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WFMU is doing an internet only RNC Remix which allows them to do programs like:

FCC Indecency Rules: A Filthy Musical Review

Ken Freedman presents a musical review of post-Janet Jackson America. Hear the unedited songs and comedy routines that have garnered the largest federal language fines. Beginning at 10am, Ken discusses the issue and plays songs with WFMU’s FCC attorney Harry Cole

which was on this morning.

Found via Fluxblog The netcast is part of the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues, & Ideas.

Highlights include:


3 – 5pm: We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now

Two hours of politically-themed punk rock from the Reagan/Bush Sr. era with Mike Lupica.

5 – 6pm: The Interactive Dubya

Got a question for our Commander in Chief or just want to get something off your chest? Call in live at 201-209-9368 and speak live with our 43rd President, or a reasonable audio facsimile thereof.

7 – 8pm: The Antique Phonograph Music Hour

An hour of patriotic and political music from the acoustic era (pre-1920).
(FM, stream and archive)

Tune in to Public Television’s live coverage of the convention (on WNET Thirteen in NYC) and turn down the audio – the RNC stream will provide the alternative soundtrack.


1 – 2pm: Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (Kenzo)

Bludgeoning the Unconvinced: (We don’t plan to let people influence us. The hour is here.) Lyndon B. Johnson and VP Spiro Agnew speak out on war dissenters in a timely way, over rhythmic remixing of period music from the Rushmore soundtrack, and looping of a new Air piece.

3 – 5pm: Orwell Rolls In His Grave: The Audio Movie

A documentary by Robert Kane Pappas which exposes how the news we depend on has been poisoned by Orwellian newspeak. While we’ve all been having fun it looks like our democratic republic has evolved into a mediacracy where the fun house mirror has replaced old ideas like reason, Socratic method, and common sense. Oh well. Pass the Victory Gin… [you can see the visuals as well at the Roxie in San Francisco where the documentary is playing]

5 – 6pm: The Interactive Dubya

8 – 11pm: Live remix of this evenings RNC festivities

Ken, Bronwyn and other provide the alternate soundtrack to this evening’s WNET Television broadcast. Including but not limited to Lord Cheney’s address to the American people.

Tune in to Public Television’s live coverage of the convention (on WNET Thirteen in NYC) and turn down the audio – the RNC stream will provide the alternative soundtrack.


2 – 5pm: David Cross is Ken’s guest on a FCC-unfriendly discussion of music, comedy and politics.

5 – 6pm: The Interactive Dubya

6 – 7pm: The Texas Miracle with Steve Krinsky

The President and his marauding gang of bandits have been trying, for the past four years, to export to the entire country the policies that Dubya used as governor of Texas: tax breaks for the rich, corporate favoritism, privatization, sleazy politics and more. Steve Krinsky talks to some of the people who stood up to the Republican assault–with some cool Texas music thrown in the mix.

7 – 8pm: GOP Dirty Tricks: The Felon’s List with Doug Schulkind and Jessie Allen

Florida is one of just a handful of states that permanently disenfranchises anyone convicted of felony. Some say this law — enacted during reconstuction when freed slaves first got the right to vote — disproportionally affects the African American community, and could help determine the outcome of the coming presidential election. For an in-depth analysis of Florida’s problematic law and its looming implications, we turn to voting rights expert Jessie Allen. As associate counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, Allen is lead attorney in a major Federal voting and civil rights suit challenging Florida’s permanent voting ban for felons.

8 – 11pm: The Alternative Coronation

Dave the Spazz is pre-empted to present an audio hijack of Dubya’s acceptance speech. Tune your TV to NBC’s live coverage of the convention from 8-11pm, and then mute the TV – WFMU will provide the alternative soundtrack.
(FM, stream and archive).

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