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What Is An Average Muslim?

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I stumbled across this little ditty over at Wizbang. It is a post about the suspected terrorists rounded up in Lodi a few weeks ago. I say suspected because, unlike some people, I still believe someone is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.

Anyway, this writer comments:

This is exactly why so many people — myself included — tend to be suspicious of the average Muslim.

That sparked my curiosity about what exactly is an "average" Muslim? Is your "average" Muslim the same as your "average" Evangelical Christian? A little stereotypical, don’t ya think?

The writer then goes on to state:

These people chose in favor of their faith, and against this nation. And I hardly think that this case is an aberration.

Well, if that’s the case then I think these people also chose in favor of their faith and against their nation. Again, I put my question in front of you, what is an average Muslim? Or for that matter, what is your average Evangelical Christian?

I guess the point I am trying to make is that your average Muslim and your average Christian are law abiding American citizens. The people that allegedly perpetrated these acts in Lodi are not your average anything. They are anything but average. I do have one other question though, how come if a Muslim blows something up they are refereed to as a terrorist but if a Christian blows something up they are referred to as just a bomber?

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  • Asim

    Haha my blog has that name, maybe we are average Muslims?

  • Mr. Lana, what does “white” have to do with anything?

  • had an older cab driver in San Diego who looked like any number of my Jewish relatives. Couldn’t place his accent or country of origin, so I asked:
    “Central Asia.”
    he hesitated and then finally said:
    I wasn’t shocked that he was from there or is Muslim-we talked further, but in New York, a cab driver would have never hesitated to say the country he’s from proudly

    Think that it’s really sad to live in a country where people can’t say where they’re from

    And I looked about as Muslim as he did. And I’m half Irish by birth

  • But yet you have people that would want you to believe every Muslim is subject.

    That cannot be farther from the truth and should be challenged at every corner.

    Sure, just like right wing extremist groups their should be moles trying to dig their way in these organizations but to critize a neighborhood because they suspected a mole is absurd.

    Yeah you gotta point, the BTK serial killer was a quiet nice man. So was McVeigh and Rudolph. Does that make them average Evangelical terrorists? No it doesn’t they represent a minority as do these Muslim terrorists represent a minority. A Lethal but small minority.

  • What is the average Muslim?

    A person who feels compassion for the victims and disgust with the perpetrators every time a Muslim commits a terrorist attack.

    I don’t think any white Christian thinks that Daniel Rader (the BTK killer) is anything but despicable and nothing resembling a Christian.

    As Bring It On indicates, this is just normal.