boy from NORWAY


  • Jay

    where getting closer to the episode were chase tells zoey his feelings, i can’t wait!

  • boy from NORWAY

    i now

  • boy from NORWAY

    do you know what Jamies spears messenger is

  • Jay


  • nobody know my name

    I think Chase won’t tells Zoey that he love her. Why because Zoey is dating with other cute guy name Danny. I don’ think Zoey like chase on ZOey’s Balloon. Or Zoey did not write her secret about chase on note balloon. sorry I just my guess.

  • nobody know my name

    ZOEY 101 ROCKS!!!!

  • Jay

    i was told that zoey does go on a date with danny, but she didn’t make it and danny was mad at her for that, so i think there not goin to b friends when that happens

  • nobody know my name

    Oh I see. Thanks Jay for tells me about Zoey.

  • Jay

    not to embarress u or insult u or anything, i’m just sayin wat might happen.

  • Jay

    i might b wrong.

  • wicked357

    omg i totally agree with all of u guys except for the part that zoey can actually act….cause she cant and everyone should know that by now…oh and neither could dana cause she kinda mumbled her lines. i hate that jamie had a fight with alexa ….cause that is wat u call an actress.anyways alexa caould have totally knocked her right out everyone agrees.oh um and i like the show ….before…. not now!!!!! Grrrr!

  • Wicked456

    i toatllay think zoey cant act and the fact that alexa is off the show is torture.I already tried dealng with dana being off the show now this.everyone in my community stoped watching it but hey now i bet alexa will get a better deal like movies and good job alexa for knocking zoey out anyways peace out peeps

  • Jay

    that happened for a reason, besides she dana was too old for the show.

  • wicked

    um shut up jay even though she did look a little old she was a much better actress than jamie

  • x.o.x.o u rock!

    omg!! i cant wait till chase tell zoey he loves her. but i wonder, when is he gonna tell her my god!! it pissed me off i cant even think wats gonna happen in a next season… i wonder… last time i watch it lola and quin was teasing zoey bout chase so zoey got so pissed off… and she went to chase dorm and he saw chase kissing a gurl and zoey was so disapointed and chase said this is my girlfriend and zoey was so shock and i think the gurl ” chase gf” dosent like zoey an ithink bcaz she jealouse sometimes caz zoey’s hanging out with chase and that bcaz there bestfriend and when chase heard that her gf told zoey dat stay away from chase i think chase dumb her gf and i dont no wat happen and the happy ending… but i wonder wats the happy ending cant wait yikes!!

  • iRock.x.o.x.o.x.o.x.

    Heyyyyy. Omg, I can’t believe Nicole is gone! She shouldn’t have been fired/quit, whatever the case was. That was just downright stupid for Nick to do that, they’re just losing viewers. If Chase doesn’t say he loves Zoey, then they’re going to loose ALOT of viewers, including ME. Jamie Lynn Spears… she’s okay. But my favorite was Nicole and I can’t believe she’s not on the show anymore. I also liked Dana but she’s gone too. Zoey 101 is kinda pointless now if Chase doesn’t tell Zoey then that’s it. Just stating my opinion.

  • Ashley

    Im glad Nicole is gone.I hope zoey,dana,and lola are in the same room.that would be cool.
    I wish kwin

  • Jay

    hey wicked, it already happened, we win, u lose, nuthin u can do, get on with yur life.

  • Jay

    iRock, i couldn’t have said it better.

  • zoey101 big fan

    omg! i just want to now wat is going to happen. is chase going to stay with his grilfriend or is he going to tell zoey everything.us peopleas fans should get to now what happens. i want to now so bad!?¿

  • Jay

    chase breaks up with her

  • Helpful

    I love the show, but in the last episode balloons were released into the air. Balloons can be harmful to dolphins and sea turtles. They think it’s food and it gets stuck in their stomach. It’s even against the law to release balloons in some states.

  • nobody know my name

    On Zoeys Balloon, the blackmailer is REBECCA!

  • Jay


  • Hey, i read every thing all of u said but i need to know if u know a place online i can watch the second eposiode i missed it and realy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 want to see it !!! i dont think they should kick so many people off the show the ratings will drop and thats not go they will regret it … but we all know that zoey and chase like each other and should get together but if they do that well we will all be happy but if they want to keep it interesting for the rest of the season than what are they going to do? If they give us what they want then we will take that and leave…(know what i mean?) if they get together than i will be happy but probly might not want to watch it anymore because i would not want something bad to happen! i mean the producers dont want that! Anyway so well i just wanted to say what i thought so let me know about the show (season 3, eposiode 2)and lets keep eachother posted on whats going on! Thanks Bye

  • Jay

    the second episode, chase breaks up with his girlfriend?

