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What Is Inner Peace?

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“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make inner peace with ourselves.”
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama knew that the world needed to find the secret to inner peace, that’s why he said the above. His statement has in it, in fact, the secret to being happy and content and finding your inner peace.

Inner peace means gaining closure and letting go of all your fears, your emotional baggage, doubts, worries, anxieties, limitations, and barriers. Inner peace means disempowering any negative attitudes and beliefs and replacing them with positive empowering qualities. With inner peace, navigating through the world becomes much easier.

Finding inner peace is like pure joy; the essence of it is bliss. Our thoughts make us, and if we can think wisely and positively, we can walk on the road to bliss. Inner peace doesn’t mean staying lonely, it means being in harmony with your loneliness. If you can make loneliness your friend, then you have found the solution to the biggest problem faced in the world. The world today is in constant motion, and we have to pace up if we want to survive, but while learning to survive, we forget how to live. Inner peace is the key that unlocks that door.

It teaches you how to live while constantly pacing up with the world. If left alone in a dark room, all of us would start crying and would feel claustrophobic, not because of the fear of enclosed spaces, but because alone in that dark room we are facing our worst demons. We are looking inside ourselves, at how unhappy we are, how sad and forlorn we feel inside, how there is an emptiness inside all of us, a hole we haven’t been able to fill, so we hid those demons away with our concealed emotions and worries. But they fight back and come forward in the form of anxiety, crying, bad relationships, and mood swings, making us realise that what we are missing is inner peace.

Money can’t buy you happiness, it can’t buy you love, it can’t even buy you sleep, but inner peace can bring all these things into your life.

Because we are unhappy from the inside, we are not in harmony with ourselves; our lives are spinning out of our control. Even staying in your own house, or living with your partner or family, do you feel like this is not home, like something is missing? Like you don’t know where you belong? That is the feeling of unrest. We have to understand that our inner self is made up of five aggregates: Form, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental formation, Consciousness. To find our true home we must to look deeply into these aggregates.

We don’t have to go to China, or Japan, or India to find our home. Our true home is right in the here and now, within us. We only need to look inside ourselves and find that inner peace which we have been trying to find outside us. We need to stop running away from ourselves and searching for something outside of us; we have to find our inner world, our inner peace.

We have to keep in mind that inner peace does not mean the absence of conflicts, but the ability to cope with them.

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  • Michelle

    Right on! Killer article. So agree! Our inner world creates our outer world. It’s not always easy to recognize what holds us back from inner peace, but it is very valuable to recognize that it is something within ourselves and learn to look inward with compassion. Lovely article. =)
    All the best,

  • Spiros

    Lovely article, thank you so much.