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What I Like About Tom Cruise

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Ever since jumping on Oprah’s couch like a maniac in June of 2005, Tom Cruise has become the most vilified actor in the world. When you hear the name “Tom Cruise” these days, it is most likely the topic of a joke. Never has an actor fallen from the top so quickly without committing a crime. What babies did one of the greatest actors of the past three decades murder in order to earn such harsh treatment?

Many point to Cruise’s involvement in the Church of Scientology as the main reason for his so-called downfall. How ironic it is that many of the same people who criticize his religious beliefs belong to mainstream religions in which children are molested, wars are started, and crazy ideals are shoved down our throats.

In comparison, Cruise’s beliefs that aliens are popping negative thoughts into our heads seems harmless. As a supporter of drugs for people who have mental illnesses, I do find his argument that these drugs are useless somewhat offensive, but I am not about to boycott his films. I didn’t see the last Mission Impossible movie because I think the series is boring and a waste of Mr. Cruise’s talents.

The one other issue people have with Cruise is his sexuality. Let’s face it: I think he is as queer as a three dollar bill, but if he wants to use women such as Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes and throw them back to the prop department when he’s finished, that’s his business, not ours.

Unlike many other (I think) closeted famous people, he was never on television speaking out against gay issues. I think perhaps he is just not ready to deal with his sexuality yet, so leave him alone!

Even if Cruise has shown an unlikable side of himself, it does nothing to erase his body of work, which is very impressive: Risky Business, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, and Collateral. He brings charisma and feeling to all his characters in a way that most actors can only dream of. Even such poorly scripted movies, such as Minority Report and War of the Worlds, are only watchable because he is in them – so why the backlash?

Cruise has entered the Britney Spears, Ben Affleck, Michael Jackson, J-Lo, and Madonna Celebrity Backlash Zone where people love to take entertainers, turn them into icons of an almost Godlike status, and then drop them like a ball of fire. It’s a fun sport for the general public, but can be emotionally draining for the star that is involved. Cruise may be everybody’s whipping target now, but you can almost bet Brad Pitt will replace him soon. Who will we backlash after that in order to set off our secret desires of seeing a famous person fall – Tom Hanks?

What happened with Cruise is simple: we liked him and wanted him to succeed. Then, he became too successful. We looked at him and, instead of feeling proud of him we felt envy. Many looked at their own miserable lives and realized they have not set their goals or used their talents in the way Cruise has. We had to find a flaw in him (Scientology) and blow it way out of proportion in order to make him look bad. Congratulations, we can all now feel so much better about ourselves!

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  • Meena

    Great article Daryl, frankly I have searched my cranium and am yet to find out what Cruise did wrong. If he is in a sham relationship, that is his business. I think people are waiting for the Cruise bashing to run its Course before they actively crusify Pitt.

  • Gina

    People these days just love to hate on celebrities. It is as though it is the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves. To feel greater than a cult like figure. Though I don’t think Cruise is gay, I don’t understand why his marriage or sexuality should be attacked as if they hurt any body. People act like celebrities owe them something.

  • Liz

    Great article, Daryl, but you seem to be a hypocrite. Your article on Angelina Jolie was one of the most nasty articles I’ve ever read on any celebrity. I’m just giving you constructive criticism because I do find your articles interesting and that’s why I comment on them.

  • Interesting views. I mostly agree with your conclusion paragraph. Tom Cruise undeniably has been a success, just count the international box office gross income from his films (over 5 billion). However, I would like to point out that it is ironic to say that Scientology is his weak point when he is the most popular and bankable celeb around. I’m sure that he would say the opposite, Scientology has helped him make it to the top, despite others’ adversarial views. Additionally, he has also taken more media hits than anyone I know, yet he stands out as amazingly successful in his career and family.

  • James Lightfield

    Amazing. You wrote: “When you hear the name ‘Tom Cruise’ these days, it is most likely the topic of a joke.” Tp whom is it a joke? Just the bloggers and those who slam Scientology, which has the cojones to accurately report on the corruption in the FDA and the drug companies payoffs.

    A joke? To whom? Certainly not the 782 police and firemen whose treatment for toxic poisoning was almost entirely paid by Cruise for whose work New York City just issued him a City Proclamation.

    A joke? Certainly not to the hundreds of children whose lives have been improved due to Tom Cruise’s charitable work for which he was honored by Mentor LA “for outstanding commitment to the welfare of LA’s youth.”

    A joke? Certainly not to the owners of MGM who own United Artists movie studios. They wanted Cruise, and now he is co-owner of US and has green-light authority up to $100 million per film.

    A joke? Certainly not to 800,000 children who are off of Ritalin (a Class 2 drug the same as cocaine) as a result of Cruise bringing to public awareness the dangers of psych drugs.

    Since the Cruise Today Show (2005), there was so much pressure brought on the FDA that the head of the FDA quit (he was receiving money from drug companies) and more 67 health warnings against psych drugs have been issued by the FDA. See http://www.cchr.org for details.

    A joke? Only your commentary.

  • JeraldR

    James Lightfield,

    Would this be the same CCHR that put press releases out blaming mental healh meds for the VT shootings? A full day before we even knew who the shooter was?

    Did you also leave out the fact that the treatment Cruise is paying for is toxic itself? That is is based on something a sci fi writer dreamed up fifty years ago and not one thing has been changed in all this time?