  • please do you know where you can watch the second eposiod online yes or no! if you go on to family.ca than you can watch the full first eposoid of zoey 101 season 3!

  • i don’t like rebecca with chase its not right!

  • Jay

    go to turbonick.com, and go to zoey 101

  • by the way im 14

  • Jay

    I’m 16

  • Dakota

    i think JAMIE IS LIKE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    so do i

  • Hi Jamie I’m an actor that is a girl plez tell people about im Rachel Mangus i am 10 then soon i’ll be 11 on April 9th i line in Noblesville IN i am a actor i need help with my career

  • Kathryn

    I agree with the writer. They keep kicking every1 off the show 4 no good reason. They were good actresses and yeah I’m annoyed. They tried to make Zoey out that she is just like 1 of the guys but she isn’t. She’s a girly girl and I think it’s stupid to have everything revolve around her.

  • brooklyn

    jay i rlly need jamies email how did you even get it?

  • brooklyn

    dont you guys think that it wud be so cool to be on zoey 101 if there are auditions im so there and yupp logan is pretty hott i just cant beleive that he almost 18 yrs old and chase is 18

  • Jay


  • zoey 101 sucks bad

  • joanna

    lol they always make it so zoey(jaimie)
    cant find out!

  • Were douse Zoey live. Whos your best firend. Do you LOVE Chase Well Chase LOVES YOU.

  • Dylan Kuehn

    Zoey you are the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. Will you marry me Im From canada I live in kitchener and My street name is oprington pl please zoey I love you so much i’ve watched all of your episodes.Or atleast I want to make out with you

  • Dylan Kuehn

    Your Cute Damb your sexy!!!!!!!!



  • zoey101 fan x

    does any one know if chase is ever goin to tell zoey that he loves her? i really think he should because they would make such a sweet cuple and it is clear that they both like each other so why don’t they just go out i think its really stupid makin us wait to find out!! x

  • Zoey_fan

    i am sooo sad when chases grandma dies… aww and at the end chase and zoey were in the rain and he was crying on her shoulderrr. awww 🙁

  • crimson_n_clover

    No one said what happened at the end of the balloon episode.No her secret had nothing to do with Chase.Her roomies found out it was Rebecca blackmailing her and Zoey was still going to carry out Rebeca’s orders rather than tell her own secret.At the quad everybody just started telling their secrets to lessen the blow on hers. Zoey then steps up and tells her own secret.She was the little girl in the picture on a bottle of suntan lotion where the kid’s butt is exposed by a dog pulling on her swimsuit.Lame!Then everybody does the Macarena.Why they had to rename the dance is a mystery!

  • hmmhm

    DANA LEFT CAUSE SHE LOOKED “TOO OLD?” YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. omg she was my favorite character. i hate jamie lynn spears, she made nicole leave. how dare she. ergh. quinn is my fav girl character, adn logan is my favorite guy character, lol wish quinn and logan dated, the look cute.

  • I think it’s a good thing that Nicole is gone I don’t think she really fits in with the show and honestly I don’t like her I also thought she was to hyper!

  • Kristen

    well I don’t want to make whoever created this sight feel bad or sad,but the next season of Zoey101
    is not coming on september 24th it is comeing even sooner, march 16th 2007,even better,that means it already past and you’ll be able to whatch new episodes every friday untill they show all of the episodes,because they only shoot episodes of Zoey101 in the summer time when everybody’s off school

  • Alex

    Does anyone know what the song is called at the end off the break up episode b/c I want to figure the piano lyrics for it

  • Jay

    dunno, lol

  • logan#1fan

    i love wachting the show they are awsome i love to look at logan/matthew. he seems mean that is what i like. i love how he tries to get zoey and she slaps him it is so funny. i have to say how can you not like him. that was crazy with chase and that bratty gurl. she is up to no good well gurls if u think the same thing i do about logan/ matthew tell me

  • emz x

    hey guyz this is 4 alex i dnt no wat specific episode u mean bt here is a website which has lyk most of the zoey 101 songs on it.

    hope it helps! emma x

  • emz x

    Also here is a website which have lyk all of the season 3 episodes on there but it doesnt say that chase n zoey r eva gonna hook up! laim i no! emma x

  • chris

    ithink lola is a great charcter what do you think how can i get her msn adi email bak plz

  • megan


  • karie ags

    zoey u and chase make a good coupe

  • joey

    i can not believe that nicole is fired if logan if logan is gone I am too believe it!!!!

  • joey

    I would love to see Chase ask Zoey to go out then make out with her i would just cry!

  • joey

    i will just love to slap every body in the cast because in season 2 they should have let chase ask zoey out and then make out with her.

  • joey

    If they kick out dustin i would not be a fan ever again

  • joey


  • joey

    damn u nick i can not belieave that they kick off dana and going to kick off nicole beleive it if they kick of logan i gone too!

