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West Asia Peace Talks are a Game for Netanyahu

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Direct peace talks

The much-hyped Middle East peace talks are facing a dead end, with all parties standing rigid and unmoving in their positions. As the self-imposed partial freeze of settlement building  expired on September 26, the building resumed, despite warnings and requests from the US establishment.

Eretz Yisrael

Although the peace talks were supposed to be held without preconditions, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Abbas, declared before the talks that Israel must freeze its settlement building for the peace process to be continued. Before leaving for the talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the supporters of his Likud party that they had nothing to worry about, saying, “You don’t need to worry. Nobody needs to teach me what it is to love Eretz Yisrael,” referring to the idea of an Israel stretching from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan river including the whole of the West Bank.

Netanyahu’s love for Eretz Yisrael implies his unwillingness to accept the existence of Palestinians’ West Bank. If this is so, why should he dance to the tune of Mr. Obama? It is not clear whether Obama is in the pocket of Netanyahu or Netanyahu is in the pocket of Obama. However, the doubt appears to be cleared with a leaked video of Mr. Netanyahu.

Leaked Video

A video was published on YouTube that shot Benjamin talking to a family, supposedly a victim of terrorist attack, in a West Bank settlement of Ofra. He asked to stop shooting preparing himself to tell something that cannot be shot. He seemed to have believed that the shooting was stopped and went on to say what he thought about the U.S. under Mr. Clinton, and the Oslo peace process.  He said the then-US administration was radically pro-Palestinian and the US could easily be maneuvered, boasting of stopping implementation himself of the Oslo accord at the cost of giving away the Hebron city. He told the family that the Palestinians needed to be beaten repeatedly so that they believe that everything achieved was falling apart. This observation is put into practice through implementation of the inhuman Gaza Blockade.

He said he believed in his father, who quoted Netanyahu’s grandfather as saying that they could give 2 percent to prevent giving away 100 percent. The family appeared skeptical about the US help for which Netanyahu replied that the US foreign policy was easy to be put in right direction.

One can argue that the Hamas’ reading of the Israeli settler community on West Bank as Israel Reserved Force is justified after watching the video, though it cannot be taken as the view of all settlers. The Israeli people have to recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their own land.

The video was published on July 15, 2010, the text of it can be read here. The exchange in the video mirrors the present context of the direct talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis.


On September 10, President Obama told the media in Washington that he had conveyed to the Israeli Prime Minister that it would make sense to extend the moratorium. However, on September 12, Mr. Netanyahu told Tony Blair, the envoy of the quartet of the West Asia mediators,that the Palestinian demand for a halt to settlement construction activity in the occupied territories was not going to happen.

The Israel Prime Minister never appeared to be heeding the PA’s demands of recognizing pre-1967 war borders, giving up East Jerusalem as the capital of future Palestinian state and permanent freezing of settlement building, before and during the direct talks.  Not only that, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, ruled out any more extension of the construction freeze, and he even predicted that the peace talks would fail. He was said to have told the Israeli military radio that peace with the Palestinians would not be not attainable in a year or even during the next generation. Another ally of Netanyahu in the government, Ovadia Yusuf, the leader of the Shas party, expressed the hope that God would strike President Abbas dead before the direct talks commenced.

Missed Representations

Hamas, (considered a terrorist organization by the US) which is in control of the Gaza Strip, and which won the popular support of Palestinians in the 2006 elections, was not consulted for the peace talks. The group says it will not accept any deal achievable in direct talks. Though the talks have the backing of US allies Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, all important stakeholders in the region, Syria and Lebanon, which have serious territorial disputes with Israel, were not invited to the table by the Obama administration.

Therefore, with no representation from Hamas, Syria or Lebanon, the peace talks are doomed to failure. The states make their decisions according to their interests in the region. It is for the Palestinians and the Israelis to decide the fate of their future, depending not upon biblical writings and beliefs, but upon the historical facts.  Otherwise, each of the regimes will be playing their games forever, keeping their stakes alive.

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  • It would be nice, Sekhar, if you actually understood the game you refer to. Unfortunately, my friend, you do not. Read my blog if you want a better clue. Or you can read my 140 odd articles here at Blogcritics….