    Do you really think Cruise has any pull over what med’s are and are not used? All he does is spread fear and keep those who need help from reciving it.

    He has about as little education as the man who founded scientology. Both him and Hubbard have no medical training at all. And it shows in Hubbard books and Cruise’s rants.

  • LMLF


    What you wrote is perfect. It’s exactly what I was thinking. They always try to make Scientology out to be better and more powerful than it really is.

  • daryl d


    I admit that I am sometimes a part of the celebrity backlashing that takes place, but unlike Tom Cruise, Angelina is actually hurting kids by using them as photo ops to keep her name in the papers.


    I don’t know if you fully read my article, but I am defending Tom Cruise, not insulting him. I do agree that the FDA can be corrupt and I know for a fact that they actually pay some doctors to prescribe drugs that their patients may not need. But I can think of a few people who told me that taking meds for their depression saved their lives.

  • flash321

    Daryl D I have one question to you, are you affiliated with Scientology in any way?

  • James Ford

    You believe that silly gay rumor Dave?

  • To those who thinks Drugs are the solution, I invite you to take a look at society,since Drugs became the solution.
    Have you ever had an “OBE” (out of body experience)?
    Well that is the real YOU. Till you have had one that experience will sound totally crazy.

    Everyone will have one at some point, but it would be better to have that knowledge now, before you leave your body at Body death. That is real knowledge. Now to my point.

    Get a picture in your mind of your car. Now point at it. Who is doing the looking? If you say it is the brain, then you don’t know who you really are.

    You are looking at your picture, You can look at it in the body or outside the body. You are the consciousness. Consciouness is not of this world. Neither is Intention. You are life, life or you are not from this dimension. There is another dimension or plane of existence. There are rules and laws there too, which are actually senior to the physical universe laws. One can actually become aware of them and use them to live a better life on this plane of existence.

    That level is the level to know about. Knowing about that level, you will know why drugs are bad news. Tom is aware of that knowledge as he is a Scientologist, and the processes of Scientology will make them blatently obvious to one who does them. IF you don’t want to know your self, then you will know NOTHING. To know your self, you will know Everything. It is your choice. Sure that is just an opinion to those who haven’t observed who they really are. But if one is to know anything, then he has to LOOK. Looking gives you certainty. Certainty is Knowledge, it gives one abilities. Opinions are worthless and 95%lies.

    Yes one may have to believe in order to look, but if your stuck at believe and never look, then you can’t possibly know. Your brain is just a frequency modulator for the “BEING” (YOU) It is how you stay connected to your body. You are a Spirit, you don’t have a spirit. It is not a possesion. You are not your name or body, (although that is all most of this degraded society sees, is bodies). You see your grandmother as a “BEING”, not a Body right? It’s time we can all see “BEINGS” for who they really are… Oh the problems that alone would solve.

    Think Scientologists are lunies, like the press makes them out to be? JUST Wait, truth always comes out, in the end…
    It is Mankinds only Hope as it gives one real KNOWLEDGE and ABILITIES. The future of this planet depends on man having the real truth, or he won’t survive. REAL Knowledge gives you back your Spiritual Abilities and Powers. Science Fiction?

    The real truth man can’t have at his Current State That is why He has to Wake up. Our survival depends on it. Your “Native State” is “YOU” stabily exterior to the BODY and Physical Universe.YOU REALLY ARE A SPIRIT. To most that is just words, that is why they laugh. That takes real knowledge to get you, to that level again. It is now Attainable. If you MUST have to Believe, Believe that. KNOWING is a much higher level than BELIEF. Knowledge gives you back your Certainty and thus your ABILITIES…

    If you the consciouness are put less conscious by drugs, then your pictures get fussy and you may not even see them.
    To fix the Mind (YOUR PICTURES)you need to bring you the Being (OR SPIRIT) more into the present. By handling ones past you get the being focused in the Here and Now and his pictures will get clearer. He will become more focused, He will be able to duplicate more,He will be able to concentrate better, he will be able to think more clearly, he will be less Dispersed he will see the solutions to his problems, and he will have a higher IQ and less likely to get sick and have accidents. That is how you fix the mind, NOT with DRUGS. You do it with communication. Communication is the solvent of all Problems. LRH At lower levels communication is solid (Bullets) at higher level understanding resolves problems. But you have to have real knowledge to have real understanding. Man as Man remains at the level of man as his knowledge is nothing but opinion, which serves to keep him at the level of Man, which isn’t who you really are. Real knowledge frees you from your Body and this trap called the Physical universe. Mans knowledge is only a grain of sand compared to the knowledge you will get outside the Physical universe.

    There is no greater adventure than finding out who you really are, as real abilites and knowledge awaits you. The physical eyes cannot percieve truth.You have to get outside the body to know. You are a “Spiritual Being”, what do you think GOD is? Its time for man to wake up, see through his fixed ideas and realize he doesn’t know as he is still at the level of man. Man can’t know the truth at his current “State of Being”. There are levels attainable in Scientology where nothing can strike you down. Think it is Science fiction? Great YOU lose…

  • daryl d

    I am not affiliated with Scientology in anuy way. But if it helps make someome happy, then why villify them?

