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What is it with Democrats who like to Dance on the Dead?

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Robert Kennedy Jr. today demonstrated why the Kennedy family has gone all down hill since JFK. He suggests on the HuffPo that Hurricane Katrina was caused by the Mississippi Governor’s “anti-kyoto” and “anti-environmental” stances. The tone is almost giddy that this leftist can link dead bodies in some religious way to a Republican. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for their to be protests at their graves organized by Code Pink.

This is the problem with the Democratic party and the left in general, they can’t simply try to make a point and convince people. What they do instead is gloat on any bad news and link it to some Republican policy. Tsunamis; Republicans fault. Hurricanes; Republicans fault. Train bombing in Spain; Republicans fault. Hollywood’s deplorable movies; Republicans fault.

You ever wonder why they keep losing elections? They’re still blaming Bush for every problem that comes along and then systematically ignoring all the good news out there. (See Good News from Iraq, or increased home ownership, and the list goes on).

Right now more and more people are seeing the Democrats and the Left for what they are, despicable elitists who have a sneering disdain for the “common man” and all things American. They could care less about America, the poor, the hungry, they just want power and they’re pissed off at the voters for not giving it to them. This is just the latest episode of their downfall.

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  • RJ

    The ‘Glades and the Louisiana bayou have been raped for centuries, and have really been dealth a harsh blow in the last 60+ years. Their revival will not occur overnight.

  • RJ

    “RJ, you’re not a scientist.”

    I never claimed to be. But I am an environmentalist. And I support saving wetlands.

    But even if Bush’s first official act back in 2001 was to spend billions of dollars on reviving the wetlands of Florida and Louisiana, it would not have made much of an impact in just 4+ years. It would have been of long-term benefit, but not enough to do much against Katrina.

  • I take it back. DC’s far from a genius, even though he’s right about Dave Matthews.

    Jeb should really have a talk with his brother because he’s eroded environmental protections that have preserved the wetlands and only backed off talk of expanding oil drilling in the Everglades based on pressure from his brother, who would have faced a huge political firestorm for allowing it in his backyard. For the last few years, Bush has also objected to the price tag for the proposed Louisiana Coastal Area project to protect and improve the health of the wetlands directly nearest where the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast.

    RJ, you’re not a scientist. And healthy wetlands are valuable for their own sake, not just for how many lives they would have saved in hurricanes.

    That is all.

  • Anthony Grande

    Hey Bennett:

    GO (edited)

    You can’t fight my words so you attack my age. You are the only one who continues to do that. Why is that??? Are your kids drop out drug adicts???

  • D.C.

    The kooks from the far left once again finding a away to display their hate for all to see. A party driven by Mr. “I hate Republicans” and “They are just a bunch of white Christians”. The politics of the gutter and division led by Dean and Moore. What a sad party. Just think, at a time like this (9/11, War in Iraq, Katrina, etc.) all Dems can do is spew hate at Bush at every chance they perceive they get. Look at the demogogues trying to inject race into Katrina. What a sad, sad party.

  • nugget


    If you’re so down and out about the impoverished, why don’t you sell your SUV (your teenager’s SUV as well) and give your money away. Can you put your money where your mouth is? Your sense of monetary egalitarianism is ridiculous.

    Based on your reactionary post, I can only presume that a dream nation for you = a free-for-all socialist government handing out paychecks to pavlov’s salivating dogs in accordance with some “fairness” act.

    Bennett: The money someone earns, is given, inherits, finds, or even hopes for is PRIVATE. If some shmuck in upstate New York won’t give a few dollars to Tyrone in the city, it’s because that shmuck also happens to be a prick. So here we have a prick/shmuck who is probably a CEO being IMMORAL. It’s funny how liberals are the ones that bark about conservatives puppeteering their constituencies with an ethics-based platform. Liberals are JUST as bad. It’s a form of manipulation like anything else. You don’t give a shit about poor people. Here is some advice bennet, take care of your wife and kids, your bank account and your close relationships, and then, if you have time, give some money to the poor, but quit yelling at people about how unfair everything is. It’s irresponsible and you’re just letting off steam to people you view as threats.