    Let’s give you just a bit of insight. Ten years ago, Arabs desecrated the Tomb of Joseph, just south of Sh’khem. I’m a Jew. Joseph was NOT my ancestor. Judah was. But there are millions of Pathans in Afghanistan and Pakistan for whom Joseph WAS an ancestor. They’ll be happy to take vengeance on the Arabs for crapping on their ancestor. Especially if the call for Badal goes out in Pashto….

    Blessings from Liberated Samaria.

  • Hi Ruvy,

    I’m working on it. Though I’ve a broad idea on Middle East, I’ve lot more to study the subject particularly regarding the sentiments relating to land, of the both parties.

    I’ve read your articles a little bit, which is not sufficient to make an opinion on your views regarding the dispute. But, one thing I’ve observed is your writings on the subject is somewhat relied on biblical writings. Am I correct?

  • Ruvy,

    One doubt, according to bible there was a disciple of Jesus Christ named Juda, who kissed Jesus Christ after the last supper to enable the army to recognize Christ. He is considered traitor, as you know.

    Do the Juda and your Judia refer the same person?

    If so, is the Christianity is against Judaism?

  • Ruvy

    You picked the very item in the Christian book that has led to 2,000 years so Christian persecution of Jews. These days, it depends on which Christian you ask as to whether they are against Judaism. Basically, the vast majority are. But not all Christians will own up to that.

    It is important to distinguish between being against Jews and against Judaism. Most Christians bear no hatred against Jews. But they are against Judaism, as it denies the divinity of their god, Jesus.

    As to Judah Iscariot, he is not the same person as Judah, the son of (Jacob) Israel. The original Judah lived over 1,500 years earlier. But this fellow Judah Iscariot was named, ultimately, after Judah, the son of Israel. The word “Jew” is derived from the Hebrew yehudi, meaning of yehuda – Judah.

    I hope this helps you a bit, Sekhar.

  • Ruvy

    Ultimately, Sekhar, I rely on the Hebrew Bible as a guide. But before I just push out Biblical narrative, I also consider first – do the facts on the ground merit doing so? For a long time I was hasty in my considerations and conclusions, pushing out Biblical narrative and trying to force the facts to fit the narrative. Now I wait a lot longer.

    But in essence, I foresee a missile bombardment of massive proportions and an invasion of Israel. When this will occur, I cannot and will not attempt to say.

  • Thanks for clearing my doubt, Ruvy.

    You must be talking about old testament of the bible. I’ve a very minute knowledge of the bible. I used to go to Church in my childhood and sing in Sunday school. As I grew I didn’t find any relevance. That’s another matter. Let us not worry about it.

    Another doubt is do you see the relevance between the bible (old testament) and the historical findings. I’m assuming that you are in possession of knowledge of the historical findings also.

    I doubt biased histories based on religious faiths. But, still, I feel they provide some sort of insight.

    One more question. Let me hope you are aware that I’m somewhat ill-knowledged of these issues in a particular way. Don’t you believe Israel is placed on the land of Palestine displacing Palestinians, with Britishers’ initiative?

  • Clavos

    I used to go to Church in my childhood and sing in Sunday school. As I grew I didn’t find any relevance.

    You and I have that experience in common, Sekhar…

  • zingzing

    “Don’t you believe Israel is placed on the land of Palestine displacing Palestinians, with Britishers’ initiative?”

    go check out his ideas for palestine on the goldilocks planet thread. (basically, it’s launch them into space-space-space-space…)

    clavos: “You and I have that experience in common, Sekhar…”

    same here… although i don’t remember much singing in sunday school. it was more about why susie’s puppy wasn’t going to heaven and what the hell was up with that and crying and fine, fine, susie’s puppy can go to heaven for god’s sake, what time is it? oh no, another half hour with these crying little…

  • Ruvy

    Sekhar, if you know your Bible at all, you know that before the Israelite tribes conquered the country, it was known as Canaan. And the uncomfortable truth is that in spite of all the “archaeologists” pushing an atheist agenda here, plenty of proof exists both of that conquest and of Israelite rule here, AND of the quite irregualar events that brought those Israelite tribes here in the first place.

    The point? “Palestine” was a Roman creation after they expelled Jews here and tried to erase the Jewish presence. That Bible of ours has always been a guide of our ideas of ultimate return to our own land. If it was done with British “help” (Zionism was originally a concept developed by British Calvinists studying our books of Prophecy and drawing out the concept of return), fine. But ultimately we bled for the land and for the right to live here, and we fought for it – and we have won the battle. The Zionists did their job and now it is time for them to move the hell out of the way, so that we can develop not an imitation western country, but re-establish the Israelite monarchy.