  • “When somebody enrols, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe – never permit an ‘open-minded’ approach… If they enrolled, they’re aboard, and if they’re aboard they’re here on the same terms as the rest of us – win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half minded about being Scientologists… When Mrs. Pattycake comes to us to be taught, turn that wandering doubt in her eye into a fixed, dedicated glare… The proper instruction attitude is, ‘We’d rather have you dead than incapable.’”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING, 7 February 1965, reissued 27 August 1980

  • Peter

    “’Psychiatry’ and ‘psychiatrist’ are easily redefined to mean ‘an anti-social enemy of the people‘. This takes the kill crazy psychiatrist off the preferred list of professions…The redefinition of words is done by associating different emotions and symbols with the word than were intended…Scientologists are redefining ‘doctor‘, ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘psychology’ to mean ‘undesirable antisocial elements‘…The way to redefine a word is to get the new definition repeated as often as possible. Thus it is necessary to redefine medicine, psychiatry and psychology downward and define Dianetics and Scientology upwards. This, so far as words are concerned, is the public opinion battle for belief in your definitions, and not those of the opposition. A consistent, repeated effort is the key to any success with this technique of propaganda.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 5 October 1971, PR Series 12, “Propaganda by Redefinition of Words”

  • James Lightfield

    Redefinition of words. Classic example. Pyshc drugs used to be called “drugs.” Now they are called “medicine” and people take their “daily meds.”

    What used to be called “mental illness” is now “brain disease.”

    What used to be awareness of oneself as a spiritual being is now a person is simply a brain on two feet.

    A person wants to take drugs to feel better, that’s his decision, whether pot or coke or prozac.

    That society pays people to become dependent on drugs and the media promotes the “drug solution” on a daily basis … you cannot have a healthy society when its individual members are functionally illiterate and dependent on mood altering drugs.

    Result: Look at this country. Compare it to how it was 30 years ago. Point the finger everywhere else but at ourselves, and then as a nail in the United States’ coffin elect a failed businessman because he’s a “good Christian.”

    And for good measure, make every American who is not Christian now start feeling like a second class citizen because this country is “Christian” when in fact this country’s strength is in being once called a “melting pot.” It’s strength was in it diversity under a common banner, “I’m an American.”

    As regards those who beat the psych drum, that’s you’re right. Scientologists simply will continue to do what we have done for nearly 60 years, keep the public informed (www.cchr.org and http://www.FreedomMag.org) while getting Hubbard’s effectives solutions known and used — see, http://www.ScientologyHandbook.org.

    Note: Being a Chrisitian does not mean “blind faith” it means knowing and understanding Jesus’ words. His wisdom was perverted during two thousand years of political intrigue and outright barbarism and torture.

    There’s an immense difference between the wisdom of Jesus and what anyone who is not brain washed (the flock) sees happening. Jesus taught that a person is a spriritual being, the body is only a vessel. His message was a person IS the soul. He is immortal. He is created by God. His body dies, he continues. Not something he keeps in his hip pocket called a “soul.” The person is the soul, he doesn’t “have” one (like having a pair of socks).

    Look what “blind faith” has gotten us? From an incredibly strong nation to a soon to be second-class nation despised by many and run by “good Christians” who can not even agree to take on the oil industry and prevent global warming. They could have done that decades ago.

  • James Lightfield

    “This is how you MUST believe and what you MUST do to be a good …” (Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Mormon, etc etc etc.) should awaken anyone who can still think for him/herself that maybe the core teachings of Jesus have been buried under two millenia of interpretation.

    Each, in its own way, says the other Christian practice is wrong.

    Jesus’ message was one of immortality and the brotherhood of man. His message was at a time when many were considered objects to be owned … nothing more than a lamb or donkey.

    How can one be a good Christian and not really know he/she is immortal and lives more than one life?

    There’s no prayer or bible in any Church of Scientology. A person goes to his own place of worship for that.

  • James Lightfield

    Finally, I consider it obscene that Christians embrace the materialistic dogma of psychiatry.

    The typical “Christian” is big on “belief” and short on any sense of the core wisdom of Jesus Christ.

  • LOL

  • AchtungNight

    Good words, Daryl. I appreciate you having the courage to speak your mind and be a calm reasonable realistic voice in this world where intentional misunderstanding, hatred, fear, and refusal to change are too often becoming the dominant attitudes. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint and I hope most of your readers will agree with it- in this case at least.

  • JeraldR

    Ok James Lightfield,

    Lets talk about what scientology, CCHR and Freedom mag has done over the years. Or just the last few years. What kind of sick group blames World War 2 and 9/11 on doctors?
    What kind of sick group puts out a video showing doctors being gunned down in groups?

    What kind of sick people put their ugly yellow tents up at the VT shooting site saying the school, the Red Cross and the SA asked them to come help, when the truth is no such request was ever made?

    Scientology is that group James. You can try to make it sound like a religious issue as hard as you can but no one really cares how you belive or think.
    However we do care about the sick ACTIONS this group takes. Its not about religion James, its about takeing advanage of people who are hurting in order to promote your twisted views.

    scientology and CCHR have no desire to make the mentall health field better. They want it gone. Scientology flat out says there is no such thing as mental health.

    Yet they don’t do crazy so whats to become of those who don’t fit in?

    Hubbard own words cover this. He wrote….
    “Dispose of quiety and without sorrow”

  • Darwin

    Trashing Tom Cruise proves there is something really weong in the american media and their brainwashed drones: americans.

