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What Makes a French Woman So Sexy?

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What is it about a French woman that makes her so sexy?

As a decadent domestic minx, with no small interest in being adored, I was curious to see if the answer could be found in two lipsticks and a lover? According to Helena Frith-Powell in her sharp and witty book, Two Lipsticks and a Lover, there is much more to indefinable French chic and alluring Gallic sexiness than the title suggests. Being smart, sexy and impossibly French requires effort and more than a little 'je ne sais quois.'

As Coco Chanel once said, “Elegance is refusal.” Elegance requires pencil-thin, smartly dressed restraint. It means saying no to the extra cheese, no to the croissant and a definite non, merci to that third glass of wine. (ouch!) Au revoir to the muffin top. Au revoir to the lush!

French woman see chic and vogue as paramount. Making an effort at all times and not skimping on the details is rule number one. Leaving the house, even to take out the rubbish, will always require lip-gloss. Exquisite and expensive matching underwear is 'de rigeur' and a bad hair day is simply out of the question.

As Frith-Powell points out, “If someone is badly dressed or looks shabby, the French will not take them seriously. Letting yourself go physically is seen as a sign that you cannot hold things together intellectually. The big thing is the souci de soi, or care for oneself, in every way. This means brains and looks; you can’t let yourself go and be intellectually rigorous. In other words, the French would rather forgive an extra-marital affair than a bad hair cut.”

If you want to be indefinably French and gorgeous it is vital to make time for yourself; visit the hairdresser, walk instead of drive, pamper your body potions, eat smaller portions, buy yourself a lipstick or two and entertain a lover on the side.

But style and sexiness come at a price. With so many elegant temptresses on the ground there is little time for friendship among the girls. According to Frith-Powell, French women are a typically jealous and suspicious lot. One reason they spend most of their time trying to look so good is to stop their girlfriends seducing their husbands. The term 'femme fatale' is a French one. Resisting their instincts and passions is not in the genetic makeup. As Vicomte de Valmont says in the book Dangerous Liaisons, “It is beyond my control.”

Clandestine 'affaires' are commonplace. Illicit romance or 'les petites aventures', are an accepted part of French culture, a culture that has given women independence and freedom. As Frith-Powell observes, “If you cut a French woman in half, you will see the words 'liberte, egalite, fraternite' written throughout like a stick of rock. And of these the most important is liberte.”

The whole notion of freedom is deeply inscribed in the French psyche. Marrying and then misbehaving is seen as being free. For French women, sex and seduction are part of a repertoire that ensures her success and social standing. It is important that men adore them. Infidelity can be justified. If a woman is in love, anything is excusable. No one will condemn her; in fact, they are more likely to condemn unfulfilled love. Love and lust excuse any conduct.

Sacre bleu! Coco Chanel would no doubt agree. Elegance may be refusal but passion is an overwhelming “OUI, OUI, OUI.” The domestic minx says 'Oui' to French chic, 'Oui' to liberte, and 'Oui' to two lipsticks and a lover, although I must say two seems hardly enough…

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  • ProfEssays

    I don’t think that French women are sexier than the ones of other nationalities.

  • Nancy

    Mais non, they are NOT-! They just have better accents. Seriously. There’s something about the French or Italian accent – or the Brit, Scot, or Irish, for that matter – that makes most Americans stop dead, get glassy-eyed, and say: “Go on – go on; you don’t have to say anything of substance – just read me the phone book – but keep talking.” Some Carribean accents (I’m thinking the guy who did the voiceover for the crab in Disney’s “Little Mermaid”) are like that. And James Earl Jones. I swear he could read a Ty-D-Bowl label & it would sound like Shakespeare.

    Anyway, all the French/European women I’ve met have not been groomed; in fact, the opposite. Of the dozen or so I’ve known, most of them were slovenly & unhygenic in a way American women would NEVER allow themselves to be. I always look at even the well-dressed Coco Chanel type & shudder, because she probably hasn’t shaved her underarms, or given herself more than a quick spongebath, any more than her less affluent sister, even tho she may indeed be wearing “exquisite” underwear; to which I reply, yes – but is it clean? There seems to be a big divide between US & European standards of personal hygiene. One reason why I may like to LISTEN to a European speak, but I don’t want to get too up-close & personal either.

