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What Are the Highest, Lowest, and Average Credit Scores?

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Credit scoring always seem to have a bit of mystery to it, partially because the developers of the scores use algorithms unknown to the general public.

But they’ve dropped a lot of hints over the years, which make it easier to make sense of it score

The FICO score is the leader in the credit scoring game, though competitor VantageScore is also making some inroads.

It’s basically a duopoly, meaning only two players exist in the space—but that makes our job easier in determining where we stand credit-wise.

Let’s map it out so it’s easy for anyone to see:

- Highest FICO score: 850
- Highest VantageScore: 990

- Lowest Fico score: 300

- Lowest VantageScore: 501

- Average Fico score: 713
- Average VantageScore: 736

So now we know the highest credit score, the lowest credit score, and the average credit score.

This should help you better understand where you fit on the overall credit score range, and in turn help you determine how high or low a credit risk you are.

Knowing where you stand is hugely important when applying for all types of loans, as it dictates eligibility and interest rates.

It is recommended that you check your credit long before applying for major loans like mortgages. This will help ensure you don’t encounter any problems obtaining financing.

Free credit reports, which show your credit history but don’t contain credit scores, are available at

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