  • emz x

    the reason that nicole isnt in it any more is coz her and jamie lynn spears had lyk a realy big fight n then britney gt involved so they fired her

  • emz x

    to be more precise: According to reports, Alexa and Jamie-Lynn Spears ‘got into a spat’ at which point Jamie-Lynn’s older sister Britney told Alexa that she would ‘never work in this town again’. It appears that Nicole will now ‘meet with a bad accident’ and be forced to leave the show entirely.

    To read more and save alexa go to Save Alexa and VOTE!

  • Pheonix

    hey people i got news about zoey and chase

  • Kristen

    Yo what is the news about zoey and chase

  • pinkbabe9292

    omg chase is fit i dont think he should get together with zoey he should get togather with me 🙂 he is such a good actor to I LOVE YOU CHASE!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma

    His girlfriend is called Rebecca and zoey and chase do get closer in this season and I hope they do get together!!

  • Jay

    when is the next new episode comming up?! i’m goin crazy!!!!

  • chris

    hey ive been searching new zoey 101 episodes and theres new ones coming after the micheal loves lisa one in order they are

    zoeys ribs
    secret room
    it’s time
    Rebecca strikes back
    Chase loves Zoey

    the chase loves zoey one is when chase admitts he loves her and this time zoey gets the message

  • jody

    i adore zoey 101 i love lola zoey Quin logon chase micole rebecca every one i really want to meet you jamie so please let me meey u i love all the episodes

  • chris

    OMG i JUST WATCHED the zoeys ribs episode i dont like it zoey had to gte an operation

  • Harry

    hi zoey why did nicole leave

  • JODY

    jamie if you read this iam so happy and when you have time can you tell me when i can meet u? and all the gang if iam not on still send the anser ill check when iam on i am such a fan of you


  • Allison

    there starting season 4 of zoey 101.

    i was on jamie lynn’s site (jamieinsider.com) and it said……
    Apr 16 2007
    Jamie Lynn has finally updated her official site. Check out what she wrote on her online diary:
    April 16, 2007

    Hey Everyone!
    I hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for summer!! I am just busy with school and went on Spring Break to Destin, Florida!! It was so much fun and the beaches are so pretty in Destin. I also went to the Kid’s Choice Awards a few weeks ago, which was great! Now, I am getting ready to head back to L.A. and tape Season 4 of Zoey!!

    Take Care!
    when is season 3 gonna finish airing??????

  • jodie

    hi every one lola and zoey are super pretty

  • lil mizz sxc zoey 101 mint!

    ryt ppl i think jamie lynn is a brill actor.I Dont think its fair why they kicked dana n nicole off nicole woz brill.Jamie Lynn is reeaali pretty n i luv the new charater lola shes crrazy.
    But the Zoey n chase thing is gettin tired now
    I WISH HE WUD JuST TELL ZOEY HE LIKES HER they are practically in luv!! x

  • Jay

    when is the next episode coming?

  • joey

    i heard that ZOEY AND CHASE KISSED whiel in the night when it was rainning!!!! awwwwwwwwww

  • Jay


  • Allison

    hey joey

    no it was chase’s grandmother espiosdes

    at end chase was crying on zoey’s shoulder with rain and night Also they are NOT kiss

  • rhonda

    hi zoey do u have msn add me your friends add me too ok bye now

  • katie

    i heard that they are gonna be starting season 4 does anyone know where i can get the episodes???????

  • Zoey101 fan

    Does anyone like life with derek?

  • BabyS

    U lot are mean…zoey’s a good actress…dont c see u on tv..neway i think that zoey and logan shud go out..it wud b great 2 see chase’s facee..haha..and im liking lola 2..shes great!!

  • Zoey101 fan

    Can anyone answer my question
    Do you like the show Life With Derek
    And I agree with you BabyS, Jamie Lyn Spears is a good actress

  • sdf

    i think that she is a good actress

  • yall, come on, this is sooooo stupid that alexa got kicked off, i wish that she could stay, jamie lynn is a total retard!!! i hate her sooo much, shes a freak, nicole(alexa) on zoey 101 waz a great person, she was funny and she mad the show fun to watch. i almost cried when i found out she was leaving, just because alexa and jamie lynn did not get along doesnt mean anything, i hate that in the first show that everyone was saying that alexa couldnt come back because she had a boy prob, if your like me and u just love alexa and wanna c more of her, then go http://www.youtube.com and search for alexa nikolas, theyll have all these videos of her you just couldnt believe