  • I’ll probably get torn to pieces for this but French women aren’t that sexy – and sound way better speaking English than French, which is a seriously over-rated language! Mon Dieu!!

    We must be moving in different circles Nancy, for I’ve rarely met any European women that weren’t impressively clean. Apart from a few anarcho-crusty chicks of course. I don’t share your aversion to hairy armpits, although it’s quite rare these days.

    As to general hygiene, many people and houses these days are too clean, which leads to weaker immune systems and an increase in everything from allergies to asthma.

    The big divide could also be described as those who are neurotic about their animal bodies and those that accept them. As in all things, too much is, well, too much…

  • Oh, sexiest women in Europe? Belgians, especially the Flemish ones. Most neurotic – German girls.

  • Nancy

    Of course I am the wrong gender to make a judgement; but I agree I don’t think it’s the French.

    I’m judging by a college roomies’ large & very extensive French family & their French friends who constantly visited. My roomie & her sisters washed & shaved ‘normally’ – for US practices, that is. None of the other women did, including those our age. In a gathering, the immediate area of these people was sort of … not exactly gamey, but a definite human body sort of odor that was very off-putting, altho not as bad as when someone drenches themselves in bad perfume.

  • Craig Freeli

    I find this text very amusing and dreadful at once – and I don’t know if this really reflects reality. Thoughts of misbehaving and having fun with others than your partner are common for women and men, equally. It’s not a French thing only.
    I find it very disgusting – you’ll have to live with the consequences if it gets revealed. So, it’s not all about fun, but taking responsability and over all, making the right choice. Once you start having this spoiled behaviour, you will certainly disappoint people and in the end being very disappointed yourself.
    I’d say, it’s a matter of how egoistic you are – and how badly you need to have power over others. But in the end, it will always track you down. Power and love just don’t fit.

  • French women, (and evidently not all of them!) have the burden of their culture’s endemic sexuality on their elegant shoulders.
    With knowledge comes power, with power comes responsibility..
    I agree with you, Craig. Selfish abuse of (sexual) power is world wide. It appears the French are simply more socially accepting of it. Does this make it ok? I’m not French…

  • Gina

    I do not think that French women are the most sexy at all. I think that French woman’s obsessive qualities about their looks, no-holds-barred sexuality, thinness, and fashion sense makes them all the more a slave to men and their narrow-minded ideal of what beauty and liberty truly is.

    I always thought that women who were beautiful but didn’t strive for it so painfully were most sexy. Who comes to mind is Sophia Loren, who was the most sexiest woman, but completely monogamous to Carlo Ponte. A sexy woman doesn’t need to gad about with other lovers. Sophia was sex Goddess as there’s a magic to her eyes, her laugh, her robust sexuality without the obsession with thinness, and fashion. She is a true individual.

    Also, Marilyn Monroe was not thin by French standards, and her personality and sex appeal were uniquely hers.

    So the French persnickity ideal of sexiness is rather cliched. And since when is cliched sex appeal ever truly sexy? The sexist woman ever to come out of France was Brigette Bardot. She was uninhibited, carefree. No French star has touched her sex appeal since.

  • I enjoyed reading your comments, Gina.
    Personally, I believe enduring sexiness to be something wholly uncontrived. While glamour, elegance and the whole beautiful cliche is sexy on one level, a woman who is concerned more about the people she spends time with is ultimately more desirable than an unchipped nail.
    I think, Gina, you might enjoy an article on my blog titled “Live Sexy”, where I explore this issue. The Domestic Minx

  • Hi

    Even if I’m French, living in Paris, I can’t agree with you.
    In a way you’re right saying that French women really pay attention to the way they look in France but this is only true in Paris. In other cities (what we call “la province”, with arrogance & thinking they’re all farmers) women are not looking so good. In Paris this can even turn ridiculous. I live in St Germain and women (and girls.. even 12 years old girls) wear for thousands of € of lipstick, jewelery, clothes, lifting and all that… Of course any girl in the world will look pretty with all this, but this has nothing to do with beauty or charm.
    And no we don’t think this reflect any smartness or whatever… Being smart has nothing to do with the way you look…
    For me your article is a bit “cliché” (I don’t want to offense you, we are a bit “cliché” when talk about another culture).
    The French women are all different, they can be Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Russian, German, be punk, rasta, go go girl, business girl, stupid, clever, ugly or just fu**** gorgeous.