    That is the ultimate goal. I’m not talking about a theocratic dictatorship – I’m talking about a modern state using modern methods of governance and administration, plus cutting edge modern technology to implement Moses’ command of “proclaiming liberty throughout the land” by following the concept of “justice, justice shall you pursue”.

    Against this, “Palestine” pales in significance.

  • It is good for me to know what we have in common Clavos and Zingzing!

    I’m looking for Ruvy. It seems he is busy with some work.

  • Ruvy

    And Sekhar, so that you really understand this, you need to comprehend that there are not two peoples living here but one. The majority of the “Muslims” were forced to convert from Judaism by the Muslim authorities here when they ruled here. Usually they did this to avoid the jizya tax, which was a mininum of 50% of what you earned in a year. These forced converts to Islam deserve the chance to return to their native faith, Judaism – and they can’t do this in the atmosphere of a Wahhabi type dictatorship shovelling heretical Islam down their throats. Google up Tzvi Misinai and download and read his booklet “The Engagement”. It is interesting reading.

  • Ruvy

    Once you’ve reloaded, the computer, you will see my comments, Sekhar. And now I must catch a bus home to Samaria. Good evening.

  • zingzing

    “re-establish the Israelite monarchy.”


  • Ruvy, It appears I was typing my comment while you were posting your comment. Your comment appeared above mine after posting my comment. Anyway, you are back.

    You are talking about ‘your’ and ‘my’ bible. Are both different? I’ve asked about old testament. Don’t the old testament and your bible are same?

    Israel conquered whom? Who lived in the country before Israelite tribe conquered Canaan?

    Israelite tribe conquered Canaan, OK. Before conquering Canaan where the Israelite tribe lived?

    Ruvy, kindly provide me information. Let me know the history of Israel and Palestine at least in your way. Let’s not worry about significance of some race or religion. Every race and religion has got it’s own significance. Isn’t it?

    Human races evolved over thousands of years. The evolution is not equal around the world. Some races developed first, and others later.

    We cannot simply say one race is superior because it evolved first. It’s a process of evolution. We have to take it as it is.

    There are still tribes in India who are unbelievably in latter stages of primitive age. I didn’t see them but historians noted it some two years back.

  • Come on Ruvy, how modern it may be, monarchy is monarchy. One cannot re-establish monarchy of any sort after experiencing democratic states. Monarchy is not even a dream to aspire for. It is a nightmare in which people suffered. The people fought against monarchies and established democratic states. How can you go back to monarchy?

    If you say it is modern, it cannot be monarchy but some other state that is non-democratic. As you know and allege there are already non-democratic states that are totalitarian and something like that.

    Ruvy, don’t forget to provide information I’ve asked for, after coming back. Good evening.

  • Ruvy

    It’s a tad late for me – after midnight. Monday, I have to catch a 07:30 bus and will have a long day travelling and going to a major meeting, so answering comments will take me some time. But I thought it was worth while just to get on and let you know that.

    Monarchy is not even a dream to aspire for.

    Pashas and absolute monarchies are not worth aspiring after or even thinking about. But the limited Israelite monarchy, where the king was essentially first among equals, is. What was wrong with the monarchies when first established was that the monarchs were relied on too much. That will not happen. That is the role of technology, and of the possibility of polling the people electronically to get ideas approved or not.

    The State of Israel was never a democracy. It has had the form of a parliamentary regime, and calls itself a democracy, but the prime component of a democracy, equal enforcement of the law, has never been a reality here. Those are hard and unkind truths and do not merely apply to Arabs, but to all segments of the population not “approved” by the ruling oligarchs. This was true in the early days as it is true now.

    This too, will change. And now, good night.

  • Ruvy, please provide me information I’ve asked in 14.

    Regarding going back to monarchy: Social systems are formed according to the wishes of the dominating economic forces at a given time and place. Social transformation or systemic transformation does not occur depending upon the wishes of a person or a group of people. It solely depends upon the economic forces and their needs at a given time and place.

    One can not dream of a particular society that is impractical and unacceptable to the physical, cultural and sociological needs of the people of that society. Reformation and transformations of societies do happen with direct or indirect, knowingly or unknowingly the acceptance of the people of a particular society.