  • fyl, when chase does tell zoey he likes her, it will be the last show, and then, there is no point of him even telling her, so 4 all of yall wanting chase to tell zoey how he feels, if wont be worth it, and btw, i think that they should kick dustin of the show and put nicole and danna back on, dustin only been in like 6 of the episodes, total, sooo he is soooo not worth having on the show, and how much do u want to bet by the time next season comes around, the hottie of the show logan, we be of the show, there are rumors going on the chase and logan dont get along of set, and since that zoey and chase are supposed to be ”the main stars on that show”there is a good chance that he wont be here next season, and another rumor that is going on that lola that was best friends with her old co. star alexa nikolas will not be here for the next season eirther, word is spreding that since victoria and alexa were tight friends on set, that ever since alexa left things have not been the same, im telling, if they keep cutting people from the show, nick will toss the show zoey lol out faster then last years seven jeans, well that all the info i have 4 now, ill let u know if i have anymore info, or u can e-mail me im

  • o yea, by the way, that chris guy up there is lying, there are noo episods like that

  • i totally agree with double g in the house, me and my bestest friend in the world love that show, and we love alexa, and someday, i can feel it, alexa will make another appearnce on zoey lol

  • sooo…. is anyone else going to talk because im all alone here on the sight

  • Anna

    Ok Dana was the 2nd coolest charater,she was the one who could do as much as Zoey(cuz for some WEIRD reason Zoey knows EVERYTHING and shes the one CHase likes..as if shes an awsome person or something) if Chase is out of the show ill DEFINETLY quit watching cause I watch it for HIM.
    Jaimie Lynn Spears is REALLY irritating me,shes a TERRIBLE actress and shes makeing the show compleatly about HER,I mean she comes up with the new backpack idea and SHE has Chase likeing her,and SHE is ALWAYS butting into Dustins life and when SHE cant do that she gets another person claiming “I dont want my baby brother hanging out with that…woman” as if Zoey controls Dustins life. Wish there was somethign to do to get Dana back,Dana and CHase should go together cause Dana was 1000 times better then little miss Priss Jaimie. I HATE Jaimie she cant act.GRR!

  • Kristen

    It was so sad when chases grandma died and chase cries in the rain on Zoey’s shoulder,chase is going to tell zoey he loves her soooo soon probabley. know when or if chase is going to tell zoey he loves her?(you know, like,can promise when and)

  • IF any of the stars of ZOEY101 GET THIS I LOVE U

  • umran

    can some one tell me when the new episodes start

  • Dayna

    Hi everyone i just hate it why they kicked Dana off because we have the same name and i say she is just like me but Nicole was really cool because she’s always obsessed with boys which is pretty normal i know that this is my first time i wrote a comment but i hope that you guys and gals like it because i say that Zoey and Chase should tell them to make an epoisde that chase and Zoey become girl friend and boy friend so that we can see what a sweet couple they are so please i know this is saying to much but if anyone knows any of the actors or actress please tell them to get Zoey and Chase to be girl friend and boy friend i’m just tired of waiting to see every knew epoised that comes out and there not what i want so thanks if you get this =)Thank you(=

  • Skye

    She didnt get kicked off she quit.
    I doagree with what you said though.
    Have you relised whenever the whole group goes somewhere jamie is the only one who not with them.
    and the little podcast things no jamie and awards she doesnt sit with the group.
    and the only reason she no kicked off is because the role was made for her and plus she the main character.

  • Louie01

    i cant beileve chase hasnt told zoey about his fillings i agree that its going to be to late and zoey is going to be taken.

  • Louie01

    did u peoples see the new zoey 101 grandfathers old radio?i laught when zoey hit chase with the pie.

  • Louie01

    hellow is anybody in there?!
    nobody is writing no mores

  • Louie01

    yo robert u there

  • when is chase finaly going to say to zoey that he loves her!

  • #1 LOGAN FAN!!!!!!!

    OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG LOGAN IS SOOOO HOT HE IS YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xxx

    okay Chase isn’t going tells Zoey that he love her know why because in “Chase’s Girlfriend” epiosde and he think Zoey read her tekmate already so why she don’t want send him back then he think ZOey don’t love him back so he accept it and he is getting over Zoey! CHASE IS STUPID WHY HE THINK ZOEY ALREADY KNOW THAT CHASE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    omg…i love Zoey 101…why did they take nicole off?she was the best…wait the 2nd best…Logan(Mathew Underwood)is the best n the hottest….

  • louie01

    does anyone no when that new epeisode of zoey 101 with meranda cosgro in it is coming

  • xxx

    they will air on Aug. 10th

  • jordan

    Hi you guys Did you see the new zoey 101

  • courtsie_zoeyfan

    hey every1 i am a really crazy zoey 101 fan. i really like zoey i dnt like nicole but love dana and evry1 else 2…
    i wish chase wld tell zoey he loves her i think its so gay he hasnt told her yet
    i love zoey 101 even though its well cheesy
    zoey cnt even really act but i still lovve herrr
    please chat bak!!