  • Yes I agree with you.
    French women do care a lot more about their appearance.
    Looking beautiful is a must have in France which can be very stressful sometimes.

  • Caroline

    I am French living abroad, and this is VERY cliché. NONE of the French women I know consider in any ways acceptable to cheat on your partner. We are a bit old fashioned, very shy and reserved (uptight even) compared to the other nationalities, because our men have a domineering and sexist attitude which make the women definitely competitive and jealous of one another.
    But yes we love to be loved, but who doesn´t ? Our men are also very good at the game of seduction (compliments and lies). Regarding the “style”, only 1/4 of women make an effort…you´d be disapointed when going to France ! Everyone just wears black and no creativity, and are very judgemental when you dare something different.
    But in general we are not as fat as some nations.
    Without being gym addicts, the French women are diet addicts….it´s all they talk about together !

  • Laura

    As a french woman myself, I must disagree a bit with this column (hell, if I agreed with anything completely I couldn’t call myself French, now could I?). French women are thin because portion sizes are more reasonable, not because they restrict themselves. In fact, French women pride themselves on a little bit of curves (just not too much).

  • Emmanuelle Pasquet

    I am almost laughing with some of the comments… I am French and I can tell you, for having met a lot of American people, that the thing about the accent being sexy is right. In France, I’m considered a pretty girl but in America, I’m considered hot.

    The writer is entirely wrong, French women are not always wearing make-up, nice dresses… we are just like you, if we go to work (well it depends on the kind of job you have of course) we are well-dressed, the same if we go out but not when we stay at home! And as far as I’m concerned, I am most of the time without make-up, even at work sometimes and it is not considered as being unrespectful or whatever.

    And another thing, we are not unhygenic, and I would say 98 % of French women shave their armpits. And the thing about being “free” and having affairs is absolutly wrong. Of course some people in France as elsewhere will behave like this but in France, it would rather be men being “free”. And it also depends on the place where you’ve been… you’ll find more women being “free” in Paris than in the other regions.

    My conclusion: just stop generalizing and having prejudice.

  • Cindy

    Hurray for the French women!!!

  • Cindy

    Internet = immediate dispelling of myths.

  • Tatiana

    My Gosh! almost everything written here it’s wrong, you’re deeply in the clichés! What’s a shame to juge the entire people according to movies, books and music. Books and songs tell you things they know you’are gonna like, that is “liaisons dangereuses”, “oh-là-là” etc…

    I’m Russian leaving in France for 4 years now.
    It’s true that it’s hard to find a true friendship among girls here, but it isn’t because of jealosy at all, it’s just a european trait.
    I think French women are charming, but not thanks to their clothes, lipstik or so, in opposite, the most part of them are dressed rather slovenly, comparing for example to Russian women.

    So, let’s not to simplify things…

  • I think this is a stupid article, to be honest. (Sorry to be so harsh)
    All it says it that if you want to embrace the elegant french style, you can’t be more than stick thin. I think this is bull crap, simply lowering the self-esteem of non-french, non-anorexic people. Thanks.

  • Evidently, it is not the only thing that is stupid. (sorry to be so harsh)
    This is a book review.
    I suggest you invest in a sense of humour and perhaps two more lipsticks, and a lover.

  • Jean-Francois

    I also live abroad and I’m reaaaally feed up of those crap cliches !!
    French woman are really charming, clean etc. LIKE MANY OTHER WOMAN IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES !!!!
    If you want to compare other cultures, please ask competent people who study sociology or whatever but please stop using cliches !

  • It’s not just a French woman. It’s Frenchmen, period.

    It’s the language!

  • Axel

    This is so wrong. At least live there before saying things you don’t know about. Don’t generalize all french women as being anorexic, silly, appearance-obsessed gooses!
    As a french man who lived five years in England, I can tell you that french women are no different than other european women. I have however noticed that they wear ALOT of black, more than english women. Quite a lot of our men are machos, which is why french women check their appearance to see if they are suitable before going into public. Anyway, can we really say that french women, belgian women, german women, and russian women look extremely different?
    It isn’t a couple of lines drawn on a map of europe that’s going to change women’s appearances. Hope you see what I mean, I’m tired right now 😉

  • Axel

    PS: Why does everyone (well, many people at least) think the french language is so romantic?! *shrugs*
    Good for us 🙂 😉

  • April

    So far, all I have heard about French women is that they are ruthlessly competitive, high maintenance ‘natural’ beauties who blow their paychecks on Hermes scarves. Either that, or catfighting femmes fatale coated in make up and perfume.

