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What ever happened to Julia Ormond?

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julia_ormond.jpgIn the mid 90’s Julia Ormond was as hot a commodity as Julia Roberts ever was. From 1994 to 1995 she appeared in three hit films in a row that got her the public’s attention and critical acclaim. Legends of the Fall, First Knight and Sabrina (which was my personal favorite of the three) where all released within 20 months of each other and it looked like this talented and stunningly attractive actress was going to be Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl for years to come.

Then, inexplicably, she just disappeared. It’s not as if she was in a series of films that did poorly at the box office which caused her star to fade. She just dropped off the face of the earth as far as movies are concerned.

To add a little more to this, look at the list of actors she worked with just in those 3 films alone. In Legends she worked with Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt. In First Knight she worked with Sean Connery and Richard Gere. In Sabrina she worked with Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear. She’s in the biggest films, with the biggest names, and then… nothing. Did she tick someone off? Did she decide to change careers? Did she have a rep for being hard to work with? Did she have kids and decide to devote her time to family?

Hey, if anyone knows what caused her to suddenly leave the spotlight, could you please let me know. I’d love to see her reemerge one of these days. Hollywood is currently short on quality actresses.

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  • Dave Collins

    I think the same thing may have happened to the beautiful and very sexy Valeria Golino. Damn, I could never get enough of her on film She is probably best known for playing Crusie’s girlfriend in Rain Man.
    Certainly more charming and beautiful than 3/4 of the working actress today.

  • She is in a new film called Resistance, as well as appearing briefly in Searching for Debra Winger.

    You can always track her at a fan site!

  • I think it was Ms. O’s marriage to Danny Moder. Watch out, Ms. R.

  • julia

    She’s in that new documentary about the troubles of older actresses, I think.

  • tony

    A lot of the foreign actresses quit making films in America because they find the material not challenging enough. Or the films are nothing but special effects showcases. I think this is probably the case with Miss Ormond.

  • Rick

    You could have tried Googling Julia if you really wanted to know where she’s at.