  • molly12

    i heard that jamie and britney spears ganged up on alexs and said bad stuff 2 her and then alexs quite!

  • molly12

    i think jamie is a bratie snoby BRATE in real life and in the show!!!!!!!!!!i loved nicole dhe was the best actress ther!

  • fan of alexa

    both of the reasons they got sacked are totally unfair, surely the producers could get sacked for unfair dismissal, especially in alexa’s case, its only coz jamie’s got relatives in the producers that alexa got sacked, she was the best character, luckily i know my other fav character wont disappear, chase is the best but thats not the point right here, i wasnt a big fan of dana and i prefer lola, but thats a really unfair reason to sack her, and people should stop skirtin round jamie’s faults, i mean this “perfect” girl, notice the quotation marks, had a pregnancy scare at 16 the gods sake, shes just turnin into a copy of her sister, who is about as screwed up as you can get

  • fan of alexa

    on the first line of that last comment i meant to say the producers could be sued, not sacked

  • molly12

    ya i agree nicole was my fav charecter and i didnt lik dana i lik lola!

  • maybe britany shud return to the sponge room, n i dint kno miranda cosgrove woz cumin in, hav thy gt rid of any1, no offense to jamie she cnt help if her big sis is a loopy

  • kevvie

    hey jamie your are very sweeeeeeeeeeet i like you bye kevin from germany

  • girl

    what about dana. Doesnt anyone care about her any more? responds anyone?

  • whitney

    zoey u are the coolest person on earth.and all the guys are hot.wats about danna shes not a nice person well. bye .yo yo zoey vote for zoey.ya

  • Leonyce

    OMG I have the biggest crush on Matthew! I love u!
    Anyway love the show, hoping 2 be an actor myself maby i’ll get there 1 day.

    LOVE Leonyce

  • LOL

    love zoey my fav actor is lola and logan

  • 00000


  • chloe

    i think the new episodes are great but some a quite boring im watching anothr 1 at 12.00 carnt wait

  • well,…. i of course think that in a point you all have a good reason…. and of course… I know i mean when are they going to let chase tell zoey that he likes her… but i don’t know i mean i read in a magazine that chase and zoey are finally going to announce their boyfrien-girllfriend relationship… that’s why i’m kind of like when is that going to happen… i’m really excited to see that EPISODE……i just can’t wait till chase really declares what he feels for zou.. and to see zous… expression…ugghh why are they making it like really eternally eternal for the audience… also come on, i was wondering too, why doesn’t chase just tells zoey about it i mean….we love chase and zoey by separate but imagine them together come on i would totally love it don’t you guys!!!!!!!!

  • hey you all… sorry i forgot… i also read that zoey is going to be dating some new guy at PCA called JAMES… and so Chase is going to have some competition because of James giving him a hard time… this is like so true. since i saw the pictures in a magazine ..AND saw the guy JAMES, well he’s not even cute or hot.. he’s blonde and so chase is like waaaaaaaaaay hotter what do ya’ll think

  • please keep posting news on this new JAMES thing…

  • austin

    HAY JAMIE LYNN SPEARS ILOVE ZOEY101 ITS THE BESTSHOW ZOEY101rocks! ihavenot missed episodeiwould like to meet you jamie lynn spears
    iliveat red bush ky

  • iam starting not to like the show Zoey101 now that Alexa Nikolas is gone

  • sweta

    I think if I were zoey i would have slaped chase’s
    new girlfriend or maybe even chase for going out with her just because he was to chicken to tell
    zoey that he loved her even if it ment zoey telling him that she just wants to be friends!

  • imogen hurley

    chase jest ask zoey to be your girlfriend she would proble say yes and you are so sexey

  • emma

    oh my gosh!Has anyone else here seen the episode of zoey 101 when zoey decides to move to england with her parents,and goes to a boarding school there.I think that it was the best episode,because chase finally admits that he’s loved zoey since the first day he saw her.But he didn’t even tell her in person,he actually just told micheal and logan but zoey overheard when she was on the web cam from england.I think that this was the last episode,since jamie-lynn is now pregnent.

  • zoey when chase said he love you i got scare why he didn’t tell you he tell every body esle but not you



  • CallmeMaddy

    And now Jamie’s pregnant.

    I never liked her.


  • JustSamyyy

    So does anyone know how this season will end? with her being prego and all.

    wow, what a great rolemodel for kids… *sigh*

  • hey i think she should not be kicked off the show

  • hulio

    hey, does anyone know the name of the band who sang the song in th nw zoey 101? nt the theme song…..

  • u know who

    how do you see the new episode called the spring break up where do you see it?

  • u know who

    will someone please answer me?

  • Zoey 101 is so cool i love it.

