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What to do about Tom DeLay?

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With the recent indictment of Tom DeLay for conspiracy, other corruption has become apparent such as with Harry Reid. Tom DeLay engaged in travel plans some consider unethical, however, in the aftermath of that scandal over 200 Congressmen (from both parties) has to “revise” their travel documentation. Regardless of party, one does not need to look far for corruption. The grassroots on both sides is not particularly enamored with it either.

Some think it’s the end of the Republican Party, but one only needs to look to Illinois to see how this will play out. Illinois has a governor with approval ratings even lower than President Bush. The current governor, a Chicago Democrat, got into office because the prior Republican administration is corrupt. When a Chicago Democrat runs on the platform to clean up Springfield and the voters buy it, you know you have problems. Now corruption is king (or rather still is king) and the Republicans are running on the platform of throwing out the Dem corrupt cronies. No one is buying so they Republicans are drafting a favored governor (Jim Edgar) from yesteryear to run again. The only problem is that he taught George Ryan everything he knows and while corrupt, wasn’t as extreme as Ryan. That aside, Jim Edgar has announced he wants nothing to do with it.

My suggestion to deal with DeLay’s supposed corruption? (Supposed because it took, what, 6 grand juries to find anything on him?) Massive blood-letting. Let’s have both parties, everyone from the top all the way down to village dog catcher engage in a legal battle royale of corruption investigations. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, you think some political officials are corrupt. It’s time to get this all out on the table because you know several hundred Congressmen have some crimes they want to hide. We can talk about some of the prior scandals (the House banking scandal for instance) but let the gloves come off and drop the “good ‘ole boy” attitude and let them viciously attack each other in the criminal system.

One, it will go a long way to getting to corruption and waste out of government. Politicians get away with this because they never pay the piper. Take a look at the highway bill and how much pork and vote buying is there. If you want corruption out of politics, this is what it takes. I may be conservative, but I’m no fool. I know there are corrupt Republicans out there, and its time for them to pay the piper too.

Two, it emphasizes and underscores why we need limited government. Government needs to be big to be corrupt. If it doesn’t have $2.2 trillion dollars to throw around, it becomes much harder for them to get companies to start bribing them. There aren’t kickbacks on the $1,000 orders I do for work, for good reason. It’s time to downsize the government and let the local entities do the social work of government. At the lowest level, we can at least keep an eye on them. I know where the mayor of my town lives and I can call him up at home right now. Good luck trying to get in touch with the President. Or Tom DeLay for that matter.

This presents a golden opportunity for those who believe in limited government. There are greedy people in the world and they want money and power. A massive corruption investigation, top to bottom, complete with jail sentences will make politicians have second thoughts the next time they want to shovel some cash to contributors to their campaigns. If I stole $500, I’d be doing time right now. It’s time for those who have stolen so much more than that and wasted the rest to have their day in court.

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  • good article.

  • John Gray

    Only in America! Only in America can a sleeze ball comrupt politican illicit so much respect. And, DeLay is currently an American home grown hero.