  • Griffin G. Crosby, Jr

    Doom and gloom demos. Some people seem to have forgotten the 20 billion dollar hiway bill that just went through congress. How about all the states give that money to La, Al, and Ms to rebuild. Except Ted Kennedy’s 20 million dollars for a 7.5 mile hiway in Boston. We wouldn’t want a loser demo to have to give nothing. What a shame!

  • Babs is right that the Wetlands are a major factor. Of course, leftists have been bashing Bush for the last several days because he reduced funding for levees while increasing funding for Wetland restoration instead. The fact is that the Wetlands are what stops the water on the way in. The Levees control the flow on the way out.

    But if RFK Jr. thinks Kyoto has anything to do with this disaster he’s as nutty as a giant SUV-driving fruitcake.


  • RJ

    “supposed” = supported, I mean, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars…

  • RJ

    “Hurricanes often blow out or slow down significantly, according to scientists, over intact wetlands and marshes.”

    Two things:

    1 – JEB Bush, the President’s brother and the Governor of Florida, has supposed efforts to protect the Everglades.

    2 – Even if Katrina had diminshed further due to “intact wetlands” (which haven’t been “intact” in decades…), the very warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico would have brought her back to life as a very powerful storm.

  • It’s not as much fun if you realize that he does this all over the Internet and that he doesn’t believe half the things he writes.

    That is all.

  • Bennett

    Yeah, You’ve got his number, but I happen to like shooting fish in a barrel…

  • He’s a cyberpunk, flame-throwing techno-radical right-wing Internet activist.

    He does it to get a reaction and play a role.

    That is all.

  • Bennett

    Nugget – poor confused you.

    what’s so bad about being poor”

    and even better

    “But so many people living in projects and government housing are just fine.”


    Yeah, the richest nation in the world, with the most poverty of any industrialized nation…

    We’re the shit, the top, the cherry on the banana split. We got MILITARY, the EU has free college for all, but what the fuck do they know? We’re the police, they’re the college professors.

    Fuckin’ Ay!

  • Kurt

    Does this JB guy just use a computerized diatribe generator?! Every day, same old garbage. Hey John – when I was driving a forklift all night for a living, I didn’t respect the Grand Old Party of elitist, union-busting, CEO kissing, war mongering, self-rightous, woman-hating, lying old men; I still don’t like it now.

  • nugget

    shark said,

    “And Bambi, the only thing I loathe about America is the mass of greedy assholes who continue to cut taxes for the rich while cutting aid to the poor.”

    shark shows his compassion. I guess the one thing I loathe about Americans is that they act like they give a shit about poor people somewhere else. and, what’s so bad about being poor???? Being homeless is one thing. We can call that dirt poor. But so many people living in projects and government housing are just fine. So stop gallantly defending people that would probably despise you for doing so. I’ve met too many happy poor people and depressed rich people to believe that you, shark, are really “compassionate” for some nameless group.

    On the other hand, yes the right is greedy and wants money. I have no qualms with saying that. The left is the same but not as good at playing capitalism.

  • Rich


    You need an enema, so does the President and his Administration.

  • Shark

    Bambineck: “Right now more and more people are seeing the Democrats and the Left for what they are, despicable elitists who have a sneering disdain for the “common man” and all things American.”

    Funny, on Monday night, Shark “the leftist” was wondering where all the federal assistance for those ‘common men’ dying along the Gulf Coast happened to be.

    Iraq, maybe?

    Or was the USA’s CEO still on vacation?

    Or maybe Condi had to attend a Broadway show before she could brainstorm on trying to save a few million poor common fellow Americans.

    And Bambi, the only thing I loathe about America is the mass of greedy assholes who continue to cut taxes for the rich while cutting aid to the poor.

    I can’t wait until the poor hungry and thirsty hordes decide to storm a gated community.

    Maybe you Conservatives will decide to pay higher taxes just to keep the dead and dying negroes off your fucking doorstep.

