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We’re Americans, and More Importantly, We’re Right, That’s What

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Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has blasted a recent Pentagon report on how the Chinese military build up is changing the balance of power in the East. Apparently, by stating this obvious fact, the Pentagon (and Americans in general) have somehow given offense. The Minister had this, among other pearls of wisdom to impart:

What authority does the United States have to gesticulate and make improper comments about China’s defensive national defense policy and measures?

It’s quite simple Mr. Minister. Your country does have the right to build up its defense, just as you assert–you are a sovereign nation, as are we. If you can explain in what way that your building your military at what is for your nation almost certainly an unprecedented peace time rate, is not reshaping the balance of power, I’m sure the nice men and women in the Pentagon will take note and apologize if called for. We are also a sovereign nation, and we have every right to write whatever reports please us, and they are not subject to your censorship.

REF: CMP,Aaman

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  • Eric Olsen

    nice CO – your title reminds one of the speech from Stripes

  • 😀

    I hadn’t thought of that, but given that it’s one of my absolute fave movies, it’s not to surprising i’d nearly quote it.

  • surinder

    Why not admit it? The Americans are scared. Their game is up. The 21st Century and all other centuries to follow, do not belong to these losers (the American people).

    Good riddance to an obnoxious people. They can write all the reports they like about China and my country, India.

  • SFC Ski

    Is that surinder or Surrender? He’s obviously forgotten that China and Indian have had a few wars between them as well.

    After Taiwan, where will China expand to?

  • Nancy

    Well, of course we’re scared, some of us. And some are just nervous, and some are furious, and some are irritated, and some are vengeful, and some, somewhere, probably don’t give a damn. Depends on who you talk to & how they react.

  • I’ve got a gesticulation for the Chinese and it only requires the use of one finger. Very efficient. Chairman Mao would approve.


  • surinder

    China will put a big dent in the US, either using military or economic muscle. The Indians will move into what is now the US. In fact, we’re already here.

    The Whites and Christians will sell lemonade, the way they are supposed to. That is all they are good for.

    It doesn’t matter if you are scared or irritated or vengeful or whatever. Every one of you will be put back in their rightful place. Your very own tiny little sandbox. And we will start where China stops.

  • India will rule the world on the day that Rama manifests himself in Times Square swinging a flaming sword and eating Moslems with two hands.

    How do you expect Indians to get anything done when they can’t resolve the ethnic conflicts, corruption and poverty in their own country? They come here to escape from India itself, a country which they made the way that it is. Once they get here they become aculturated, learn to talk with a Texas accent and turn into Americans.


  • surinder

    And that is when the reality hits us that you are nothing but sanctimonious bastards full of hot air. Professional crybabies. Talkers, not doers.

  • surinder

    Now go write a report. Maybe teacher will give you an “A”.

  • Yep, Surrender. We’re having a bigass talk with the terrorists in Iraq.


  • Sunrider,

    You do know that India and the U.S.A signed a defensive agreement a couple weeks back right?

    There is also a _big_ difference at the government label in the way that India views the U.S. and the way China views America. India _does not_ see us as a threat to them, nor are they constantly saber rattling at us. China is also selling weapons to _our_ enemies, Iran among others.

  • surinder

    Yes, thats right. You are only fighting shadows there. There aren’t any real terrorists in Iraq. It is all American stage drama.

    For more on American lies about Iraq.


  • Billy B,

    What gesture might that be?


  • surinder

    A defensive agreement that takes far more from India than it gives. In fact, it gives us nothing but vague promises. We know, the media writes, the US will go back to kissing Pakistan’s ass as soon as they can.

  • I believe it looks a great deal like this


  • Billy,

    Oh, that one! That’s a universal signal wishing the recipient engage in stress lowering activities right?

  • Sunrider,

    Takes more than it gives? Exactly what does it take? Really, go ahead, write it all down in small words and type slow so no one gets confused.

  • Duane

    Surinder is an anomaly. My two Indian friends say that Indians are peace-loving and fun-loving for the most part.

    My friend, Sudama, from Calcutta (Kalikata), used to be a professional rat-catcher, where he would spend 12 hours a day clubbing plague-infested rats with a stick. Sudama tells me that he is not planning to go back. He is happy to be driving a cab, because he doesn’t get ugly callouses on his hands anymore. He also said that in the rat-catching industry, there is very little opportunity for advancement.

