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We’re Fighting Smurfs Over There So We Won’t Have to Fight Them Here

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Proving that anything goes when you want to raise money, UNICEF is using shell-shocked maimed Smurfs to show that war is hell.

Bombs falling, Smurf bodies thrown here and there, Smurfette dead, fires raging all around, and Baby Smurf crying in the foreground, all to back UNICEF’s fund-raising efforts for ex-child soldiers in Africa.

This is all happening in Belgum by the way, so you won’t get to see it. Sorry.

“It’s working. We are getting a lot of reactions and people are logging on to our Web site,” UNICEF Belgium spokesman Philippe Henon said Tuesday.

Well, I like reactions and people logging on to my Web site, but I don’t bomb Smurfs to get attention. (Of course I’ve written a few things that not everyone approves of, but that’s another story.)

To be honest, I don’t think seeing Smurfs go blammo is going to make people realize the horrors of war and work to stop them. More likely, people are going to laugh. They’re going to make fun of it. They’re going to get copies of the ad and superimpose George W. Bush’s face on Baby Smurf. To a new generation, this will be their first introduction to Papa Smurf.

This is going to blow up in their faces. So to speak.

More where this came from at Blunderford.


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  • I thought it was a clever ad. Besides, who likes the Smurfs anyway?

  • RJ

    “Besides, who likes the Smurfs anyway?”

    Well, they are French…

  • tomz

    That’s the mentality of the right. Gleaming generalities and now…cartoons.

    This is all to show kids that war is ok – because they’ll have to go get killed in 15 years for more lies but they don’t know that yet.

  • You’re sadly deluded if you think unicef is part of the ‘right’. Much the opposite.


  • amputated smurf

    Gargamel’s been trading pictures of dead and mutilated smurfs for access to a porn site.
    There’s a smurf face in a bowl, man, a smurf face in a bowl…
    See for yourself at:

    (name of actual site where pictures of dead Iraqis, many of them insurgents, were traded for porn:
    If you want to mourn for humanity trapped by it’s own innate need for cruelty and injustice; or prove all human norms of compassion mean nothing to you by joking about that shit, the site may still be active)

  • RJ – the Smurfs are NOT French, they’re Belgian!

    Dave, I think tomz “righty” comment was directed at Blunderford, not UNICEF.

  • amputated smurf

    No defenders of Holy King Georgie’s Crusade wish to discuss nowthatsfuckedup.com?
    Now that’s fucked up.

  • i think its brilliant. killing smurfs apparently offends you. thats the point. we have become so desensitized to REAL violence and blood and gore, that it has no impact at all. tell me you haven’t see those pathetic dying children in the sally struthers commercials and just been mildly annoyed. fact is we are more familiar with the smurfs than we are with our own neighbours. seeing innocent smurfs blown up is more real and shocking than the real thing ever could be anymore. blood and death and gore are just too common in television. it takes cartoon characters to really appeal to our humanity. isnt that weird?

    you gotta be proud of the smurf creators for allowing this. i can’t imagine disney would let minnie mouse or the little mermaid get raped to raise awareness on that subject. images of blood and death are too risky for most of these “family” oriented cartoons to allow their copyrighted, licensed characters to be associated with. they re too afraid of how it might damage their image. the smurfs have got balls. and i think the whole thing is probably one of the boldest artistic statements i’ve ever heard of. anyone know where i can DL a copy of this video? i’ve yet to actually see it.

  • i’ve been searching all over the internet for this damn video forever now. anyone know hwere to get it? its gotta be on a free download site somewhere! i cant even find it on the unicef site. these idiots could at least make their own damn video accessible!