    Funny, Gobson, Richards, Cosby, Imus, nobody hate them while they are dangerous racist homophobic and antisemitic assholes.
    Cruise? fanatic of a cult after being one of the big one (Catho), but exploited by media since more than 20, pressured to talk about his faith.
    When he refused to, they called him an hypocrite, and blasted everything on him.
    They talk about his afro american son and why he adpoted one, about his sexuality, etc

    Why? The media re a bunch of bully, hypocrite, dangerous and haters. A bunch of losers who want their minute of fame by insulting a talented, extremely famous artist.

    Conclusion: Americans don’t think for themselves, they are brainwashed by corporations, media, press, religions, pharma lobby…
    Who’s crazy?
    At least, Cruise got his OWN mind.

  • James Lightfield

    Distorting data or taking things out of context is common amongst those who want to “save others from themselves.” This has been done for centuries, if not millenia.

    Anyone can read the exposes and the information the media does not report at the following sites: CCHR.org and FreedomMag.org

  • James Lightfield

    Freedom Magazine Wins Top Prize for Investigative Journalism

    DENVER: It was an article that begged a burning question: “Was it North America’s Crime of the Century?”

    At the National Federation of Press Women’s annual conference and awards presentation, Freedom Magazine was awarded as the 1st place winner in the category “Writing for the Web” for its feature article, an exposé on thousands of the Duplessis Orphans” who died or disappeared in Quebec’s psychiatric institutions.

  • James Lightfield

    Dianetics: Modern Science of MENTAL Health

    Can the mind cause unhappiness? Of course. Is the mind / brain the same. Nope.

    What’s the mind? Read the first book Hubbard wrote on the mind (before his book Dianetics).

    More people learning and using Dianetics would cause a signicant drop in the annual $2 Trillion (worldwide) that the psych and drug industries put in their pockets each year.

    Anyone can learn Dianetics. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

  • JeraldR

    Those are links everyone should see James, But they also should look at xenu.net and xenutv.com to see both sides.
    As for taking things out of context, there’s really only one way to take some things quoted.

  • JeraldR

    Remember everyone, Google is your friend. 🙂


    scientology and ellie perkins
    scientology and crimes
    scientology and deaths

    cchr and Virginia Tech
    cchr and protests

    Or visit whyaretheydead.net

  • Mark Saleski

    don’t forget: google scientology and cult

  • reggie von woic

    Tom Cruise is fat

  • Joxe Arkaitz

    Tom Cruise is probably one of the most ethical and honest actors we have nowadays but the world is gone crazy and some people in America are attacking him for stupid reasons like “he showed his love for Katie with enthusiasm” on TV. What a crime!!!! The world would be doing much better if more people showed love or enthusiasm.

    Some people make fun of his religion. Well, that’s very disrespectful to say the least and it violates the Constitution and the Human Rights for example. It shows bigotry – bullying. How would you like to be trated like that yourself for being let’s say… a jewish or a catholic?

    No, there are things that are absolutely not OK in this world and the way some people treat Tom Cruise is one of them.

  • James Lightfield

    “All non-believers shall be consumed in the wrath of hell! Let he who does not accept without question… ”

    Whether “good” Christian or “devout” Muslim doing the ranting it’s all the same. Fear and hate (masked by, “Oh, I’m doing it for your own good. For the ‘sake of your soul.'”)

    No basis in wisdom. Just more of the same, century after century.

  • tellallnow

    Hey, joxe right on! Sharptom says Romney shouldn’t be elected cause he’s a Mormon, Mel Gibson hates Jews, jeraldr dumps on scientology -=- ugly people

  • Omega3

    “”All non-believers shall be consumed in the wrath of hell! Let he who does not accept without question … ”

    Whether “good” Christian or “devout” Muslim doing the ranting it’s all the same. Fear and hate (masked by, “Oh, I’m doing it for your own good. For the ‘sake of your soul.'”)

    No basis in wisdom. Just more of the same, century after century.”

    So that statement makes it ok for the CoS to do what it does?? NOT!

  • Well, Tommy should NEVER sell this fraudulous scam called scientology, for which his mentor Hubbard was sentenced to 4 years unsuspended jail in France, 1978.
    He can’t ignore that his cult is also in BIG debts toward french state.
    He can’t ignore that if he get such a treatment in the most secretive HQ from the cult, it’s because he was the superstar: almost nobody is allowed to come in or out of that stronghold heavily guarded.

    If he keeps on ignoring such evidences, while he has all these knowledgeable guys and girls around, that’s dishonesty or intolerance.

    So, my estimation is that he is a willing accomplice of the cult and that will hold till he accepts a real face-to-face with some of the best critics of his cult. Then we’ll see what the cult did to his mind.

  • JeraldR

    I’m not dumping on what you guys belive. I am talking about the action’s of scientology. There is a big difference.

    One of those actions is called fair game, for all the complaints here about critics scientology has master the attacks on people.

    goole; scientology and fair game.

    Like James posted, you should question everything and check for yourself. I think you should look at both the scientology and xenu sites and decide for yourself.

    But really guys, its not about faith and you know it. I have not said one thing about your faith, only the actions.

  • Joxe: How is making fun of someone’s religion a violation of the Constitution?

  • Jon

    Some of my favorite movies growing had Tom Cruise (although I am not sure it was so much him or the movies he chose).

    In the past years he’s become pretty flaky; it’s hard to deny that. It’s difficult to identify with a lead character when you wouldn’t want to have a dinner with the actor. So watching him has a bad taste now regardless.

