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What This Chicago Bears Fan Learned Yesterday

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I know that as Bears fans, we were supposed to be rooting for Green Bay yesterday since that would enable us to host the NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field. However, after watching the Packers thorough dismantling of the NFC’s #1 team on their home field, one has to wonder whether the Bears might have been better off taking their chances with the Falcons at the Georgia Dome.

Of course, this all depends on a Bears victory over the underdog Seahawks. I find it a bit troublesome that no one is really giving Seattle much of a chance. So many of the experts have said that they cannot see the Bears possibly lose given the mismatch on paper. Well, watching the Ravens-Steelers game quickly reminded me of exactly how the Bears could fall today.

Turnovers by the Ravens offense in the second half, which negated a couple of gifts (turnovers) by the Pittsburgh offense in the first half, followed by the huge momentum shift caused by Ray Rice’s fumble in the third quarter led to Baltimore’s demise. Despite being tied in the final minutes, the demoralized defense could not hold for one more third down stop—why not rush more than three there?—and key drops by Ravens receivers in the clutch prevented any heroic comeback in the end.

So, my advice to the beloved Bears? Value the football. Keep the defense fresh by using the clock on offense, and stay within the game plan (assuming Martz doesn’t get too pass happy in the postseason). Do that, and we’ll live to talk more about exactly why we Bears fans were rooting for the Packers yesterday.

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