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What Should Arnold Do?

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After reading a few recent stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger, it should be clear to everybody by now that:

1. Arnold is a serial harasser. To the extreme extent that he honestly may not remember details of individual events, since they might all just blur together into one big harassing lifestyle.This point is hardly worthy of discussion, given Arnold’s apology. One might argue the merits of individual cases, but as Arnold himself said, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”

2. He doesn’t really think it is really wrong. His apology, while it sounded clear and direct at first blush (“…I have done things that were not right…“), wasn’t really for having been a harassing pig, but for “offending” people.

Yes, this one is a matter of debatable opinion, but I’m pretty convinced of it. Don’t believe me? Here it is again, with emphases added:

Yes it is true that I was on rowdy movie sets and I have done things that were not right that I thought were playful. I now recognize that I have offended people and to those people that I offended, I want to say that I am deeply sorry and I apologize.

See, he’s not sorry for playing around on his wife, or groping women without permission, he’s sorry for offending people. Apparently those that weren’t really offended don’t deserve an apology. Defenders of Arnold, would you have accepted an apology like this from President Clinton? Perhaps some of you, but not others.

3. He’s not going to talk about this in detail before the election. Period. Exclamation point.

4. He’ll lie if he has to. And he has had to. Of course, I think we’ve all heard recently that lying about sex is different than regular lying, because who wouldn’t lie with their marriage on the line?

I disagreed then, and I disagree now. The only apology I would accept from Arnold at this point is one that went something like this:

I have been seduced by power since I was a young man. It is intoxicating to me and drives me in every area of my life. I now recognize that what I thought was an exercise of my power upon others was actually a demonstration of my powerlessness. I have been weak, taking advantage only of those who were not in a position to strike back. To the women who cried themselves to sleep at night because I thought so little of you, I am sorry. I know that I cannot ever truly make up for what I’ve done, but I can tell you that I have been crying myself to sleep lately, too, so I do know a little of what you’ve gone through.

My wife has shown me what true strength is. It is not something that anyone can achieve by working out, and it isn’t something exercised only against the weak. It is in taking on a worthy opponent, having the power to crush them, and choosing instead to stay with me and help me understand my weakness.

I come to you as a candidate for Governor of the great state of California, and as a broken man. If you will give me your vote, I will pour all of my passion and fury into making this a better state for all Californians, not just the strong. Seeing myself now as a weak man, I will champion the causes of the weak and work to make them – make us all strong again.

Of course, that’s not going to happen, and Arnold is still running against a truly motley crew of opponents, but a speech like that, tonight during prime time, might just give him the biggest landslide victory in California electoral history.

But only if he cries. If he doesn’t mean it, we’ll know. He’s not that good of an actor.

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  • For the record, I should have mentioned that I would probably vote for Arnold tomorrow if I still lived in California. I’m generally in favor of shaking things up as much and as often as possible with outsiders.

    Besides, I’m generally unconvinced that the other candidates have any better attitudes. I just think that they’re generally more well-behaved in public.

  • Eric Olsen

    Very powerful and thoughtful Phillip – it would make quite a finale to the campaign. I wonder if Arnold has any real thoughts about the job, or is it just the next step in his classic Nietzschean Will to Power

  • Eric, I suspect the latter, but I should, since I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt. 😉

  • C’mon, you don’t like Mary The Porn Star Carey, Phillip? So far her only misstep has been lying about her boobs being real. Then there’s Gary Coleman.

    Is anybody blogging this California governor race (all candidates)? Would love to have a few good links to blogs about this. It’s been a pretty entertaining race thus far.

  • I have found it nauseating. Still do.

  • “For the record, I should have mentioned that I would probably vote for Arnold tomorrow if I still lived in California.” (1)

    Glad you’re not here.

    If/when he is elected, Arnold’s poli-entourage will probably result in some lessening of the Sacramento pay-for-play culture of the Democrats.

    A better choice who actually knows what to do on his own is Republican Tom McClintock.

    And it’s not too late to get it right.

  • That’s true. Bustamante.

  • I have found it nauseating. Still do.

    Natalie – haven’t you packed your bags yet? Your US political opinions, since you’ve already publically denounced your US citizenship and yet you continue to live here, would seem to have zero relevance. Maybe mix in some dramamine?

  • You, sir, are not a nice person. My opinions are as valid as yours.

  • Natalie, lol, that’s so easy a statement to rebuke I shouldn’t even try. You seem to take things literally whenever it fits certain arguments.

    valid != (not equal to) relevant. I didn’t use the word “valid”, did I?

    For the record, my opinion on this whole California race is also irrelevant, because I’m not a resident of that state and don’t intend to be by election time.

    However, I think it is certainly false to suggest that someone who doesn’t want to live in any state in this country (is this not what you said here elsewhere?), and therefore would have no direct voting capability, has a relevant opinion in this California governor race.

    Am I wrong? Right? Please enlighten me.

    The same would go for those who have had their voting rights stripped (convicted felons). Now don’t get your undies in a bundle, I’m not comparing you or your situation to a convicted felon, but then again since you don’t think I’m a “nice” person, you probably won’t get this either.

  • rebuke != rebut (ok, go ahead and REBUKE me on that one, cuz I have it coming).

    Not sure why I typed rebuke instead of rebut lol, but you have scolded me about not previewing stuff before. This time the scolding would be well deserved.

  • Actually, TDavid, her statements are relevant whether she likes this place or not. Her opinions can actually be relevant after she moves, too, if they influence someone who still can.

    Jim Carruthers, for example, often posts comments relevant to American politics from north of the border. They may be uninformed, and are often simply wrong <grin>, but they’re still relevant if they cover the topic at hand.

    I was actually going to post a comment suggesting that each of you has something to concede to the other, but when TDavid pressed the point, I decided to leave Natalie alone. 😉

  • I pay taxes. That makes my opinion on governmental matters, which includes elections, relevant. I do not reside in California, and neither do you, so our thoughts on this particular election are equally relevant or ir-.

  • Doh! Is there an echo in this room? I already admitted in #10 that my opinion was pretty much not relevant on this issue either. Must have missed that.

    However, I am interested in learning more about this primarily because the home office for my insurance business *IS* located in California, so I would wager to say I do have a direct link of importance and relevance to what happens in the state of California because decisions down there can have a rippling effect to other states as insurance regs could be tweaked to meet decisions made in the homebase of California.

    IE. when Northridge hit in 1994, it sent a rippling effect in how earthquake was handled in other states like Washington and Oregon where we do business.

    So with that in mind I’ll ask again — more seriously now — does anybody have any good blogs to share where people are blogging about all the candidates somewhat neutrally, not just stuff on Arnold?

    As for the point about paying federal taxes having an outcome on California governor race? Of course! I cannot argue with that, because there is such a thing federal aid.

  • And Phillip, come on, “whether she likes this place or not” is a long, long ways from denouncing one’s citizenship. Hopefully you aren’t going to try and make that argument. I’ll just assume (which makes and ass out of me, I know) that was quick typing on your part.

  • “…denouncing one’s citizenship.”


  • yeah, Hal, sue me