    I would hate to have books written about what people think of me as ‘the average American.’ I think I am just going to have to visit France and meet the people myself before I form an opinion.

    And all these books about the French lifestyle? I will take them like any other book; as interesting information and an entertaining read.

  • ozzy

    Oh I must say ,after travelling through Europe on holiday.There were absolutely gorgeous woman in all the different countries..though I would have to agree with a lot of people that the French langauge is a pleasure to listen to .Au revoir

  • Meg

    I’m afraid to say, this a completely clichéd, stereotypical view on French women. You may as well say all Americans wander around eating hamburgers 24/7, and the English drink nothing but tea. We don’t. Some Frenchwomen may be like this, but I have yet to meet one.

  • Monique

    I am a French woman. Some of what I read is true, but so much is false. For the most part, French women are loyal to their husband/boyfriend. Yes, like most women around the world, we want to protect our relationship that we have with our man. That is how nature works. Men want to spread their seeds, women what to belong. I am not saying that we want to be dominated in a negative way; but we do look for a manly man. We love Alf men. Are we in love with fashion and beauty? It’s true for several French women, but not all. It usually depends on where you live and your upbringing. After all, France is the capital fashion of the world, the beauty products of the world, and the perfumes of the world. It is also part of our history to be sensual and flirtatious. Most of the French women I know, who also lives in Paris including myself, love to flirt. We love to smile and look into men’s eyes. We love to be glamorous, and yes we take pride in our looks which also means not too many cheese burgers. Again, it depends on where you are from. Also, every woman I know do shave their armpits and everything else for that matter. Of course, just like American women, some don’t shave everywhere, but just like in America…it is becoming fashionable. I do shower every day. I do not put on make-up every day. When I do it is a little…I don’t own 100 pieces of clothing. However, the clothes I do own are quality, and I can easily make different looks with 4 pieces of clothes. A diet isn’t a common word as it is in America. We eat to satisfy our hunger, and not simply to enjoy all of the different taste. More and more women in America are doing just that. They may call it “diet,” but they are simply eating better. It is easy to stereotype other cultures. Usually it is because of a lack of true knowledge. Women in France vary in style, in looks, in philosophy…etc… just like the women in America vary from place to place. I have been in the country side of Alabama, and I have been to Beverly Hills…it is like going to two different country…I think one big difference between French women and American women, is the history. The history of America is young; so a lot of behavior is followed by commercials, magazines…etc…I am not trying to insult anyone. The French women have a history that has been passing down for centuries. We are more set in our ways. Because our mothers, grand-mothers, great-grandmother and so on, have shared a tradition on how a “French” women should be sensual, appealing and beautiful for our French men; we don’t have the same feelings as American women have with their “feminist” ideas. For us, looking for an Alfa man, pleasing him and having him showing is dominance, but in a respectful way…is a turn on. Of course, I can only speak from my life experiences; which comes from my family traditions, my city, my neighbors, the history books I have read, and the French men. I don’t think any country in this world can say that all of the members of the society are the same. The only thing we can do is to study it, and see where the majority sands.
    I am a very happy secure woman. I love our culture and the culture of several countries. I just wish that other countries would educate themselves by reading from true social scholars; instead of a passing experience.
    Bonne journée a tous et Bisous…

  • La Wang

    While I appreciated your article, I would like to note that Mademoiselle Coco Chanel did not, in fact agree: “Jump out the window if you are the object of passion. Flee it if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains.” — Coco Chanel

  • dee

    All woman who look after themselves, confident, are sexy.

    I been to different countries and I think there’s sexy women in all countries.

    But what makes “a woman” sexy. Ah, now that’s something worth chatting about.

  • sam

    that is an illusion because you have not yet seen…African Ugandanz.

  • Dimsie

    Of course all French women aren’t the same, but IMO French women are generally very elegant and stylish (not necessarily the same as sexy, of course). They seem to know how to dress well, how to emphasise their good points and camouflage the bad. Their slim figures and well-cut clothes certainly help.

    Elegance and style aren’t of course the same as beauty; I don’t think French women are more beautiful than those elsewhere. Indeed, I think many British or American women are prettier than the French, but unfortunately they simply don’t have the French flair for self-presentation.