    And then, watching him also now comes with a social cost. He’s down right dangerous when he fervently propogates Scientology’s insistence that psychiatric medications are evil. That space aliens are inside of us is a bizarre belief, but his trying to keep needed medications from people desperately in need of them puts going to a Tom Cruise movie in the same category as buying a baby seal coat.

    I can live without the guilt.

  • JeraldR

    And lets remember freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom to do as you please. Funny how you bring up your freedoms and forget I have the same ones you do.

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    Darryl D, you certainly opened a big nasty can of worms with this one didn’t you? I see your point but I don’t think Cruise has been villified and we shouldn’t feel too sorry for the guy. He’s rich. He’s attractive to some people. He’s been in tons of succesful films.
    So I won’t be crying in my pillow if some people want to take a whack at him. He’s a celebrity and that’s part of the job.
    My major beef with Cruise is he’s really a one trick pony. I stopped watching his movies after Jerry McGuire because I felt I’d already seen the entire scope of his acting range. His inability to take risks have turned him into a relic from the 80’s. Couple that with the bizarre behavior and you’ve got a career in the toilet.

  • Jodie

    I pretty much agree with a lot of stuff in this article, but I haven’t stopped liking Tom. Actually at first, the one I didn’t like was Katie Holmes, cause I thought she was trying to get with TC for money or fame or something just to dump him later. Now I think she really does love him. I think he made a big sacrifice by jumping on the couch like that. I’ll still go watch his movies cause I like his face and all the controversy and stuff around him just makes me more curious about him and I admire that a lot of things don’t faze him. I mean the guy has jumped off a skycraper and done his own stunts! I think there are lots of mean spirited people out there who like to hate, I mean they say bad shit about his baby girl who is just an innocent lil kid who has done nothing wrong but be the child of a man who has his own opinions, opposes drugs for mental issues, has his own religion and strong views and is pretty much a better example to people than a ton of the other celebrities out there like Paris Hilton driving under the freaking influence!

  • James Lightfield

    A bigot has every right to spew disharmony. The use of “sick group” “cult” and similar is constitutionally protected.

    Scientology vs. Psychiatry has EVERTHING to do with spirituality vs materialism

    Too many Chrisitans’ understanding of Jesus’ wisdom was perverted centuries ago by political hacks (and worse), manifested by such characters as inhabiting these blogs who spew their hatred in the guise of “I am protecting you despite yourself.”

    The dogma of materialism promoted by the psychiatry industry (not all psychs, but the industry itself) cuts right into the heart of every religion.

  • Sam

    i bet some of u are christians(not a believer so smal G),

    Tom talks about his religion and u talk, u say scintology is whack, why? I myself see catholism more whack than it, why? i don’t know i just don’t like catholism

    u can change ur believes anytime, wasn’t it that some church leader changed the church’s views that unborn children don’t go to ur heaven and said now they do.

    And i think catholics are more secretive than any church/religion, they thimk highly of themselves.

    the pope, who is this person, whats his progative,what does he do? what what what.

    christianity, the religion that broke from the jews,christianity, the religion that started wars because they believed themselves superior, christianity a homophobic religion, christianity a religion which sanctioned slavery,christianity a religion which burned people because they were witches from the devil( based on fear) anti-science,

    christianity christianity christianity!!!!!

    leave the Scientologists alone and look at your own religions

  • Mel

    Born on the 4th of July was a great movie and Top Gun, Magnolia and the Mission impossible ones. He does great stunts!

  • JeraldR

    Sorry James,

    But any group that puts out a press release claiming the VT shooter was on meds a full day before we even knew his name is sick. And they are still pushing it even though everyone has said he refused treatment.
    It is sick to use the deaths of 33 children to promote your views. Even more so when its not true.

    You can call me and others here a bigot all day long and all it does is show you can’t make your point without resorting to name calling. Sad if you ask me.

  • James Lightfield

    Besides the misrepresentation to the wording of HIS OWN prior entries in this series in which he uses offensive terms (a constitutional right), jerald also manufactures information with no basis in fact, such as his last posting in regards to Virginia Tech and Cho. jerald wrote: “…even though everyone has said he refused treatment.”

    For a non-Scientologists commentary on this

  • JeraldR

    Misdirection is not nice James. No where does Dr. Breggin say he was on meds. Which was my point. CCHR put out a press release that was a lie.

    The simple fact is million’s of people and families are saved every year by doctors and meds.

    But even if scientology and CCHR doesn’t belive that why put out a press release that is a lie?

    Why say VT, the Red Cross and the SA asked them to come and help when that also was a lie?

    Actions James, not faith.

  • James Lightfield

    Interesting … jerald stopped writing that Cho refused psych treatment (not true)and is on a new slant. That’s his right. Of course, more to the point is the following:

    Dr. Breggin wrote:

    “As a psychiatrist and medical expert, I have personally evaluated dozens of cases of individuals driven to violence by psychiatric drugs of every type, but most commonly the newer antidepressants. One of the cases I evaluated, the Columbine shooter Eric Harris, looks the most like Cho. Both were very emotionally disturbed in an extremely violent fashion for a prolonged period of time. For the entire year that Eric Harris was evolving his manic-like violence, he was taking Luvox, a drug known to cause mania at a high rate in young people

    In my book Reclaiming Our Children, I analyzed the clinical and scientific reasons for believing that Eric Harris’s violence was caused by prescribed Luvox and I’ve also testified to the same under oath in deposition in a case related to Columbine. In my book the Antidepressant Fact Book, I also warned that stopping antidepressants can be as dangerous as starting them, since they can cause very disturbing and painful withdrawal reactions.