  • Adrian

    I realy hope that zoey 101 continues even if jamie is pregnant, they could wait till she has her baby and then resume the episodes

    waht do you guys think

  • Sabrina

    I think they cannot wait til that long, and besides; she has to take care of the baby. Don’t want her to end up being like her sister and being a misfit mother.
    Or is she gonna just have her parents raise it?

  • alex

    i love this show, please, dont quit this…

  • irene granados marcos

    i’love zoey and logan i’love zoey 101!!you spanish
    i’love jamie lynn spears and fantastic

  • chloe

    plz dont shut this show down i love logan

  • Zoeys boy toy

    The shows over guys. There is no season 4 or new season now that goodbye zoey ended. It’s all over. Thanks for your support everyone! But its time to turn off our tvs because the show has been CANCELED

  • Zoey 101

    Dude, I use to love this show!
    If I miss even I minute of the action, Ill be pissed!
    But now that I found out that Zoey’s pregnant, all I can say is Its been a good show, to bad there going to cancel it.. I don’t care anymore Zoey 101 Isn’t Zoey 101 without Zoey!

  • chariel

    dis movie is great
    i think jamie is cute

  • unknown

    They aren’t going to cancel it! The back 2 back episode is on 2morrow. Don’t you guys watch TV? I mean its on TV! I can’t wait! Zoey is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And chase asks her is she loves him back. If you don’t believe me then watch Nick TV’s commercials.


  • amersbabe

    does anyone know the title of the song that played at the end of the show when Chase’e grandmother died, this first aired March 18 2007

  • Daminee

    Please someone tell nme when does Chase tells zoey he loves her.

  • Daminee

    its called Raindrops are falling

  • vik

    My favorit city is Holliwood California San Diago. You are like so lucky that you get to get in that king of school. Also your are so awesome in Zoey 101. I love the way you act…

  • brooke

    I love the way ou act you are soooooo cool i love your charrecter but i want to no how did chase tell you he loved you.

  • babygirl

    zoey’s girlfriend is called rebecca .and i love zoey 101 so please i’m anxious to see the rest please

  • anthony

    Zoey 101 isd the bst!!!

  • olly

    zoey y jamie y not chase

  • roxy

    OMG r u really going to go out with chase awwww you to were mrnt to be toghter in the show and you should beacuseyou know chase since you started PCAzoey 101 is the best

  • roxy

    kiss chase love u zoey and please zoey can you play the one when sui rock burn down it my favourite lloooooooooovvve u and logan and chase;lola mark out of ten 10 out of 10

  • Omg I <3 LOgan and QUinn together! I <3 season 4! They better have a season 5! Why can't they just replace Jamie? I can't wait till "date for two many"!

  • lennin

    zoey te amo me gustas mucho me encantaria conocerte alguna vez

    “un saludo a todo mexico”


    me gusta mucho tus aventuras jamie linn espears


  • Christina Babess //*

    Omg Chase Finally Addmited That He Loved Zoey & Zoey heard ,, Then They Went On A Date Abd She Said It Back.

    Omly Cause Jamie-Lynn Soears Is Pregnant Y Stop The Show ?
    I Think She Should Just Take Some Time Out And A Couple Of Months After The Baby’s Born She Should Bring Out Another Season, because its just getting really really good now.

  • may

    ithink jamie lynn spears is great pearson i relly whant there to be a 5 season cause the show is getting interesting you don’t have to stop the show cause she is having a baby p.s. would zoey and chase date all ready ****!!!

  • Isiah

    i love that chase is returning on May 2 to Pca
    on he new movie chasing zoey

  • sophie

    my tv has gone off so i cant watch the new episodes!!Nooooooooooooooo!!!!i am gonna have to wait till next week cause i cant watch them has zoey found out omg i want to know!!!

  • Cami

    I cant wait for the new episode at May 2nd Chasing Zoey. And I love Quiin and Logan they are so cute together.!!!!!! 😀

  • Libby

    i think that zoey 101 should not be cancelled just becasue she is bloody pregnant doesn’y mean she can’t do anymore shows. i think that james and zoey should stay together because they are such a damn cute couple. i have 1 message for chase… Leave zoey alone ya freak she is happy without you.
    i also think that quinn and logan is a nice twist but gross in it’s own way. logans a self-centered jerk with money and quinn is a brainiac with a loving heart. Not a good mix.i can’t wait for chasing zoey i live in england so i can’t watch it in may probably in like june. if you guys in amrica read this PLEASE upload chasing zoey on youtube.com thats the only way i can watch it without exploading. i can’t beleive chase comes bakc

  • Jay

    no doubt, but at least they made the episode where chase and zoey r back together agian but it still should contine its not fair

  • trentz

    what will happen after chase and zoey finally see each other after a full semester of being seperated?

