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What does Harry Potter have in common with George W. Bush?

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As if dealing with Voldemort, Snape, and Rita Skeeter wasn’t bad enough, Harry Potter is now the center of a blogospheric storm, with political overtones.

1. Chris Suellentrop has a nasty essay in Slate calling Harry Potter all sorts of names.

2. Kieran Healy chimes in, saying that Harry’s success is mostly due to luck.

3. Glenn Reynolds defends Harry, and compares him to George Bush. With defenders like that, who needs accusers?

4. Lean Left thinks that all the nasty things Suellentrop said about Harry were really aimed at Bush in the first place.

5. I agree that there’s a George Bush-like character in the series, but I don’t think it’s Harry. Read all about it here and here.

6. Sisyphus Shrugged has the best line: “If Harry Potter existed, Fred Barnes would write nasty columns about him.”


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  • RM Richardson

    Amidst all of the excitement for the latest Harry Potter movie release, few people are discussing the distinct parallels between the politics at Hogwarts and the political battles on Capitol Hill. While many in right wing talk radio have, in fact, referred to Islamic terrorism as the Fourth Reich, (i.e. the return of Hitler being personified in Iran’s president, for instance), the liberal democrats on the far left don’t seem to want to acknowledge that absolute evil has returned. Well, not unless they’re talking about Bush.

    The Order of the Phoenix is almost a perfect conservative response to the liberal screenplay that George Lucas came up with for the final installment of Star Wars, in which some of the dialogue of the dark side came from George Bush and Dick Cheney, verbatim.

    In J.K. Rowling’s latest installment, though, the roles are reversed. Just as the House and Senate went through changes this past election, Hogwarts has had some personnel changes, too. Professor Delores Umbridge, a woman, not unlike Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton or Barbara Boxer, has taken control of the school and wants to silence any discussion of the evil that lives among them. ‘Sounds a lot like the discussions regarding the “fairness doctrine”. Her Ministry-approved course of defensive magic has also created a scenario where the young wizards are ill-equipped to defend themselves. Could this be any more of a parody to the filibustering that has ensued in congress on troop funding, or border security for that matter. Ultimately, Harry Potter is left alone to train brave young wizards to defend themselves in the battle ahead, just like our US Military has continued to help train the courageous Iraqis and Afghans.

    The irony here is that you haven’t heard these comparisons. Why would anyone in the TV or print media draw the comparison between George Bush and Harry Potter? They wouldn’t because they don’t want a real fairness doctrine. They want Voldemort to sneak back into this country, they want Harry Potter defeated. Democrats pandering to their moveon.org constituents continue to elude to an America that was wrong to go after a tyrant like Saddam Hussein, and continue to find sympathy for terrorists who blow up, torcher, and/or decapitate innocent civilians. Is it Harry Potter’s fault that this evil exists? If we just understood the dark lord better, would he just leave Hogwarts alone?

    It becomes increasingly more clear that the agenda for any politician seeking a higher office in a politically correct labyrinth is to undermine the power of the person in charge. Yeah, that applies to Bush and the Harry Potter novels. Hey, perhaps the solution is to have Michael Moore do a documentary about an evil Harry. If he does, I promise you I’ll return the gesture and do a documentary about how it’s the household spoon that is to blame for making Americans like Moore so morbidly obese.

    Chew on that, movie go-ers!