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What are you?

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Thanks to sites like BlogExplosion and BlogClicker I’ve been finding out all kinds of neat things about myself. Below are a few of the things I’ve learned about myelf in the past few weeks.

The latest thing I’ve learned is where I stand morally, based on a conservative/liberal scale. As you can see here, I’m kinda in the middle. Just about where I thought I should be.Check out my Morality! 45% liberal, 55% conservative

Next I checked to see if I was white trash or not.

I am 43% White Trash.
Not Too White Trashy

The white trash in my blood will not keep me from becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but it will keep me from a good haircut and any sort of fashion sense.

I was a little disappointed here. I thought I was surely more white trash than that!

Next I wanted to find out what kind of blogger I am.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

I guess being a pundit blogger is a good thing? Plus it had such nice things to say about my blog!

Then I decided to check my “horrorscope. I am a Leo.
(Also known as “Lion”)
My Horroscope starts like this:
From the early age, Leos are inclined towards drunkennes and extortion. When it comes to anything else, they show a remarkable degree of laziness. As a child, a Leo will typically demand a lot of money from parents, then from friends and even casual aquaintances. ” (Read more Find yours This one just doesn’t jive with the white trash one. Now I’m confused!

Then I found a quiz that would tell me what kind of herb I am.

What herb are you?

brought to you by Quizilla How would you feel if a quiz told you you were poison?

This one came from a post on BlogCritics. I just had to know how American I am!I most definitely am an American. I figured that this quiz would come out this way. I mean, come on, what else could a quiz asking how American I am possibly come out?

So, you see, the internet has many uses. I’m so glad I’ve been able to find out all these nifty things about myself. I’m still bothered by that poison one though!

Then I wanted to know what kind of puppy I was so I took this quiz.

You Are a Beagle Puppy

Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky.
And your sense of smell is absolutely amazing!

A beagle? I mean, beagle pups are cute and all, but that yapping all day long, well, I guess that fits then!

lastly, I really needed to know if I was a loser so I took this one.
I am 32% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!
Thank goodness, there are a bunch more people out there worse off than I am!

Lastly, I just had to find out how Nerdy I was so I went here!
I am nerdier than 13% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Thank goodness for that, not a nerd at all!

Have a nice day!

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