  • lola

    did you know chase is in love with Zoey. but WAIT!! in real life he is in love with VICTORIA JUSTICE!!!!!!!

  • ja-anna

    omg plz does anyone know where i can watch chasing zoey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Zoey is SO COOL

  • I love logan

  • I wont to know who got the prizes

  • up there above the coments it said to speak my mind but my mind is ??????????????????????????????????????????! LOL

  • jennifer

    hi my name is jennifer i like you show i wish i can meet you well talk later

  • tanya

    Chase and zoey are ment to be together. I think chase is very hot. jamie lynn is lucky that she got to kiss him. VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!!

  • Kassy

    I loved Chasing Zoey it was a awesome movie but I wish they told us if Chase moved in with Logan and Michale and if James moved out.

  • louie01

    i didnt really care for the chasing zoey movie, it was so perdictable like all the other shows, and it didnt even say what happend to james after him and zoey breaking up. plus it didnt even show chase came back tell the ending and chase coming back was soposse to be the main idea of the movie. i think the old episodes where better, when they werent so perdictable. o and has jamie had her baby wet

  • zoey 101 is funny and it rocks but i heard other bad news.that there aren’t gonna no more zoey 101 shows.i was cryin and talkin back to my parents when i heard that.thats bad new for me and you.piece out!

  • thomas welsby

    are you ever goner make a fifth season because i want chase to come

  • mia

    um is there a fifth season because some say there is
    some say ther isnt
    i hope ther is
    wuld anyone no

  • Deriann

    hey everyone it me i know that jamie is having a baby but i am going to miss her show so much i luv that show to death that show was my insperiation on been an actress but i don’t think that dream will every come tru without that show anymore. i an sad but yet happy for jamie wish her the best of luck to her boyfriend and her family.By the way not even any other nick show can top this one never ever ever. even that was a suckish thing to say it true u guy rock.

  • Deriann

    u now what’s a great idea i think that in the 5th season jamie should bring her baby on the show

    xoxoxo logan your very cute


    I think that logan should stay with quinn because
    guinn is smart.

    xoxoxo briteny

  • Anonemes

    Zoey likes James more than Chase.

  • Anonemes

    Quinn SUCKS!

  • Anonemes

    Logan and Qin aren’t a suckish couple

  • Anonemes

    I wish Chase and Zoey kissed more than 2 x on Chasing Zoey

  • Anonemes

    Zoey wants to get back together with James

  • Anonemes


  • Name


  • appleberry

    i think she should bring her baby 2

  • hey it me what are u doing

  • wow

  • nuthing u

  • wow for what

  • no because i was reading wat 344 wrote

  • u are not making any sence at al

  • stop reading and right more often

  • hurry up k

  • hey gurl

  • tzhasia what up

  • i am back d

  • r u there

  • hello i am waiting

  • omg jmie why did nocle get fired

  • yes i am

  • do yall no rejected

  • they said that she wa very cheap

  • what rejected

  • hello r u there

  • i am be very patient bout now cuz i am bored

  • if u don’t want to talk i can leave

  • bye

  • Anonemes

    Nuh Uh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoey lokes James WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than Chase. Because she’s been dating him more. And they kissed more. And they love each other More!!!

  • Anonemes

    I wish Coco was never in Zoey 101,oh and Quinn

  • Anonemes

    Logan and Quinn ARE a suckish couple

  • Anonemes

    Zoey loves James mre than Chase. AND THATS FINAL!!!!!

  • natasha mack

    OMG u people cant make up ur minds cant u
    and OMG i stareted watchin zoey 101 since it first came out i love it but when i come home fromskewl its never on and i really like watchin it to only if she never got nocked up in the first place geez and maybe i shoud just start atchin some other stuff like hannah montana and boy meets world or that neds classification survival guide or what ever its called and thats all i geuss well out of all the ones i watch every day and all night and all that and shes quiting zoey 101 just to let all her fans that love her so much its because shes pregnant and all that stuff and shes getting married to dont forget well pce

  • louie01

    i heard shes keeping her babie and she was going to get married to whats his face who sleeped with her. but now they called off the wedding

  • Alexa Nikolas

    Hey Jamie Lynn Spears remember me. I just wanted to let you know that we are still cool. SIKE YOU UNDERAGE PREGNANT
    HOE! Its because of you that I’m off the show. But its okay. To all of you zoey101 fans just know that that show is nothing without me and Kristen. We made that show. So f*ck Jamie and her phyco of her sister. All of my fans I luv you guys and check me out in 2008 with my own show.

    And P.S. Jamie your breath smells like ass!

  • Victoria Fan

    I think Victoria Justice is the best actress on zoey 101. If you go on http://www.wikipedia.org and search for victoria justice you’ll see that in 2009 she is going to have her own spinoff of Zoey101 titled hey lola! Its a show about her life after PCA and her following her dreams of becoming a actor. It would be totally awesome if Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan or even Hilary Duff did the show with her.