    We have not been informed whether or not Cho was taking psychiatric drugs at the time he unleashed his violence; but even if he wasn’t, he might have been tipped over into violent madness weeks or months earlier by a drug like Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft. He could also have been undergoing severe drug withdrawal. Investigators should set a high priority on obtaining and publishing Cho’s psychiatric drug history.”

  • Omega3

    “leave the Scientologists alone and look at your own religions”
    I don’t subscribe to any “organized” religion and that fortunately includes the CoS.

  • Janice

    Great post Daryl. I also enjoyed your post about Angelina Jolie. I thought she was doing a good job turning her life around till she started seducing people’s husbands, but that is another story. This is Tom Cruise. I have never seen anything wrong this guy has done. I also disagree that he is a joke. The tabloids and press are working hard to make him seem like a joke because they don’t want people to take seriously what he says about drugs. If people listened, the whole drug industry stands to lose alot.

    Most of what I would have said has been said but what I want to add is that I admire Cruise more for the way he has conducted himself these last two years. I was never his big fan to begin with because I always thought him stuffy and uptight but in the face of all this, a smile never left his face and he treated the press and every one else, friend and foe with respect. Gave the photogs a chance to take pictures and even after paramount, he did not retaliate, he just went ahead and opened a defunct studio which to me was the best form of teaching Redstone a lesson.

    Tabloids have written so many ugly fabrications about him and his controlling nature failing to realise that he has contibuted most to their gross revenue for the last two years. I admit for the first time I looked out for his and Holmes movies trying to understand what kind of people they are since a movie may be acted but it tells a lot about an actor.

    Why do we treat this man so badly when Paedophiles like R. Kelly are not bothered. I understand attacking Jolie and Pitt because they hurt someone and are hell bent on humiliating her at every turn, but Cruise’s antics did not even hurt any one and he even apologised to Brook Shields whose image has had a boost ever since.

    I just wish the public would stop blindly following whatever these rags dish out. But keep in mind that the same people who own drug companies run the media.

    Just for the record Daryl, I have never believe that Cruise is gay. He has to be a genius to keep that under wraps for thirty years in this industry. Remember too that there is no scientific proof that any one is born gay so it is just a choice people make.

  • JeraldR

    No James I did no such thing. Every interview I have seen with the school and others how knew him have said just that.

    So you are saying that because he may have taken a pill at one point in his life it may have caused him to kill 32 kids no matter how long ago he took them? Thats just silly.

    And it still doesn’t make the CCHR press release ok. It still doesn’t make the lie that they were invited to the school but the school , the Red Cross and the SA ok. Its still useing the deaths of 33 children without any proof what you are saying is true.

  • Mary

    I have seen men who ate less than 5’5′ joke about Cruise’s height. I even watched a midget make a joke about the wedding pictures on TV till the moderator rudely pointed out that he should not be talking. I noticed a growth in the celebrity hate culture today. Peaople love to hate people like Cruise because they seem to have it all. They prefer it if stars were like Kate Moss so that they can feel better than them. People are used to celebrities whining and being in rehabs and being treated for depressio. Lohan was filmed taking coke last week but because she is already ‘beneath us’ so to speak, no back clash but imagine if Katie Holmes was caught on camera doing that! Tom and Katie are being punished for breaking the norm. Being happy when you are rich and famous.

  • daryl d


    It is all a cruel backlash cycle major celebrities have to go through. If they are strong enough, like madonna or mariah carey, they will come out of it. If they aren’t strong enough, like michael jackson, they will continue their downfall. I believe Tom Cruise is strong enough. I can guarantee you that within a year, Brad Pitt will be the target. I am surprised there has been no huge Oprah backlash yet because she is due for one.

  • zingzing

    the reason why i don’t like tom cruise much these days: HE HASN’T BEEN IN A GOOD MOVIE THIS DECADE!

    not since 1999, when magnolia and eyes wide shut came out, has cruise done one movie worth the time to watch it.

    not only that… but he took katie holmes, impregnated her and locked her up somewhere. what has she done since they met? i dunno. she was okay. not a bad actress. strangely cute for having such a screwed up face.

    first he was short, then he was gay (top gun is remarkable), then he was a scientologist. he’s obviously got issues. it happens when you are famous for your entire adult life. you go a little nuts.

    all of this would be forgivable if he would just stop making silly action movies and actually act, which he can do quite well given the right settings.

  • JeraldR

    The Forth of Jult was great and the later movies were good date/popcorn moives. I think he loves his wife and child. I also think he is doing and saying the stuff he does because he really belives in it. I was upset when he trashed someone on TV for doing what her doctor told her to and then claimed to know something it takes years of study to really understand.

    The sofa jumpping wasn’t a big deal to me. We guys in love do silly things. I don’t think Cruise is a bad person. Just misguided and uninformed.

    But as long as he chooses to attact hard working doctors and the people they treat he will be seen as a nutcase. He’s an actor not a doctor. And as long as he alines himself with groups like scientology and cchr he will always have problems. If he wants to preach to us about what he thinks and feels he has that right. Just as we have the right to speak back and not buy tickets to his movies.

