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We’re not old; GOD is old.

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Paul Simon was born October 13, 1942 Happy number 60!

He has really maintained his artistic credibility, even momentum throughout a long career, which almost no other rock era musician has done. His quality control has been outstanding; you can’t go wrong buying a Paul Simon album. They’re all good, and most of them are absolutely GREAT.

If you have any sense, you already have a couple of copies of everything Simon and Garfunkel related, and probably three copies of Graceland. Looking for something to expand your Paul Simon universe, try The Capeman, made up of songs from his Broadway musical. Fascinating experiment, outstanding songs, and quite different from anything else in the catalog.

For his 60th birthday, let’s conclude with a some appropriate lines from “Old,” his excellent Buddy Holly styled song from his most recent album.

The human race has walked the earth for 2.7 million
And we estimate the universe about 13-14 billion
When all these numbers tumble into your imagination
Consider that the lord was there before creation

God is old
We’re not old
God is old
He made the mold

Take your clothes off
Adam and Eve

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About Gadfly

  • The songs of Paul Simon had a great impact on my life. I am a fan of most all of his work, though I find I am less than thrilled with One-
    Trick Pony. I remember the movie was pretty bad, too. But he made up for it with all his hilarious appearances on SNL.

    I keep thinking of that line from “Old Friends” where he sings, “..how terribly strange to be seventy…” Not much longer, for any of us.

  • Eric Olsen

    Obviously it’s all relative, but 60 doesn’t seem nearly as old as it used to.