  • Sangram

    I am an indian i have been known that french women are the most sexiest as compared to other nationality.i have a dream to be there in france one day.

  • trees

    To me, this is just an arrogant stereotype that some obviously want to put out to make themselves feel great. I have went to France for a summer a few times, spent most of my time in Paris. There are beautiful women there, no doubt(any beauty wants to be in ‘the’ cultural epi-center), but there are just as many beauties in America, Brazil, everywhere. I have also seen many horrors in all countries as well.

    No small intrest in being adored and the rest mentioned? That’s great, and is following a crowd of it’s own. True beauty is in the mind, not just appearance and attitude that takes little practice behind closed doors. Just anything that you come up with entirely on your own. Almost any women wants to look as beautiful as she can, and she should, it’s healthy. But labeling countries as this and that just makes EVERYONE bland and/or ignorant.

    Yes the French language is beautiful, and that is why I continue till this day to study it. It comes from latin, which is supposedly the most beautiful if we could only hear it’s true original form 🙁

  • trees

    Oh I almost forgot, the ‘feminist’ stereotype towards America makes me laugh (that I read above)!! It is so ridiculous! We have armies of flirts, we care sometimes too much about our appearance for our men as anyone else, and we LOVE to be sexy and senuous! It’s human nature, it’s survival of the fittest, a fit women is more prone to be with her man of choice, you think us Americans are not aware of that? I don’t know many women who you would call a true ‘feminist’ here in America, most of them want to look as beautiful as they can. With general human culture evolving in all ways, including with the fact that divorce is completly common and acceptable, women do need equal rights to survive, let’s just face it, you cannot always depend on a man (comme tous les affaires, non?;). But no, we don’t burn our bras, and I in fact get a little pissed off when a man doesn’t open the door for me, a major turn-off.

    Don’t beat up a child just because of the mere fact that he is only 3, and you are 75. We were all ‘3’ once, and I must say, America, like Rome, has made INCREDIBLE progression in little time.

  • jar

    At the one post that said Americans have “feminist” ways. I wish that were true. If you have been to California, Florida etc you would see majoirty of women getting boob jobs, injections, surgeries all for who?MEN. It’s not for women but for men to think their “hot” etc Most countries still are dominated by men and it’s a mans world if not everywhere in the world.

  • melina

    The most attractive women live in Florence.

  • melina

    I remember visiting London and then making my way to Paris. What a difference! The English women wore their hair combed back into a neat ponytail or chignon and wore tailored skirts and lovely blouses on their way to work. When passing them, one could smell their fresh morning showers or baths. All I saw in the Paris Metro were women with smudged eye make up and dirty hair…very unkept individuals. I couldn’t believe the difference. I know I shouldn’t generalize but this is my experience and opinion.

  • Jane

    Oh you people are just envy of the French everyone copies them. The french lanuage is the best out of the latin lanuages because it has class so msny peoplefrom high class from all over the world want their children to learn french. They food is high class, style, buildings are beautiful simple as that. I think french women are very attractive not all most are. The russian girl is just envy no one wants to learn russian ugly lanuage period. oh by the way didn’t all your countyr copies french Architecture,french art as in painting and ballet what have the french copied from you russians shit all period. Envy is not a good anything which many people are.

  • Bob

    If you have ever wondered why some people think french girls are so sexy I can explain a bit. I met this french girl celebrating a friends engagement party. As more people arrived I got up to help serve some drinks and returning to my chair I found this very elegant slim brunette wearing a very light summer dress sitting pertly upright on my chair. As no other chair was available I introduced myself and rested with my hand on the back of the chair. It was then that I noticed her breasts from above. Small with pert nipples just sitting there with her light dress losely hanging from her shoulders. She looked up as she spoke to me as if to say its ok I don t mind at all that you can see my naked breasts.
    At dinner she sat opposite me. Whilst she and the other girls talked about their own weddings I was becoming aware of how semi transparent her dress was. It all depended upon the play of light and movement. I was getting irritated with the evening as it was clear that all the girls there were married and their flirtatous interest in me seemed nothing more then a reflection of their self imposed boredom with monnogamy which I could guess was not actually going to be sacrificed. Influenced by the wine I became more exagerated in my descriptions of my self chosen carefree single lifestyle. When she asked me where I lived I somehow or another came out with the most stupid answer I could think of. I said I lived in my van that was parked outside of the restaurant. I said I had a mattress in it and that that was were I slept and that I lived wherever I slept. I am a property developer but have had occasion to sleep in the back of the van when necessary. Her face lite up and she asked me if I would show her my van. Her first lie to me was that she doesn t usually do this sort of thing.
    It turned out that a vehicle is a much more dynamic place to have sex then a bed. I could figure out that there is nothing that you can do in a bed that can t be done in a van but I didn t know that there is a lot that you can do in a van that you can t do in bed. The only thing is I don t use the radio anymore as I had to unscrew the antenae from the roof because of the noise it made and then she showed me what else you do with an antenae and I can t remember where it went after that.
    Back to my point though french girls are not just elegant, sophisticated, well manicured and well dressed. They are also damned good at getting undressed.
    Don t forget french men say a thin girl in england is called a tourist and french girls say that if you get dumped you go to Italy to get your self confidence back and then to England to get your dignity back.