    P.S. Victoria if you’re reading this I wanted to let you know you are awesome and me and you are the same age so maybe we can go on a date at sushi rox LOL

  • louie01

    ok umm is # 374 really alexa because i remember someone said # 27 wasnt really jamie. if it was really both jamie and alexa COOL. ph i wonder if jamie will come back here and reply to alexa

  • Victoria Fan

    Everyone reply me your opinion on Hey Lola! And was that really Alexa Nikolas? If so i agree with her. Jamie Lynn Spears is a TERRIBLE ACTRESS! I hate how she trys to act like a problem solver in almost every episode of the show. Also I think JLS lifts weights. Because in the episode robot wars when she was walking away from Quinn’s dorm after apologizing to her her shoulders were big. Maybe its just me. Anyway I don’t think that they should have named that show zoey101. They should had let Dana be the star and named the show Dana101! And instead of Chase being the main characters love interest it should be Logan. Chase should be a nerd like Firewire and the three roommates should be Logan, Micheal, and James. That would have been cool. Also instead of Quinn being Dana & Lola roommate she should have lived up to her role in the show as a geek and should have been the love interest of Chase. Yeah two geeks. Then the roommates would’ve been Lola, Dana, And Nicole. That’s my version of the show. Please reply!

  • louie01

    o if u scroll up u theres a log to click saying about jamies birth it said she just gave birth early thursday morning at mississippi

  • louie01

    if u go to wikipedia.org and search on jamie it said that her babie girls name is maddie.and right before the birth casey the father was aressted and hes still the fiance and not a husband it also said there trying to live a normal live in louiesiana

  • DBOY

    Louie01 is a faggot. Y do you keep talking about Jamie? Nobody cares about the bad actress.

  • 2fresh

    victoria justica iz da hottiest of dem all


    Erin Sanders is pretty in real life!

  • Anonemes

    Erin Sanders is UGLY in real life!!

  • Anonemes

    I h8t jamie lynn spears in her show and in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tina a

    why could chase have anthor grilfriend chse love’s zoey.

  • Tanya

    So how can i watch this chasing zoey episode ? .. I never watched it.

  • Jordan

    omg zoey is a well gd charecter and i cnt beleive that in the series chasing zoey or trading places zoey and chase get off how sweet nd at the prom tht ws kl and u guys have no idea if u h8 zoey shes the best nd she is the main charecer so if u dnt like her dnt watch it then simple as if zoey looked at this sight shed get it banned lol so just dnt watch it if u dnt like her and its finnished now coz of her baby that y they kissed nd dated nd she wasnt to young she 17 atleats she cn look after it thts y 16 is the legall age coz u cn get a job anyway ive sed wt i wan to say im off toodalls

  • tina a

    zoey101 rock’s and by the way zoey dated a cute guy named james not danny zoey and danny just want for coffie

  • brielle

    i like chase and rebecca zoey zoey has to marry zoey to breakup with rebecca and they kissed \

    i rather have chase to be my boyfriend

    because i really like him a lot

    can i kiss you\

    i want to hold hands together

    i want to date him so i can hang

    you are so cute and handsome

    i love you chase matthews

    your girlfriend

    brielle gauthier

  • zippy

    i like zoey101 i think it is a cool show they shouldnt cancel it.i will not watch it if it is played by a nother person.

  • breyana

    u guys are idiots nicole and dana should be left out and zoey should be in it by herself and figure it out the hard way

  • j

    i think its stupid that they got rid of dana cause she looks old 😐 nicole should still be in it too. it doesnt matter if she was having with zoey, they would be acting 4 the show so they can act like their not in a fight

  • ty.com

    jamie your the best actor

  • hi jamie im one of ur biggest eva fans i think all ur shows are so awsome and i think that ur a well good actor probably the best like ever so i hope you have a great time acting and ill av a good time watching :)love from ryan


  • emma

    well aren’t they kinda supposed to treat jamie like a queen since it’s her show. its not called nicole101

  • Hannah

    I really want the tech mate but i dunt know where u get it from plz help!!!!!

  • tr

    how dear u jamie lynn spears is the best ur the worst actress and journelest ur probaly jealoes becase jamie is better and they treat her like a queen and they dont treat u

  • Tj wilkerson

    I agree with you buddy. They should not have kicked Dana and Nicole of the show. That Lola girl is horrible. And what is up with Quinn/Logan thing. Seriously, it was stupid.

    • destiny

      you both are such dumb asses that was good show and you are pretty fucked up saying that shit about jamie she might have worked for it so what if her sister is britney that means nothin so shut the hell up and get a life