    Gajanan, from lovely Varanasi, used to collect dead bodies, burn them in a heap, and throw what was left into the holy Ganges River. He says that although Varanasi had a certain natural beauty, he doesn’t really mind living in the San Fernando Valley, where he now works at a carwash. He’s says, “Once you’ve seen one charred human thigh, you’ve seen them all.” Indians are very wise.

  • Neither Surinder nor your friends are emblematic or typical of Indians, just like most Americans are not symbolized by Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey or John Rambo ’nuff said.

  • Sudama must not have been a big follower of Ganesh, I’m guessing.


  • surinder

    It puts our nuclear reactors under international inspections. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it makes us dependent on second rate American hand me down technology. Not the kind Pakistan has had for years now.

    I realize you people here are being patronizing, not being able to help what you are. Making fun of and belittling Indians comes easy to your kind.

    I have made my point. “Report” indeed.

  • Duane

    Thanks, Aaman. I believe that’s what the word “anomaly” would imply, right?

  • Sunrider,

    No one held a gun to the heads of the Indian government. And are you seriously going to argue that your own countries tech is better than the ‘hand me downs’? Somehow i’d be surprised if you could prove that, or if anyone with a clue and the knowledge of what to do with it could assert that with a straight face.

  • Nancy

    The “Indian” families I know (3) are very well educated, well off economically, & quite mellow. Not party animals, but they know how to have a good time w/their neighbors @ block parties & BBQs. All have become US citizens, & plan to stay here permanently, altho they enjoy visiting India & hosting visiting friends & family from the Olde Country. 2 families are headed by 2nd-gen college grads; the 3rd by several gens of college grads, which puts them ahead of a lot of native-born Americans. They certainly aren’t full of hate, venom, & spite like Surindar.

  • TheCO, there’s no call to belittle Indian technology – India built up it’s nuclear program with no help, India also has a ‘stealth’ submarine, if I may divulge one ‘secret’.

    Also, most of the tech you use, from the Pentium to the laser (Raman effect) has had Indian input

    The defence agreement is pretty terrible, though, I’ve been looking at it, and there’s not much of value. It would really mean a lot if the US, and other countries got harder with Pakistan – ‘twould show they mean what they say.

  • This may be because India needs our help a lot less than Pakistan does and frankly India can’t do as much for us in dealing with terrorists as Pakistan can because of the relative geographical positions.


  • Aaman,

    Stop playing word games. You and i both know there is a notable qualative diffence between American tech, even a technological generation old, and the rest of the worlds.

    As for Pakistan, what makes you think that the US won’t put boots on the ground in an unfriendly fasion if its needed? Right now we are (thanks to the idiot in the White House, and the collection of kleptocrats in Congress) overextened, and as has been noted, China has been doing _a lot_ of saber rattling lately. If you want something done about Pakistan _you_ and your nation are _right_ there, you have an interest in suppressing terrorism, get your goverment to do something. Y’all aren’t tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq , on top of having troops elsewhere across the globe, and India has about 4 times the US population.

  • Nancy,

    I know and have worked with and sold ( i work in sales) to a lot of people from the middle east from Israel and Jordan to Afghanistan. You’re right, for the most part those countries have just as varied a collection of people as we do. We have are loonies like the KKK and PETA, they have Hammas and the Taliban or whoever. But in nearly every case its squeaky wheel syndrome.

  • Can we give them PETA? I think they’d like each other.


  • Billy,

    Sorry, spreading PETA’s message would probably count as terrorism. 🙁 Too bad.

  • WTF

    Lots of business in China… don’t trust ’em, but corporations seem more than willing to throw their money away over there….

    Now India, thiers a country! Largest Democracy on the planet, 300 million middle class folks with disposable income… Why are or were they ignored?

    What’s the lure in China? Loose everything to the whims of a communist government? That’s a stoopid idea.

    Great opportunity, with the numbers of “customers” but what a risk.

  • KJ

    Surinder, you should check out the political data at http://www.gmi-mr.com/gmipoll/subject-politics.phtml. Hmm, what’s the only country that voiced overwhelming support for the current President Bush? Could it be India?!?!? Looks like your country is falling right into line BEHIND the U.S. Please note this wasn’t 1 poll, but multiple polls over multiple months.

  • Bob Jay

    The Chinese have been around for a while. How many milleniums have they played Da game? I have a feeling they will be around for a while even when the US is long gone milleniums on.