  • Lettermenow

    Cruise should have gotten an academy award for 4th of July. the last Samaura swordmanship was fantastic and he did it all himself. The one scene where he was attacked by five guys was done in all one take. TV show Actor’s Studio had Cruise and it was really interesting to see all that he did in movies and the preparation and the stunts. MI2 and MI3 stunts were amazing. No stunt doubles. So he’s a scientologist and talks about it. My mother died two days after getting electric shock treatment — so I think cruise is fine for standing up to the frigging psychiatrists!! I joined a support group — not scientology — there are a lot of people out there sick and tired about what psychiatry is doing who aren’t scientolgoists. I am one of them!!

  • JeraldR

    Lettermeno, I agree with you that a lot needs to be fixed. But scientology doesn’t belive in mentall illness and their goal is to scrap it compleatly. They say every single mental health med is no good at all.
    Fix it yes, destory it and we destory millions of lives.
    Remember they belive doctors are for blame for the Holacoust and 9/11. They have videos showing doctors being gunned down as they cheer in the background.
    Not the one I want trying to fix the problem.

    On a aide note. As James or one of the others if the mentall ill or those who have been on meds can join scientology.

  • James Lightfield

    The documentation regarding psychiatrists not only setting the stage for the Holocaust but justifying the murder of Jews and others is detailed in the DVD: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. http://www.cchr.org

    Dianetics: Modern Science of MENTAL Health.

    Lettermenow, I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s death two days after electric shock. Not uncommon. I’m glad you found a support group. There are many.

  • JeraldR

    Wow James, I would love to see that. I’m just not willing to hand 30 bucks over to CCHR so they can keep doing the stuff they are doing.
    And lets face it here James. The only people who think that are in scientology or CCHR.
    But you know, i hope everyone does go to cchr.org and read it.
    then i hope they go to xenu.net and xenutv.com

    I have enough faith in what I belive to list both sides because I think most people are smart enough to decide for themselfs.

    And it still doesn’t excuse the sick press release that CCHR/scientology put out. Or the lies told at VT after the shootings.

  • Butterflygrrl

    James– Twice now you have mentioned the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Why are you doing that, since in OT III, (One of the upper levels of scientology) Hubbard states that the idea of Christ even existing is just an implant put in our minds by the alien Overlord Xenu?

    Or have you not reached that level yet?

    Go to http://www.scientology.org and see if you can find a description of what scientology believes and then go to http://www.xenu.net for the truth that they’re trying to hide.

    Then, if you want more, go to http://www.lermanet.com and http://www.xenutv.com

  • James Lightfield

    L Ron Hubbard clearly acknowledged the importance of Jesus Christ as a harbinger of spiritual wisdom. One such example is in his lecture “Hope of Man” which can be purchased on line.

    The turning of God into a guy with a flowing beard, sitting on his ass on some thrown with lutes and cherubs and all the rest might make for good artistry but has nothing to do with Christ’s teachings.

  • gina

    I have read statements made by Scientologists about having “cause” over the physical world (I think that’s how it’s put), and how, as you work your way up the Bridge, you are able to become exterior, your vision improves, you have perfect recall, you never get sick, etc. I’ve also seen Scientologists claim to have successfully used Scientology tech to help heal broken bones, paralysis, and other physical ailments.

    It seems that whenever something goes right for a Scientologist, Scientology gets the credit. But when things go badly for Scientologists, the fault is placed on them or people around them: they are being influenced by “suppressive” people in their lives, or they’re being out-tech somehow.

    I know of a Scientology celebrity who is in extremely bad shape, physically. If this person had a big success in his field, like a box-office hit or a number-one album, I guarantee you that the CoS would be trumpeting that success, gushing with pride over how well one of its “opinion leaders” is doing in life. But what does the CoS have to say about that guy being practically crippled? Why hasn’t he been healed by touch assists? I hate to think what kind of crap they are feeding him about what’s causing his physical problems. How have they made him feel responsible for this? Who have they made him disconnect from? What kind of bogus vitamin regimen do they have him on?

  • Janice

    Daryl I know what you mean about Brad Pitt. People are just waiting for a trigger. A lot hinges of the box office performance of A mighty heart and Oceans 13. Especially the former. I can’t believe the way Jolie tries to blatantly manipulate the public. Pitt is a pawn in her game. This week’s interview with Reader’s digest and donations to New Orleans and Darfur were rather a cheap PR shot and too unsubtle for my taste. It as though they are saying ‘look at us we donate and take in orphans, go watch our movies if you want us to continue’. The public is fickle and may buy it but I have my doubts.

    Pitt is like a puppy that lost its way and was found by Jolie. The fact that people have called him Pussy whipped on national TV does not help. When he is with Jolie, he looks so pathetic that you actually feel sorry for him. For now the media is playing cat and mouse with those two, hailing their charitable efforts while deriding their private life and never letting the public forget the genesis of their relationship.

    She set out to get him, no doubt about that, even if his marriage had been a happy one, she would have seduced him anyway. Their biggest folly has been in rubbing the whole thing in Aniston’s face, Jolie enjoys this and I think to her it is the highlight of the relationship, she is a sadist and a sadomasochist so I don’t think any tabloid slander will affect her much. She has no friends and not much to lose, her movie career has never hinged on a glossy public image and when you think about it, she has never had a box office hit.

    Both their last movies, Babel and the good Shephard did not perform well at the box office, but too much was going on at the time for the media to dwell on that.

