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Wesley Clark – Werd Up!

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Wesley Clark shows the cyber audience that his positions are many and diverse – from the Iraq war and beyond. He wants people to know he doesn’t care what the other Democratic candidates think.


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  • Clark, huh? I am still undecided. And, that is after reading a lot about the candidates. The Dean imbroglio this week didn’t help at all. Now, I have to go back and review the candidates’ civil rights records.

  • Oh what now, Diva? Is Dean now suspected of being a neo-Confederate white supremicist for having hinted at something other than total ostracism for anyone with a Confederate flag?

  • I didn’t find it convincing Dean meant to embrace racists, Barger. Recruiting Southern whites and agreeing with racism are not necessarily synonymous, though it seems most opinion leaders read his remark that way. By civil rights record, I mean how candidates have voted on some issues in the past, their associations and where they stand on civil rights issues now. For example, Kucinich may have appealed to bigotry in his early career, but has since learned better. That is the kind of thing I would want to know.

  • hey folks – this wasn’t mean to tbe a pro or con on clark – per say….it was more – hey! what an interesting ad – that’s all. i didn’t mean to say he was racist or any other political.

    i just liked the ad….ok?