  • Les Marsden

    Interesting that he flies to such extremist, inflammatory and frankly quite incorrect screed. Interesting also he doesn’t note that amusing little trait demonstrated constantly by those on the Right: blaming 9-11 on homosexuals, Jews and Feminists, (remember Jerry Falwell’s charge that the American Civil Liberties Union, abortion providers, gay activists and the federal courts were responsible for 9-11?) blaming Hurricane Katrina’s destruction on (again) homosexuals and the ‘licentiousness’ of New Orleans (Philadelphia-based Repent America issued a statement calling Hurricane Katrina an “Act of God” that destroyed a “wicked city” and blames the city’s previous three mayors, and every citizen in New Orleans, for tolerating and welcoming such “wickedness” as Southern Decadence and Mardi Gras.)

    …but then it’s a long and dishonorable tradition of those on the misbehaving Right to point the j’accuse-finger at those on the Left. Even while those hypocrites on the Right are the real miscreants guilty of the very behavior they condemn. Remember the moral outrage of Bill (‘Gamblin’ Man) Bennett and the family values of Newt (Leave ’em for a younger one or two) Gingrich and Padre Henry (“youthful indiscretions in his 40’s”) Hyde and virtuous Bob (“whipping cream off the beauty queen”) Barr and that pillar of fatherhood Dan (Illegitimate Son? Really?) Burton. And that’s barely scratching the two-faced surface(s). Remember how THEY were the ones to express indignant outrage at anyone on the Left who didn’t share their values? Well no wonder we didn’t share their values! I actually believe in marriage and fatherhood! And positive morals.

    And oddly enough: Bush IS responsible – totally, completely to blame – for so much that is simply WRONG in this counry and the world today. Inarguably. With his war in Iraq which has done nothing whatsoever to stabilize that country OR to find his imaginary little WMDs OR to wreak vengeance on the perpetrators of 9-11. And his phenominally inept and gloriously addle-brained approach to a fiscally-responsible economy. But above all: that which is truly the basis for SO much instability, insecurity, distrust, division and simple lack of a good era in America: the simple fact that Bush is a remarkably dishonest man with a trail of lies covering virtually every subject upon which he’s attempted to focus his thoughts.

    So please: at least learn to read data — not screed from the Right — and try just for a moment or two to process it in some sort of formula resembling mental logic. Rising temperatures – much more activity in Hurricane Seasons in recent years – growing empirically….

    It’s called Global Warming – get used to it. And stop blaming those of us who CAN think for actually DOING so.

  • Bennett

    Good one Bob.

  • By the way, did anyone else notice the Amazon link to the book and fascism and think that Bambenek was reading it for advice on fascism?

    That is all.

  • Bennett

    Oh how fucking cool John!

    You have a 16 year old that thinks you’re one smart and eloquent dudo!

    Must make your entire year, eh?

  • RFK Jr. expressed this somewhat inelegantly, but the lack of environmental protections does factor into this tragedy.

    Any report you’ve read in the last few days featuring a scientific analysis of factors that made this such a devastating hurricane undoubtedly have mentioned that the erosion of formerly protected federal wetlands in Florida eliminated one of our best natural defenses against hurricanes building the kind of force necessary to destroy entire cities like Katrina did by the time it got to New Orleans.

    Hurricanes often blow out or slow down significantly, according to scientists, over intact wetlands and marshes.

    That is all.

  • Anthony Grande

    Great post John!!! It all needed to be said.

  • Bennett

    What is it with John Bambeneck?

    Is it that he doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “their”?

    Is it that he consistantly spews the hate and misinformation that he claims are the byword of “the left”?

    Or is it his effeminate sweater vests?

    Who knows?
    Who cares?

    Predictable, sad, twisted, angry, and oh so depressed.

  • “Right now more and more people are seeing the Democrats and the Left for what they are, despicable elitists who have a sneering disdain for the “common man” and all things American.”

    Hmm—how then, professor, do you explain Bush’s toilet level approval ratings? If more and more people were seeing the Dems for what they were, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they’d be more apt to side with Bush?

    Watch them really dip in the next poll.