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What the Heck is Goofy?

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The great debate is over. Disney admits it. Goofy is a dog.

Which still doesn’t answer the question, why does Goofy the Dog have another dog, Pluto? Isn’t that slavery? Why is Goofy so special that he can talk but Pluto can’t? Does Pluto feel oppressed by the unfairness of the situation?

Disney only had this statement to make on that issue, “Pluto was created as an actual dog character, with no speaking voice, as opposed to Goofy, who was created as a human character.”

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  • Which of course leads to the punch-line from Mickey regarding Minnie, “no, Doc, I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she was fucking Goofy”.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week, remember to tip your waitress.

  • True story: Goofy was modelled on Roy Disney (Walt’s nephew and WDC board member who was instrumental in ousting Eisner as Disney CEO a few weeks ago). Google his picture and you’ll see the resemblance immediately.

  • Goofy should not be a dog!! He doesnt look l;ike a dog!! I lost a bet with my whole family about this!!

  • Goofy Should not be a friggin dog he dont even look like one seriously!!

  • Lauren Kistie

    Wat da hell is goofy..he is no waii a dog…pluto is a dog..

  • Mr Ben Dover

    GOOFY IS A DOG!!!!!!!!

  • Bluenote

    Goofy didn’t own Pluto, according to Disney. Mickey did. So no, we don’t have a slavery problem, lol!

  • Val

    Goofy is a dog even though he wears clothes and talks because so does Mickey,Minnie and Donald but everyone knows Mickey and Minnie are mice and Donald is a duck.

  • Bob

    I always thought Goofy was a goat. In fact I think I remember him being called “Goofy the Goat” years ago.

  • Bob

    Think about it. Micky is a Mouse (M) Pluto is a Pup(P) Donald is a Duck (D) Minnie is a Mouse (M) Clarabelle is a Cow (C). Doesn’t it follow that Goofy would be a Goat (G)?

  • drew

    Goofy’s first appearance. He is very clearly a dog, and it is also very clear that he is sentient. I think this video proves that the only thing separating you from animals in disney universe society is sentience. That is enough to talk, walk and make loud noises at a theater.

  • dorothy

    ok goofy might be a dog but were the hell is his tail

  • bala

    ooooookkkkk goofy doesn’t have a dog…mickey mouse has pluto!

  • Boobooismine23

    Does it really matter? It’s a bloody cartoon . You Wer just told he’s a dog okay? No need to argue. Build a bridge & get over it!!

  • hey dere y’all

    I personally think that they’re just being racist. Goofy is black and Pluto is yellow

  • PEppy

    Maybe they are from narnia. In narnia there are humanoid animals and there are regular dumb animals. Didn’d Disney buy the rights to Narnia yet?

  • April

    I think goofy is a goat really it only makes more sence