    I am sorry but I do not buy their charitable causes, I believe Jolie has always craved fame and publicity, I think she also wanted to be more famous than her father. After over a decade in the movie business without mcuh success, she realised that unless she changed strategy, that is as famous as she would get even with her bizarre sexual antics, so she apporached the UN to be an ambassador, note that she approached them not vice-versa as is usually the case.

    There are several reasons she hooked up with Pitt, first, she realised that even after becoming the UN ambassador and adopting a child she was still not as famous as she wanted, but rumours of liason with Pitt got her into the headlines, so she laid out her strategy, she would adopt more, increase the charity dos all with Pitts money. She does not have much, but Pitt is quite wealthy, so she uses his money and gets all the credit. Also the children are financially secure, that is why she emphasised in an interview a while back that all that matters is that they are both legally bound to the children.

    She is very cunning she realised that Pitt had nothing binding him to her and knew that if he could leave his wife, he could leave her, so she broke her vow never to have kids and gave him a biological child. All the giving birth in Namibia was to get attention, she claims it was to bring attention to the country, so a year later how has that attention helped that country?

    Adopting Pax had two purposes, making money from the pictures and strengthening the noose around Pitt. How will he looks when he walks out on four orphans!I don’t think Pitt was enthusiastic about the idea, thus his absence from Vietnam, notice too that there was a name change but no adoption by Pitt. He is the woman in the relationship and grossly underestimated Jolie.

    In her latest interview she talks about finding reading to her children very sexy and generally reading a lot. She wants to paint a picture of an intellectual, I laugh sometimes when I listen to her these days, she believes that every one is a fool like Pitt and they cannot see right through her.

    The media will continue using her as she is using them, but for how long? I am not sure Brad Pitt has any true friends, like Matt Damon was to Ben Affleck with Jlo, they would by now have told him that his image is in ruins and boy is he going to have a giant fall! Never before in my career have I seen a man change from macho to wimp in a blink of an eye.

    But this is what makes Showbiz fun.

  • Ken

    Whatever people say, Cruise is right about pysciatry. Most of these drugs are addictive and dangerous but because there are powerful people beind them, little can be done about it. I just appeal to every one to be careful what treatment they use and should reaearch on a particular drug before using it. Also try and exhaust non drug treatment and let drugs be the last recourse.

    Daryl, you are right, I have all the confidence Cruise will come out of this stronger. He is made of tough fibre adn has a good head on his shoulders.

  • Amy

    When a rumour is heard one too many times, it starts sounding true and people start believing it. I love your article Daryl but I do not agree about Cruise being queer. Remember when we all thought he was sterile? Up to now there are those who still believe Suri is not his child and when she showed physical resemblance to him, they changed the prospective father from Chris Klein to Bill Mapother his cousin. Cynics will always be cynics.

  • Brenda

    Im a new Tom Cruise fan and I think he’s a good man and one of the best actors of our time.
    He found the one too and that’s Katie Holmes.
    She seems like a wonderful woman. Its true some are just insanely jealous of Tom Cruise. They actually cant find any fault in him. Many actors and actresses are WORST.

  • gina

    “Its true some are just insanely jealous of Tom Cruise. They actually cant find any fault in him.”


  • Darwin

    James Lightfield and Jerald R should stop fighting here and go elsewhere.
    We’re talking about Cruise, scientology is always taking the main subject; it’s related big time, but we are missing the human subject.
    Tom cruise.

    Why is Janice talking about Pitt? Pitt is such a flake. c’mon!

  • Belle

    I am a new Tom Cruise fan as well. I like many of his movies but not him as a person. I was not so interested in showbusiness but this Tom and Katie Affair just got me hooked. I think he is genuinely nice person. Look at the way he has taken all the criticism and ridicule directed at him. I also agree that he is strong and will defintiely rise above this.

    I don’t think that people are Jelous of Cruise but they are envious like the writer says, there is a huge different. Too many people today are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives so when someone comes and throws their happiness in their faces, they retaliate. They turn envy into anger and try to bring that person down but trying to rpove that they are no possibly happy as they want us to believe. Many people never see this kind of happiness in their life time. Many believe that rich people should be unhappy as Britney with problems like Paris or in love triangles like the Jolie- Pitts.

    I hope Tom and Katie remain happy, atleast it shows that there is such a thing as being truly happy.

  • Sandy

    So happy that Tom Cruise has gotten to many readers and are supportive of him as to the dangers of some drugs. His acting ability is superb. For example, just see “The Last Samurai”. Movies like MP are strictly exciting and entertaining.
    Tom is a gorgeous hunk and I can say that since my husband is 5’4″ and is sexy as can be. Just ask me….I’m married 48 years.
    Tom is a successful, talented and sensible, loving, sweet man and is loved by many friends and respected by his industry. Give him an Oscar or some special acting recognition by the Oscars!!!

  • Simon N. Garfunkle

    If Cruise was a real hero, not a movie hero, he would tell us what really goes on inside the cult of Scientolgy. Are they blackmailing him with the so-called confessionals? Does the rumoured gay tape of him really exist? Are the perks he is given like having a field of oat grass sown for him by slave-labour scientologists so that he and Nicole can run through it that important? Why doesn’t he tell us what happened to him after he did OT3? Those things would make him a hero. As is he is just a very wealthy schnook.

  • Simon N. Garfunkle

    I notice we don’t hear a peep out of Nicole Kidman on Scientology now. I wonder why?