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What Did Harrison Ford Wait Years To Do?

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After years of “wanting to do it,” Harrison Ford finally “did it” at the age of 54…

He had his ear pierced.

It happened in early 1997, when (according to interviews) he was having dinner with Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes and Jimmy “Margaritaville” Buffet. When he saw both of them with earrings, he decided it was his time as well, so he had it done later that day. Of course, any Harrison Ford fan can tell you that his most famous facial feature is the scar on his chin.

In the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, young Indy (portrayed by River Phoenix) was inadvertently cut in the same spot on his chin by his own whip. In Working Girl, his character (Jack Trainer) first claimed he received the scar when someone in Detroit pulled a knife on him. Then he admitted that he fainted and fell on the toilet after he tried to pierce his own ear. When Harrison really chose to punch a hole in his ear, he had a professional take care of it.

Ford actually received his trademark scar at the age of 21. He tried to buckle his seatbelt while driving near Laguna Canyon in Southern California. His car hit a telephone pole, and his chin hit the steering wheel. As a struggling actor, he couldn’t afford plastic surgery.

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