  • nina

    “the French would rather forgive an extra-marital affair than a bad hair cut.”

    wow That’s all bullshit ^^
    (i am french)

  • VJC

    I’ve been to France many times and have many French friends. First, I have found that Paris is quite different from many other areas in France. I also believe that there are logical reasons for the “stereotypes”. For ex., Here in the U.S., it is every American’s dream to own a large house, w/ lots of closet space (well, American women dream this 🙂 Therefore, we’ve to plenty of room to house lots of clothing. And, we have tons of different price options for clothing/cosmetics/accessories (my french friends come here often merely to shop for childens clothing, which they find to be much more abudant and offered at varying price ranges). Parisians (like many Europeans) don’t necessarily dream of owning the large, 4-5 bdrm house w/ large kitchen, large backyard, large closest. Thus, they have less room and make do w/ less, which is also why they are able to invest in quality items – they are buying a bit less than we do, plus, they have the higher quality offerings close by. Also, we are a nation that still does not really accept sex outside the confines of marriage, (‘member Bill Clinton anyone?), whereas when the French Prime Minister’s mistress shows up at a speech, there is not the huge outrage like there’d be here. That may mistakenly translate for a lax attitude toward cheating, when in reality it is just an attitude of worrying less about the PM’s private life. Here in the U.S., we have HUGE supermarkets that are often open 24 hours a day. It’s more convenient, often, to use these stores where the food isn’t super-duper fresh like perhaps at a small stand in Paris! Also, don’t forget we are a heterogeneous country; people from all cultures call themselves Americans! Thus, we’ve adopted some food, fashion, and drink. And some of us are heavier, shorter, etc. We are also a vastly larger nation in land mass and population, so there’s more to please. France is a smaller, homogeneous nation, w/o the same climate variances. The food tastes, body type, fashion needs just are not as varied as they are here. And of course, there’s the smoking issue too….Oh, every French person I know is SUPER clean. (However, I do believe we have better teeth, but I think that has to do w/ the flouride in our water!)

  • Nelindah

    For accent, I think Arabic is great, too. The talk as if they sing or read poetry.

  • efjad;e=f

    I love white women. French, German, Russian are okay too. But the hottest in my mind is gisele bundchen!
    She is the hottest chicky supermodel.
    I love her.

  • Someone

    I know 4 french women and all of they are pretties. And one of them is very very very sexy, intellient, enjoyable and she is so lovely…, I dont have enough words to define her. I just fall in love with her

  • S Smith

    I can’t believe Nancy spoke so much nonsense about hygiene. I bet she has never left her country.

  • S Smith

    VJC is generalising, as what about the trash on USA chat shows with stomachs bigger than their chests who wear cheap clothes. The there are the people so fake and plastic they look like aliens.

  • Udaya Bhaskaram

    I am from India and went to France for a holiday for a month recently! I think most French women are naturally beautiful & elegant, without trying too hard! And if they’re wearing make-up & high-heels, it looks great on them, accentuates their beauty! so what’s wrong with that??!!!

  • Mia

    The article is nonsense. French spend less effort on themselves.

  • Mia

    VJC- very intelligent, well-rounded comment! Shows that you have an open mind and lots of experience!

    The French aren’t slim because they eat less, they actually do eat more, but, they are active, and what they eat is good for them! It’s not the quantity of the food, it’s the quality.