    The transformation of a society has its own dynamics beyond of which one can not aspire, dream or wish. It has a particular movement in a particular direction. We have to catch those movement and direction to make modifications. Even if you can catch them you can not modify according to your wishes, but your wishes of modifications have to be accepted by that particular movement and direction (dynamics).

    For every ideology to be accepted, the conditions of the society must be so matured as to accept such ideology. And, the ideology cannot be standing in the heaven or moon when the people who have to accept such ideology are standing on the earth.

    It seems what you wish is to hand the latest technology over to the ages old system of monarchy. It means you wish to place the cart before horse. You can place it but your cart won’t move, you know. Here you have a flexibility of placing cart before horse. When it comes to the transformation of society, individuals don’t possess such flexibility. You have to make it a collective force by either convincing or cheating the people. You can convince or cheat only if you can provide the ideas, out of which people must be able to envisage a future for them.

    Let me add, if it doesn’t hurt you, that you can make a Hollywood movie such as “Pirates of Caribbean,” or “The lord of the rings” with your idea of monarchy and technology, but you cannot make a society for living.

    We cannot just roll back societies. Monarchies are dead societies that were overwhelmingly and passionately rejected by the people all over the world. The people won’t allow you to walk them back to monarchies.

    Of course, you can dream of such ideas without need of anybody’s acceptance.

    Don’t forget to provide me information I’ve asked in 14th comment.

  • Ruvy


    You do not know Israelis like I do. You certainly do not know Arabs here like I do. Jews who sing, “David, King of Israel, may he be re-established and live long!” and Arabs who welcome the rule of Sheikh Daud el-Nebi will both welcome a monarchy – your opinions of this are irrelevant.

    But more to the point, the Hebrew Bible, which is authoritative, is the basic guide not only to the past in this land – but also its future. Christians have taken this series of books and distorted its meaning to their own purposes. What you and most Christians have learned is this distorted view, both of my people, and of all the Children of Israel. I rarely bother with the Christian book. It has no authority because there is no one single text one can turn to as authoritative.

    To get a clear view of how this nation got from Egypt to Canaan, you need to read the Torah – AND you need to read the book, “Riddle of the Exodus” by Jim Long.

    This should answer your questions from comment 14 – even if you do not like the answers.

  • Well Ruvy, this is not about liking or disliking, at least as far as I’m concerned. It is about evolution of human society in its every form of culture, politics and economics. Yes, you are right. I do not know Israelis and Arabs as you do. But I’m sure that I know humans and their feelings irrespective of their cast and creed. I told that I know very minute part of the Bible. I left the bible in my childhood itself at the age of 12 or 13.

    My knowledge of irrelevance of the Bible, Bhagavadgita, Khuran and every other religious holy preachings, grew with my age. Because I’ve never stopped realizing the inhumanity of the disparities between haves and havenots, blacks and whites, poor and rich and everything that seemed unnatural but human made.

    I’m not telling that I’ve read every holy book. I came to know through my readings and experience that the essence of every holy book is more or less the same. The variations are there because they are written or told or passed in different cultures and people. They are born for different reasons but developed and kept alive for a single reason: to keep people under a maneuverable umbrella.

    Now I’ve come to know that the Israelite tribe had migrated from Egypt to Israel i.e. Canaan.

    Israelis conquered -off and on- Canaan migrating from Egypt. Arabs also conquered -off and on- Palestine i.e. Canaan. Israelis were thrown out of Canaan over centuries back through several persecutions and defeats. Hence they migrated to several countries remaining there as minorities.

    But Palestinians along with minority Israelis continued to live in Palestine or Canaan over centuries. Israel was created on the land named Palestine displacing some people already living there. They may be Arabs or Palestinian Arabs but people.

    Ruvy, let me know what objections you have on the above assumption, yes it’s only my assumption based on a clue provided by you. I think I can expect more knowledge to be transported from you, Ruvy.

  • And Ruvy,

    I can see the link between your knowledge of Is and As and my opinion in #17. The problem is that there is some unfilled, maybe unfillable (I don’t know if this word is wrong, but take it) gap between our perspectives. I also say that I can see why and how the gap is, but let’s pass it on to some other context for discussion.

    Until know I believed that the bible is one and only one (treating old and new testaments as one). I also believed it never changed after it was written. I’ve come to know that the bible is also changed or distorted as you said. So, Hebrew bible is the original one.

    As I said above in #19, distortions or changes are not a big deal from the people’s point of view.